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Best moment in every single Rumble match!!

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The Royal Rumble match has had so many great moments over the years that it had to have its own dedicated blog by me to give it justice. When you think of the Royal Rumble you think of that match. I will be doing a 2nd blog giving love to the other great moments that happened on the show not involving the Royal Rumble match. Best moment in every single Rumble match:

88:Hacksaw eliminates 1 Man Gang-Fans went nuts when Hacksaw was able to overcome the odds. Eliminate both 1 Man Gang and Dino Bravo at the end. Biggest man in the match lost.....huge pop at the end.
89:Damien eliminates Andre-I believe Jake was eliminated by Andre. He went to the back and got Damien. Brought Damien in the ring out of the bag. Andre left going over the top rope eliminating himself. Basically Damien did so because Andre was afraid of snakes. Fans went crazy!!
90:Hogan/Warrior faceoff-1 of the biggest moments in the history of the Royal Rumble match is the faceoff between Hogan/Warrior. Dream match that was teased that everyone wanted to see. Two fan favs going at it title for title at WM months later after this. Great moment and a star was made thanks to Hogan.
91:Road Warriors eliminates Taker-Taker just debuted at Survivor Series before this his first Rumble match appearance. The Road Warriors eliminated the deadman and fans went nuts.
92:Hogan pulls Sid out-Sid eliminated Hogan. Sid laughed at Hogan after eliminating him. Hogan wanting to give a handshake, but Sid didn't. Somehow he grabbed Sid's hand and Flair helped get him over the rope to win. Led to a WM main event match at WM 8 instead of Hogan/Flair which most wanted to see at the time.
93:Taker/Giant Gonzalez-I know the matches these 2 had were terrible, but the best moment that stood out of this Rumble match was Gonzalez appearing dominating Taker. No one saw a man that big before face to face with the Undertaker. That is what made the moment great even though the rivalry was probably the worst of that year due to horrible down right horrible matches.
94:Diesel dominance-One of the things that the Royal Rumble matches do is make new stars. Diesel was made in the 94 Rumble match. After he was eliminated, fans started to chant "Diesel" as he went to the back. A year later, he was defending the WWF title vs Bret Hart.
95:HBK skins the cat-The absolute worst Rumble match that ever happened in history happened in 95. Very short, no real star power, and I could go on. HBK and Bulldog started the match 1 and 2. Never before did we ever have that happen where the two men started and ended a Rumble. HBK was the first to win the Royal Rumble match as the #1 entry. Bulldog celebrating in the ring thinking he won, but both of HBK's feet didn't touch the floor. One of those moments that will be talked about til the end of time.
96:Vader eliminates HBK-The funny thing about this and why it stands out to me is because Vader eliminated HBK. HBK was thrown over the top rope. Granted Vader was eliminated, but if a man can eliminate himself, why can he not be eliminated by someone already eliminated? Changing the rules as we go along I suppose. Dumb thing to do and I don't believe WWE has done that since.
97:Austin time-For those who have read my blog in the past know that Austin is definately one of my if not my favorite wrestler of all-time. The thing you love about the moment is the fact, Austin is resting on the turnbuckle waiting for other entrys to come out. Checks his watch and laughs than Bret comes out and Austin is grabbing his head. Another reason why you continue the comparisons with Punk/Austin.
98:Austin vs everybody-One of my favorite memories ever in this very Rumble match of course featured Austin. At the time, he was stunning everyone including the boss. So many guys in the ring, glass breaks and everyone is going nuts. All of a sudden, everyone stops and looks for Austin to come out. It is literally Austin vs everyone. Austin came from behind and attacked everyone.....just another great Austin moment of mine that stands out to me.
99:1 & 2, McMahon vs Austin-The great thing about the Royal Rumble match is, you always have a great matchup to start it out. Well usually you do, this Rumble match had Austin vs McMahon 1 and 2 start the match. Austin beat him up, but didn't throw him over. Wanted to make him part was them starting the match. Certainly wasn't Vince winning at the end. Greatest feud ever if you ask me.
00:Too Cool dance-You had a lot of great moments in this particular Rumble match even though it didn't have a lot of star power at all. You had Taka and Funaki getting eliminated more times than I care to count. Rock finally showing up, but one of my favorite moments also was when Too Cool were the only ones left at the time in the ring. They did their dance during the Rumble match. Rikishi eliminated them, but still a great moment that really didn't ever happen before.
01:Kane record breaking performance-I was shocked by the fact Kane was the final man in there at the end with Austin. Kane was already established as a star, but he had probably the best performance anyone ever had in the 2001 Rumble. Drew Carey trying to pay him off, I believe he lifted Big Show as well in this match eliminating him, and I could go on.
02:Maven eliminates Taker-A moment that should be in everyone's top 10 Rumble moments in history has to be when Maven eliminated the Deadman. Taker was a favorite to win the match, but was eliminated by the tough enough champion. I believe he was distracted by the Hardyz as well. It was a holy shit type of moment for anyone watching. Taker got back in the ring and beat the crap out of him to the food court.
03:Maven/Taker 2-Maven tried to do the same thing to Taker 2 years in a row. However, Taker didn't get eliminated by that same dropkick. Maven was the heel this go round while Taker was the face. I believe he eliminated him after that as well.
04:Foley's return-Is Foley a coward? Foley vs Orton match booked on Raw late 2003. Foley walked out and Orton spit in his face. Test was beat up in the back, by who? The new I believe number 21 entry which was Foley. Orton and everyone was shocked to see him back. He eliminated Orton and himself. I was thinking, Foley/Orton WM, but we had to wait til Backlash for that which is one of the Orton's best matches and feuds he has had to date. That match and feud made Orton in my eyes!
05:Hassan beatdown-Another great moment where a superstar comes out and everyone stops and waits for him to get in the ring. Sad how the whole Hassan thing went down because I believe he was on pace to be a world champion. Everyone beating him down and eliminating him was great.
06:Lashley/Big Show-Not a Rumble I look back on and like...didn't like how it was in the middle of the show. I understand why it was though after Taker's awesome return. I was wanting Orton to win so bad, but Rey won it. However, did like how all the guys who despised HHH like Flair, Show, among others came out and beat him up. In any case, my favorite moment in the Rumble match was when Lashley flipped the Big show. Lashley was a star in the making. Again, another great star WWE built up and left for MMA. I hope for a Lashley return one day. Possibly facing Lesnar at a WM or what I wanted when he joined TNA in 09 to battle Kurt Angle.
07:Taker/HBK-One of my favorite Rumble matches ever was in 2007. Great Rumble match that had big names with the ECW guys involved like Sabu, Sandman, and others. Taker/HBK ending was great. Never crossed paths really in a decade since the Hell in a Cell match. Great ending for Taker to win his first Rumble match than to go on and win his first world title in like 5 years was something to. Taker/Batista dream match happened at WM23.
08:Cena's return-No Cena hater can deny this....Cena's return was awesome. Winning his 2nd(2005), no 1st Rumble match of his career. No one knew, at least, I didn't that Cena would be competing in that Rumble match. Which is why it is one of the best moments in the history of the Rumble. Him returning post injury at MSG was great.
09:Orton botch celebration-He kept pointing at WM logo for it to set off fireworks, but it didn't go off. Still stays in my mind when I think of that Rumble match. I never really payed that much attention to the pointing Rumble thing til here. It is annoying thing they do every year now. Why can't a man just be happy that he outlasted all those men while the announcers say he is going on to challenge the world champion of his choosing at Mania while you celebrate. No need to point at the logo, we know what the Rumble match is about.
10:Edge's return-I think WWE was stupid to have him come out at #29. I know why they didn't have him go out as #30, but come on. Isn't #30 the most coveted # in the Rumble match. I mean, who would be angry with being #30 instead of 27? I think they should have had him go out and win the Rumble as the #30 entry in the Rumble match because it would have made that entry # that more prestige in my eyes. So what, Taker and Cena in the last 3 years won at #30? #30 should be the most coveted #. His return was great even though he didn't win the title at WM nor did the match live up to the hype. Terrible attempt of trying to get fans to chant spear failed big time. All in all, great moment for Edge and a great surprise.
11:Nexus dominance-I know the returns of Diesel and Booker were great, but I enjoyed most about this Rumble was when Nexus was dominating. Whole group is out there while Punk is sitting there checking his watch similar to Austin back in the day. I'd like to see one of these days, a Rumble match end with two guys who teamed up to help each other for the majority of the match. You know how wrestlers make packs before the match aka 2006 when Carlito and Masters planned it came down to them at the end. Certainly not them two, but a bigger star power.
12:Kofi's hand stand-Won a slammy and basically the highlight of the match. I'm sick of people loving all these saves these wrestlers make when they don't end up winning the Rumble match. Who cares if you made a save? You lost the match!! It is just like a sports game where you made a great play during the game, but you lost. Does anybody care about the play if you lost? I don't think so.....

