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Blades Experience: Wrestlemania 29 Program

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Blade’s Experience: Wrestlemania 29 Predictions

Hello wrestling fans of all ages. This is my first blog on this site and I hope everyone enjoys. To tell you a little bit about myself, I am a huge wrestling fan whom is interested in WWE and ROH. I am a huge John Cena mark alongside C.M Punk and Dolph Ziggler. My main objective is to write blogs three times a week which hopefully gets viewed by most of you. Alongside my blogs, I will have a separate column explaining what I found interesting about the week of wrestling and gossip going around the wrestling world. Please comment and harsh comments will be allowed because in order to get better at a blog others have to voice their opinions. My first blog is about Wrestlemania 29 and I hope all enjoy.

Wrestlemania 29
MetLife Stadium
83,163 (Estimated Count
“Memories become History.”

Match #1: WHC Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Miz: What a way to start off Wrestlemania. Ziggler whom cashed in his briefcase at the 20th year of Raw episode against the dozed Big Show will face the #1 contender The Miz. A.J whom is with Ziggler is a distraction for The Miz. The match goes on for a mere 20 minutes with Ziggler in control of most of the match. Ziggler is setting up for the zig zag until the Miz throws him into the ropes. A.J is now on the tope rope (usually heel distraction) where the Miz gets distracted. Ziggler tries to hit Miz from behind until he hits A.J by mistake. The Miz is going to capitalize with a skull crushing finale with Ziggler is unable to kick out from. The Miz is the new WHC and the crowd erupts as Dolph gets pissed and yells at A.J. The curse continues of A.J costing her boyfriends the victory as The Miz exits the ring.
Match #2: Tag Team Turmoil: PTP vs. Hell No vs. Black Dynamite vs. Rhodes Scholars (c): This match starts off with Benjamin and Daniel Bryan exchanging blows. Benjamin takes control and goes for a high arsenal attack in which Bryan reverses into a YES lock. The crowd is thinking what Benjamin game plan is. He taps out as we reach the 7 minute mark. MVP comes in to revenge his falling partner and works on Bryan legs. This last for 3 minutes until Kane is tagged in and destroys MVP. Kane makes quick work of MVP and eliminates him. One team is eliminated as Titus O’ Neil tested his luck against the Big Red machine. Darren Young is tagged in as Kane is being manhandled by PTP. Bryan has enough and tries to save Kane. He is thrown out of the ring and PTP are distracted as Kane double choke slams PTP. He pins Young and eliminates him. Kane goes for Neil and he rolls out of the ring just in time. As Kane gets distracted by Rhodes Scholar Neil runs back in and capitalizes on Kane. Bryan runs into the ring and kicks Neil in the face. Kane goes for the pin and gets the pin. We are left to two teams Rhodes Scholars and Hell No. As Kane argues with Bryan on who did the work on Neil Cody gets the Beautiful disaster on Kane! 1...2...3! Kane is eliminated and Bryan is scrambled in the middle of the ring. He is attacked most of the match until Kane runs back and choke slams both Rhodes Scholars. Bryan gets the pin on both of Rhodes Scholars and wins. Team Hell No argues of who the real tag team champions are!

Match #3: Big Show vs. Ryback: This match would contest strength of these powerhouses. Big Show is manhandling Ryback until he fends back with lefts and rights. Ryback clotheslines the giant as he stumbles on his left knee. Ryback is getting a “Feed Me More” chant going as Big Show gets back on his feet. Ryback tries to pick up Show but he pokes Ryback in the eyes. Ryback then eats a giant KO punch and is down. 1…2…No! Big Show is in shock as the crowd realizes a beast being born. Big Show keeps attacking Ryback until the Beast bounces back and goes crazy! Ryback goes for wild strikes and drops Show. He tries to pick up Show for a Shell Shock and is successful. The 83,000 fans go crazy and Ryback pins Show for a three count. Feed Me More chants are running wild as Big Show is shocked and tries to strike Ryback after the match and eats a running clothesline and yet another Shell Shock!

Match #4: Eve vs. Layla vs. Katelyn vs. Naomi: A fatal four divas match which goes on for 5 minutes until Naomi goes for a running bulldog to pin Eve.

Match #5: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus: This should not be a championship match because these two men are bigger than the WHC currently. Heel Orton is pissed at Sheamus for costing him his hopes for the WHC at Rumble after eliminating him. Orton goes after Sheamus the next few weeks on Smackdown and destroys his WHC chances in at EC. This match is brutal as it is a NO DQ match. Sheamus loses this one after being smashed multiple times with a steel chair. After this Orton does a flying RKO to a chair to end the match. This establishes Orton as a feared heel!

Match #6: HHH vs. Brock Lenser: HHH has been humiliated by Lenser and tapped out to the Beast at Summerslam. This is a No DQ match with any interference. Triple H takes Lenser to the limit and beats the living hell out of the Beast. Paul Heyman calls in his bodyguards The Shield alongside Big E. They destroy HHH until DX music hits. Road Dogg, Bill Gunn and HBK are out to help HHH. They get rid of the young rookies and Lenser tries to capitalize on a dazed HHH. A F-5 is reversed into a pedigree and a three count. HHH wins and DX celebrates.

