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The Royal Ramble

The Royal Ramble: Top Ten WWE Matches of 2012!

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THE ROYAL RAMBLE HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!! It's been a few months since my last blog came out to over whelming reviews and was actually retweeted by Goldust and the legendary "Hot Rod" Rowdy Roddy Piper! As I was getting ready to write my next blog my computer completely crashed! Now on Christmas Day, I got a new lap top. I'm not wasting anytime, so let's get the Ramble going! (Follow me on twitter @The_RoyalRamble

10. Sheamus vs Wade Barrett - RAW
This is the most underrated match of the year by far! These two guys beat the living crap out of each other for the whole and never let up once. Wade Barrett proved in this match that he is worthy title contender in the near future. Even though, there was no real winner of the due to outside interference by Tensai, the match itself was brutal and the marks on the faces of both men proved just that!

09. The Rock vs John Cena - Once In a Lifetime - WrestleMania 28
A year in the making, two generations collide, and iit was once in a lifetime! So, you would think that it would be the greatest match in the history of pro wrestling....not the case. In what could have went down as the most overrated match in pro wrestling history, was saved by a great finish and an electric crowd! The whole crowd almost through the whole match was on fire! Seeing crowd react to the People's Elbow brought chills down die hard wrestling fans as the Great One was back in the main event of WrestleMania! Then hearing the crowd when Cena tried to do a People's Elbow, only to be countered by a Rock Bottom for a win was one of the most incredible pops of this generation! The Rock stood tall once and for all!

08. Big Show vs Sheamus - World Heavyweight Championship - Hell in a Cell
I thought this was going to be the worst match of the night and like many of fans, I have grown very tired of the Big Show. But Show does deserve one last championship run and proved it. Big Show vs Sheamus ended up being the best match of that night, with many near falls and high intensity. The way the match ended was very entertainng and exciting.

07. CM Punk vs John Cena - WWE Championship - Night of Champions
Being at the 1000th episode of Monday RAW, I was very disappointed that they didn't let Punk and Cena have the match they could have had. The match at Night of Champions, showed exactly what I was talking about! Even though the Money in the Bank was way better, this match could have been if it had a finish to the match. So many near falls and amazing moves, these two showed why they are the face of the WWE! Having Punk walk out on top at the end of the night was the perfect move as Punk could be bigger and better than Cena popularity in the near future!

06. Brock Lesnar vs John Cena - Extreme Rules
Why was this match so good? The violence and brutality of the match! The beast returned and targeted Cena instantly. The blood in the match brought back old memories of how the WWE once was and how good it can be again. Blood in a match can change everything in this day and age in the WWE. With it being gone for so long, it really brought us back to our feet when watching the match because it showed a whole another side, that we as fans, forgot about. I believe that Lesnar should have came out on top but with the finish of the match, I was ok with the ending.

05. Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan - World Heavyweight Championship, 2 Out of
3 Falls - Extreme Rules

After Daniel Bryan was screwed over at WrestleMania for no reason what so ever, he became one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE. It sparked something special in Bryan and with the fans. The match at Extreme Rules showed what kind of a match should have been at WrestleMania! It was also a long time since we had seen a 2 out of 3 falls match in the WWE. The match had near falls, athleticism, and great story telling. Daniel Bryan and Sheamus showed the world they can be the face of the company if they wanted to be.

04. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho - WWE Championship, Street Fight - Extreme Rules
This feud was the one of the best feuds of the year and it all came together at Extreme Rules. It should had been the main event of the night too, considering the fact that it was in Chicago, a place that worships Punk like no other! This match was a bitter fight to the end. The best part of the match was the elbow drop from CM Punk from the top turnbuckle through the announcers table. The match was epic and was great way to end a great feud.

03. CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan - WWE Championship - Over the Limit
The two best wrestlers in the WWE today, went one on one, in a classic of a pure wrestling match. The match was back and forth with great submissions and near falls. The sequel they had at Money in the Bank, was good but was no where in compare to this. I don't even want to talk about this match, I want everyone to go on YouTube and watch this epic of how wrestling should be!

02. The Shield vs Ryback & Team Hell No - TLC Match - TLC
This should have been the main event of the TLC PPV! Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns had finally arrived in the WWE and it was long over due! These three men and Ryback, whether you like it or not, are the future of the WWE! They will take this company to new heights like you have seen in the past and maybe further. They bring a intensity and attitude to a level that wrestlers once had before the PG era took over. The match was all out fight and was non stop. I won't lie, I actually marked out several times and was chanting "this is awesome" along with the crowd. The spear through the barricade, the usage of the chairs and the table on the turnbuckle was great but nothing compared to the fall that Rollins took from off the ladder through the tables. The Shield came out on top and showed the world they are the future and the future is now!

01. Triple H vs Undertaker Part III Speical Ref Shawn Michaels- Hell in a Cell - WrestleMania 28
End of an Era! Even though I think the Shield had the best match of the year, this match deserves the top spot for so many reasons but the main one has to because of the two wrestlers in the what was built as the end! And what better person to ref the match than HBK, Shawn Michaels. The match was epic on so many levels. The chair shots, the near falls, and the ending to match showed they were the best of the best the WWE had to offer at a point in time. The best part of the match had to be when HBK super kicked Taker and Triple H gave a Pedigree to Taker, only to have Taker kick out of the pin. The pop the crowd gave in return to that was amazning because it actually looked like the Undertaker's streak was over. Triple H gave it his all to no avail. Triple H showed he couldn't go on and in telling the Undertaker to "Suck It" was a way to get the Undertaker to finish the job. Undertaker would go on to 20-0 but it was after the match that was certainly something special. Three of the greatest wrestlers of all time together hugging and saying thank you to the world that gave them everything in return. It truly was an End of an Era!

Thanks for reading my new blog! Please follow me on Twitter @The_RoyalRamble and a new website will be coming soon with not only wrestling blogs but Music, Movies and Sport reviews. Please leave some comments and list your top tens of the year! Thanks again and Happy Holidays from the Royal Ramble!

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  1. sret's Avatar
    I must say I'm surprised at how accurate this list turned out to be. I was a bit hesitant at first but I can hardly disagree at all with the top 5 and it's definitely a fair list over all. Towards the end I was worried you weren't going to include the Shield TLC match but when you did and also declared it the actual best match it sealed the deal for me. Good list which also shows that Sheamus deserves more credit than he gets.
  2. blink's Avatar
    I missed the punk vs d-bry match when it originally happened, so, based on your recommendation, i watched it. And not only was it one of the best matches of 2012, for my money, its one of the best matches in the history of the wwe! I already knew the outcome but was still on the edge of my seat through the whole thing. How d-bry isnt a multiple time champion by now is beyond me. Id love for the wwe to bring back the 1 hour iron man match and feature these two. It has the potential to ne the best match in history and recindle my love for the sport, which if i am to be honest, has been slowly waining for some time now. Thank you for posting the video. And you have compiled a great list btw. Good read and i cant wait for the next one.
  3. Pearl River Plunge's Avatar
    awesome list, can't argue with any of the picks. Very Cool about GD & the Rowdy one btw. Congrats
  4. KingWade's Avatar
    This list is pretty much spot on mate fair play. I'm glad you put the Sheamus vs Barrett match on there. Even with the finish, the match was so physical and powerful, definitely would make it onto my list. I was at Mania 28 so HHH vs Undertaker will probably always be my favourite match of all time. The TLC match with the Shield was the nicest suprise of the year. Awesome match,closest thing to the classic TLC matches in years.

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