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Jasons's Thoughts: Failed WWE Projects

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First off i would like to say sorry i could not do a NXT review, i could not find the show online. Anyways WWE has had a lot of failed projects in the past from bad storylines, shows,wrestlers and even their current fail the WWE Network. I thought up tons of fails but decided to go with these 3. These 3 are all wwe programs that sounded good but were done terribly.

ECW started out great, it had the originals, it was introducing new talent and the matches were great that was until around late 2008-2009 then it was just trashed. The ECW World Heavyweight Championship belt was the equivalent of a midcard title, it was treated like trash, and all the talent were ham n eggers. When your biggest stars are Christian,William Regal and Tommy Dreamer (all great talents) you have a problem.

How it could have worked/My idea: They should have made it TWO hours so it could feel like a main brand instead of a side show, get a few more big names or special appearences, i do not mean John Cena or Randy Orton, Big Show, Mysterio even Jeff would have been nice. Also have the ECW title match main event a PPV do not tell me CM Punk vs John Morrison or Swagger vs Christian would not be great main event quality matches! And most of all they should have kept the extreme and unique vibe. It use to have its own different stage, different names and the matches were not so boring, but then we got the same stage and all of the same watered down matches! If they just did all these thing i bet you ECW would still be around to this day

NXT (Seasons 1-5)
No i am not talking about the amazing new development show i am talking about the old series a bout Rookies being trained by pros in a competition for the next breakout star. Seasons 1 and 2 were great, awesome matches, tons of good gimmicks and it exposed awesome talents like Low Ki (Kaval) and Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) but then we got to season 3 when none of the challenges had anything to do with wrestling! Kissing competitions and dance offs? Hornswoggle dating? It was just terrible and none of the matches were good. The best part was Michael Cole talking about how bad it was because it was true! None of the wrestlers had personalities or anything to like about them. The best two wrestlers Kaitlyn and Naomi were the only reason to watch. Season 4 made it better but then Redemption just killed it. It never ended and kept dragging on! The whole reason of the show was just gone. It was random storylines with jobbers.

How it could have worked/My idea: They should have kept to the formula! They also needed to groom these talents before sending them into the wwe, Johnny Curtis won, had a few dumb segments and was sent back to FCW! Also all the NXT losers just ended up coming back making the whole competition pointless! They also ruined some peoples characters/gimmicks aswell as putting in dumb comedy and stupid challenges that had no point! What they should have done is with season 6 instead of making it development is have there be 10-15 rookies like Seth Rollins,Kassius,Ambrose etc and put it back on TV! Nobody is going to watch some laggy,glitchy stream and be screwed over in your connection goes out. Another nice touch would have been to let us vote because those eleminations were terrible. Daniel Bryan and Justin Gabriel definately were the best guys there.

This had all the makings to be a pretty damn good show. All the big stars just clashing. Matt Hardy vs Taker, Dibiase vs Rhodes, Batista and Shane vs Legacy and all those other great matches....*2 years later* Trent Barretta vs Drew Mcintyre? Hunico vs Eziekel Jackson? How could a once great show go to that crap! I know it gives other people a chance to shine but who is actually going to watch it. Some of the matches are good even great but the fact it is people that i really do not care about, put into useless matches for no reason and have "feuds" with no actual dialogue or promos. It also dissapoints me that it is not on TV and is yet another show on the WWE website. What was so great about it was that it gave us new matches! We would have never seen Taker vs Matt or Batista vs guys like Dolph and Mysterio.

How it could have worked/My idea: It is just three simple things. Treat it like a important show, give us matches we probally would never see or atleast not that often like Miz vs Mark Henry, Del Rio vs Kane or Sin Cara vs Daniel Bryan, Cena vs Sandow or Rhodes would have also been nice. And another thing, put it on a good channel, maybe even a broadcast channel like CW or NBC

Well those are all my thoughts, i hope you like it, if you want i can always give my thoughts on many more failed projects and programming, Happy Holidays!

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  1. Sicksnuff17's Avatar
    Saturday morning slam sucks too but I guess the kids like it.. I agree with u though
  2. helmsley's Avatar
    ecw needed what made ecw special, extreme matches or hardcore matches, so when wwe went pg, ecw could never eeeeeeeeeveeeeeer be the same or succesful, it just wasnt ecw anymore
  3. blink's Avatar
    On the superstars subject, all the matches you said we wouldnt see on main brands actually happened on raw and smackdown. Oh and zigglers debut match on raw was against batista. I do agree that all the "feuds" with stars no one cares about was garbage. I agree with all the other points
  4. The Don's Avatar
    I loved ECW when it first came back as the third brand. I always wanted ECW to go 2-hours, bring in their own World Tag-Team Championships, revive the World Television Championship, and create their own Women's Championship. It had so much potential. WWE really could made big money from ECW, but you know WWE and their non-opportunistic (spellcheck lol) selves.

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