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Sudden Impact and Final Resolution Predictions

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Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA and ....okay. I'm going to stop right there, because if there's one thing that's evident, it's I better never speak ill of a certain company or certain superstars. I don't want all the people that hate my blogs *even though they read them anyway* to get into a frenzy because I dared not like one of their elite. So, I'll now change my opening to avoid offending anyone.

Welcome to Sudden Impact, the blog that's all about TNA.

We're three days away from Final Resolution and the final PPV of 2012. Our coming home show had pretty much all the basics you could want. They tied up their loose ends, finalized all the matches, and opened some doors that make you wonder, "what's that all about?". So let's get to business, shall we.

The show opens with Roode, Kaz, and Daniels cutting a promo. Daniels just gets better and better each week. A certain bleach blonde from a certain other company could learn...oops...I forgot. I don't want the villagers to come at me with torches and pitchforks. Okay, that was fun, but no more of that. Anyway, the promo ended in typical fashion. Daniels calls out AJ. AJ butchers on the mic. They jump him. Hardy and Storm come out. The six man tag is set for later.

Television Title Match

Forgive my depression, as Joe is no longer the champ. It was a sucky ending, but I guess it did its job in pushing Aces & Eights to continue to slowly put their stamp on the company. I'd rather Joe just get jumped by the group and set up another PPV quality match for Sunday.

**A Double lays out a challenge to Bully Ray**

Chavo & Hernandez vs Robbie E and Robbie

I like that this match happened. I'd rather see more of it on a weekly basis. A good showing by the champs in a win. Joey Ryan distracts as Morgan attacks. Typical build for Sunday's title match. I like Joey Ryan. Don't get me wrong. But two title opportunities in two PPV's since "officially" making it to TNA's roster, I'm not so sure about. But I do like the pairing with Morgan. I don't think the tag team titles is the ultimate goal, especially for Morgan. I'm hoping for very big things from him.

Aces & Eights Celebration Segment

I'm a huge Attitude Era guy. That's for certain. However, I think the bigger appeal for the Era was the fact that there was a war on Monday Night. I didn't like this segment too much. Not that it was too edgy, and I definitely didn't have a problem with the two girls grinding and all, but there really was no place for it. They could've gone a different way and got the same point across.

Return of Velvet Sky

Boy, she's so hot. I know I went out of order a little here, as this happened earlier in the night. I'll confess. I forgot. It didn't have much of an affect on me. Don't understand why have her return here. But, good to see her.

Angle vs D.O.C. & Eight Man Tag Team Set Up

This match was pretty damn good. Another sucky ending and they're really starting to go NWO with this Aces & Eights thing. It's okay. I understand the motive. It's still a fairly interesting storyline so they can't make them look too weak. But I like the match for Sunday. That's how this whole Faction thing works. Some workers band together, and a gang war ensues.

X Division Triple Threat: The Show's Highlight

In a single word...WOW!. What an awesome match this was. High spots all over the place. Good action. Close calls. And Kenny King gets the win and faces RVD on Sunday. I like Kenny King..but he needs stop smiling at the crowd after every move. That's annoying. I expect a great match at Final Resolution.

**Please, Please, Please stop with the Hardy Voice Over stuff. It's annoying. We don't care what he's thinking.**

Aries/Bully Ray/Hogan Segment

A lot of segments this week. Anyway, Hogan comes out, says he runs the show and won't be pushed around. Brooke comes out. Hogan says, "Okay, you can have the match". Waste of time and probably could have conveyed the message in a backstage segment just the same.

Six Man Tag Match and Aces & Eights Jumps Hardy

Good match. AJ and Storm argued again. Good action. Back and forth stuff. Good build for the PPV. Hardy pins Kaz and AJ was not pleased with it. But the biggest thing. Aces & Eights in full force. They jump Hardy. Storm comes out and conveniently misses them with a chair. Then the thumbs up to Roode. What is that all about? I have my predictions below, and I have an interesting thought on it.

Okay fans. Thanks for sticking with it. I know it's running long, so I'll keep my predictions short. If I missed anything else in my report above, sorry.


Bully Ray vs Austin Aries

I don't have much of a feel on how this is going to go. I'm just taking a wild shot at this one. Aries wins with inadvertent interference from Brooke. Bully and Hulk get pissed. We'll be teased with a Brooke/Aries thing moving forward, adding some drama to the storyline.

X Division Title Match: Kenny King vs RVD

RVD has been a good champ. The X Division is a good spot for him. Not many agree. I think this will be one of the better X Division matches in RVD's title reign. I think Kenny King falls just short, and falls victim to the 5 Star.

Knockouts Title Match: Mickey James vs Tara

Let's see. Mickey James returns. Gets a title shot. Tara is the champ but more involved with all things Jesse. This has a Mickey James win written all over, except...I feel there was a reason Velvet Sky came down tonight. She costs Mickey the match, starting a feud between them. Remember, Brooke was marketing Velvet and Mickey didn't like it and as rolling her eyes and stuff. They teased this feud and here, it continues, but a little role reversal.

Tag Team Title Match: Ryan & Morgan vs Chavo & Hernandez

Chavo and Hernandez have been good champs. But I think they fall and lose the belts to Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan. Morgan is on too much of a tear to lose. I think the match will be decent and the better spots will come from Ryan and Chavo. But in the end, the Carbon Footprint lays out Hernandez.

Aces & Eights vs Angle/Briscoe/Garret/Joe

To close out the year, we will get another reveal. I want to say Wes Briscoe will turn, but maybe it's too soon. This match will be a fight. A brawl. And after some divide and conquer type stuff, Aces & Eights will win. But that's not really the point here, is it? Another reveal has to happen. I'm gonna say the other big man gets unmasked. D-Lo is revealed. Somewhere though, Al Snow will be involved. Either in a kidnapped segment or some other thing.

Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles

The match of the night, as only they can. I think with a little lost focus from AJ coupled with some interference from Kaz, and maybe a distraction involving Storm, Daniels pulls off the win. Something's happening with AJ. Not sure what it is yet. Heel turn, hiatus while he doubts himself, whatever it is, he falls short in this one.

World Title Match: Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy

It'll be hard to follow up the previous match. So they should space it out accordingly. But this match will also be good. It is, however, predictable. Hardy is the equivalent to a certain Superman from the other company. After defying all the odds, he beats Bobby Roode with the Senton Splash on the third attempt. I do want to note, however, I'm not going to discount the possibility of James Storm getting involved here.

There you have it everyone. Sudden Impact and my Final Resolution predictions. I sure hope this blog didn't suck like all my other ones.

Have a great rest of the year everyone. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Like my facebook page when you get a chance.

And as always, take care and Be Safe.

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