Match #7: The Rock vs. John Cena: This is a non title match. The Rock is cost the WWE championship by The Shield. Cena unsuccessful loses the Rumble. With no where for these men to turn they try the elimination chamber match. Cena takes out Rock who is pissed after. When Cena is close of winning the title the Rock does the Rock bottom to Cena and Punk pins Cena for the three. Cena says he beat Rock in the devil’s playground and he will do it at Wrestlemania 29. This match is an all out brawl with Cena being put through the table. Cena tries an AA off the top and falls down leaving the Rock to do an arsenal move. The Rock ties to go for a running clothesline and is caught for an AA. The Rock reverses the AA and connects with the Rock bottom. Instead of going for the pin the Rock attempts a People’s Elbow which Cena plays possum and goes for the Rock Bottom. John Cena pins the Rock and wins!

Match #8: C.M Punk vs. the Undertaker: Streak vs. Title: The main event which is sure to amuse everyone in MetLife. Is it going to be Punk’s title leaving his waist or is it going to be 20-1! Punk is scared and quickly runs into a flurry of punches by the dead man. Undertaker throws Punk into the turnbuckle tries for a running clothesline. Punk avoids it and capitalizes on Undertakers injured knees. Punk is in firm control for a while until the dead man slowly capitalizes. Paul Heyman enforcers are out again and they attack the Undertaker. They knock out the ref and Brad Maddox is out enforcing the match. As the crowd is eager for a face to emerge; the Shield is demolishing the dead man. Here comes DX but Maddox bands them for ringside. A steel chair enters the ring busting the Undertaker open. Punk goes for a flying elbow drop and connects. 1...2...No! Punk picks up Undertaker and goes for a GTS. 1…2…No! Punk is going to make the dead man tap but the anaconda vice is reversed. Undertaker picks up the steel chair and rams Punk and the ref. Maddox is busted opened and needs to be carried out of the ring. A new ref comes and all is fair. DX comes out to help the dead man fend against the shield and Big E. Now Rhodes Scholars are in the mix but Team Hell No stops it. Punk from behind with a GTS and a pin. 1…2...NO! He is angry and knocks out the ref. Glass breaks throughout the arena as Stone Cold comes out and Punk is scared. He says he is the winner and should be crowned as champion. Stone Cold stunners Punk and Undertaker pins. The Undertaker wins the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP and is 21-0! Wrestlemania ends with five words from Austin to Punk. “See you at Wrestlemania 30!”

Thank you for reading my blog and comment below.

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  1. TTZT's Avatar
    Great read thanks alot, couple of issues though. No US/Intercontinental title match? and How would Taker carry on being the WWE Champion? and as exciting as that match would be with all the interferences i think Taker and punk should be a clean bout, No problem with stone cold intimidating punk to set up WM 30 match (would be awesome).
  2. TTZT's Avatar
    But then again, Brad Maddox in the main event at WM would make my whole year
  3. Wwetilltheend's Avatar far the best WM card I have seen.....there is only 2 bad things for me....Rock vs Cena MUST be for the title....that is the way it would be for sure....Vince won´t let Rock announce he will go for the title if he is not actually getting you think Rock would come back just for two matches with one of those bn the same as last year`s? I don´t think that is the first bad thing....the match is ok but needs to be for the title and Taker vs Punk doesn´t need to be for the title....the storyline there could be the longest WWE champion in 20 years will try to end the streak....that is enough....the second bad thing....a lot of talents are missing on this card....what about del rio, misterio, sin cara, christian....but of the best cards I have seen...I agree with almost all....
  4. Thunderlips's Avatar
    I would buy that PPV for sure.

    If I am going to be picky then it would be that there is no way Taker will win by interference he would go over clean...other than that best job so far!

    Look forward to seeing what else you have got
  5. alcrissam's Avatar
    Match #5: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus: This should not be a championship match because these two men are bigger than the WHC currently.
    this statement made me want to scream. Perfect reason why the titles should be unified. NOTHING is supposed to be bigger than one of the most prestigious belts in wrestling.
    Match #6: HHH vs. Brock Lenser
    i actually would kill myself if they had a rematch. That summerslam match was total garbage
    The Undertaker wins the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP and is 21-0!
    In all fairness, this would have been a great match. But here is my problem: how the HELL would you put the title on an old man who wrestles one match a year??? Think about it for a second, because I wold rather undertaker just hang up the boots instead of ending punks reign. The last match was supposed to be the END of an era, so why he fuck is he going to wrestle again?! I agree that the streak should never be broken, but the wwe championship should be around the waist of the person defending it at every ppv and showing up to every raw episode and feuding with other main eventers.
  6. mcgowanrose's Avatar
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