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Blades Experience: Future Superstars

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Blades Experience: Future Superstars

Welcome wrestling fans to another addition of Blade’s Take. In my last blog, I talked about a realistic Wrestlemania 29 program. In this blog, I will talk about future superstars. We all know that nothing can last forever and eventually John Cena and C.M Punk will retire. Hope everyone enjoys and please comment at the bottom of this blog with harsh comments allowed.
As much as we do not want to admit it, some of the best superstars of today will be mentoring the future. When I talk about the future; it is very important to understand that these main eventers will define a generation rather it being PG or TV-14. What makes the future interesting is seeing how these superstars blossom into the face of the company and eventually carry it into the near future. This list will consist of some main eventers that are constantly overlooked and the ball is dropped on because of bad creative decision.
1) Dolph Ziggler: When Dolph Ziggler debuted in 2005 with the sprit squad he was a happy go lucky sprit who was considered as a failure and a joke to the ‘E. When Ziggler redebuted in 2008, his gimmick was also a failure and I never thought this guy would make it; which made me pissed since he is one of my favorites. Eventually Ziggler’s attitude would change and would put on some classic matches with the likes of Randy Orton and Rey. If you disagree check out his match against Rey at Summerslam 2009. After beating John Cena at TLC, I thought Ziggler would be pushed automatically but then Big E Langston and A.J would ruin that with poor creative ideas. Although Ziggler is separating from Vickie, he does not need a bodyguard to protect him against John Cena and his goal for the WHC. I believe Ziggler has the chance of carrying the company and becoming a multiple time WHC. If Ziggler does win the title it should be at the 20th year of Raw episode cashing in on a weak Big Show. Dolph Ziggler should not turn face for a while because it would be a wrong approach of making him a threat for competitors in the squared circle. If Ziggler is pushed correctly, he can be crowned as the superstar of the year in 2013. I picture Ziggler headlining a few Wrestlemania in his career and having classic matches with other young superstars such as the Miz.

2) The Miz: There are many phrases that can express the Awesome One such as brilliant, trash talking, get in your face personality. As a heel the Miz was pure perfection winning multiple titles such as the WWE championship. Then things went downhill for the Awesome One as he lost his charisma and WWE gave up hope on this superstar. The man that main evented Wrestlemania 27, was now jobbing to the likes of Brodus Clay. After making the switch to a face, The Miz was getting the crowd behind him. There are many reasons why this man should be the next face of the company. One of those reasons being his devotion to the ‘E. He highly popularizes the WWE while going on trips around the world and viewership is gained for that reason. In the future, the Miz should be a Rumble winner and a multiple WWE champion. I would keep the Miz face in this day and age because he gets a huge ovation from the crowd. One day Dolph Ziggler and The Miz will be main eventing countless Wrestlemania with the sole purpose of entertaining.

1) Wade Barrett: Wade Barrett is a brilliant young brash Englishman. His cocky attitude and charisma talks for itself, but the presence of this man are simply amazing. In my opinion, Wade Barrett’s career has not begun yet. His only impressive feats are the Nexus, Core, and the I.C title. Barrett is perfect on being an entertainer. His ring work is impressive which includes his mic work and his classic matches. If Barrett is able to begin a feud for the WHC I assure a future face of the company or the heel division. I would let Miz win the title at Wrestlemania 29 after an astonishing match with Dolph Ziggler and feud with Barrett. In a few years, Barrett will be the best and this is destined to happen!

Honorable Mentions:

The Shield: When talking about future, these three rookies of the ring posses it.

Kofi Kingston: Kingston is a talented. If turned heel, this superstars will be gold and feared by many.

Cody Rhodes: Rhodes is a key factor of the future. Without this man in the future there will not be many new faces walking in the door.

Hope everyone enjoyed this blog and please comment below. In case you did not read this blog here is my pick on future superstars:
1) The Miz 2) Dolph Ziggler 3) Wade Barrett 4) The Shield 5)Kofi Kingston (Heel) 6) Cody Rhodes

In my next blog, I will discuss how Pokémon is similar to WWE superstars. Please comment below and remember harsh comments are allowed.

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  1. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    I agree with what you put but I feel you missed Ceasaro, Sandow and for the love of god...Daniel Bryan.
  2. sret's Avatar
    I very much agree with this blog, with Kofi as an exception. Even as a heel he'll still be Kofi and no matter how athletic he is he will always he lacking... something. One could argue that you left a few people out, such as Bryan, but that happens. I think you put up a pretty good list and I like your picks.
    Also, are you seriously going to make a blog where you compare superstars to pokemons? If you pull that off it could be genius, can't wait to read it.
  3. y2jray's Avatar
    I love Barrett but for some reason I feel he's missing something he has all the tools except he has a horrible song and bad finisher. These are the little details that can separate a top guy in the company from a upper mid carder
  4. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    Ageed with a huge majority of this. Like the Playboy Stevie said, Daniel Bryan has to be on this list. He's amazing, and he continues to impress and get better each week. Eventually he will break free from Kane and be fighting for major titles. After reading y2jray's comment it dawned on me, DB could really use an impact finisher. A submission might not cut it. I could see him with a running knee of sorts.

    Also, I know we haven't seen much of The Shield compared to the others on this list.. but Dean Ambrose is something else. He reminds me of the Joker. Just eerily intense and talented. A real scene stealer. When the Shield inevitably splits, can't wait to see the direction everyone goes in.
  5. A.C. Sativa's Avatar
    The Miz sucks.
  6. mcgowanrose's Avatar
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  7. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Future superstars should include the likes of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation stars like Richard Blood (Steamboat Jr.), McGuilicuty as Hennig, Ted Dibiase Jr., Cody, members of the Shield, but also past members of the Nexus. Why the hell did Drew MCintyre become a jobber...he wrestles like and resembles a young Barry Windham! He deserves another run as a FACE!

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