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Jason's Thoughts: Impact Wrestling 12-20-12

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Devon vs Kurt
This was just very boring and slow i was just not interested in the slightest even when the TNA guys fought Aces i give it a 2/5 stars.

Morgan/Joey vs RVD/K2
This was a very great and suprising match up that really spiced up the King and RVD feud, 3/5 stars

This was very entertaining and interesting at some points but when Aces did their usual crap i got bored. 3/5 stars

Kaz/Daniels/Storm with Santa
This was really funny i just love when Bad Influence has promos with Storm about random things wheather it be drinking beer or christmas. 3.5/5 stars

Sting Vignette/ Aces segment
The Sting vignette got me really excited i saw the old fashioned look and i have a feeling the character might be different and it just got me thinking. When Aces mentioned bringing some power/muscle in it brought names into my head Steiner,Tomko,Abyss etc just a great way to get you curious about the future episodes. 4/5 stars

Mickie vs Tara
The whole buildup was boring they rushed all of the eliminations and talking and did not give me much reason to be invested. The match itself was decent, nothing to write home about. I still think Velvet should have faced Tara and gave us something different. 3/5 stars

OVW segment
A very hilarious segment it was great seeing the Gutcheck guys and OVW wrestlers aswell i think this story has so many comedic possibilities and could also help introduce the OVW talent to the main shows. 3/5 stars

Aries vs Hardy
This was a great match, awesome back and forth and tons of good moves it was just amazing televison and seeing Roode screw over Aries was just epic. I guess Roode is a tweener now. This was a 4/5 star match.

.......Wow. That is all i have to say this story is pretty dumb and now that we know Bully is a liar though it sparked some interest and i will give this story ONE last chance. I will not give stars since it was such a small scene.

Thank you for reading this blog i will see you Sunday where i discuss all of WWE's and Vince's failed projects from PPV's to wrestlers and even things like XFL aswell as a quick review of NXT.

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  1. johnnyvine's Avatar
    Tessmacher should have said that Mickie had failed at the PPV and didn't deserve a shot, and that Velvet left for 6 months and didn't either. She had been there all along and should get the shot.

    I knew last week when the Aries vs Hardy match was announced, that it would have Roode interfere and cost Aries, wish it wouldn't have been that predictable. We do however get to see all three involved at the same time which should be good.
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Devon vs. Angle had to be boring and slow unfortunately since Kurt is legit hurt. I didn't like the tag match itself because it never seemed like anyone was doing anything. Did Joey Ryan get off a single interesting move? Matt Morgan did a side slam and the carbon footprint. I DID like the build between RVD and Kenny King. Main event was okay but those two can do way better than that. I liked the ending even though they botched it a tiny bit with Roode giving Aries the fake count of three.
  3. mcgowanrose's Avatar
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