There you have it!! The best moment in every single Rumble match in history. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Any moment I may have missed? Any moment that you liked that wasn't mentioned? Any thoughts on this piece? Leave it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Incubus_99's Avatar
    great blog...brought back a lotta memories...tho i totally marked out for Edge's return in 2010...another highlight from that year was Punk's Straight Edge promo during the Rumble match between eliminations...that was on a whole different level...
  2. CODExNAMExRAVEN's Avatar
    I agree with most moments you mentioned, but unfortunately you missed the best moment of the last RR. The best moment was Alex Riley's Spinebuster that sent shockwaves through time and space. then he steps back without a beat and lets out that roar that says here I am I will not be ignored. He has got the goods! he reminds me of an early form of the rock I just hope he has learned his lesson and can keep out of politics long enough to make his mark on the company!
  3. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Great read, and it makes me want this year's Rumble to roll around faster.

    I will say a couple of preferences on my part though...
    03: Jericho and Christian tricking HBK and Jericho eliminating him in quick fashion was a great start to that Rumble and their 'Mania match was one of the best matches I've ever seen.
    08: I'm neither a fan of Cena or a hater of his, but I wasn't impressed with this return. In fact, this Rumble match is one of the more forgettable in my mind.
    11: Santino nearly winning the match was a moment where I nearly popped. I knew he wouldn't win, but I couldn't stand ADR and Santino has this power to make any fan pop when he's involved in a situation above his own status (see: Elimination Chamber 2012).
    12: As impressive as Kofi's handstand was, John Morrison's parkour in 2011 was better. My favourite moment here was the genuine unknowing of Sheamus/Jericho. I was torn on who I thought would win in this final two, but I wanted Jericho. A great ending to a pretty bad Rumble match.

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