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Booking Royal Rumble 2013 + THE BEST RUMBLE MATCH

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Preshow match: Tag titles: (C)Rhodes-Scholars vs Team Hell No!-Got them losing on 1st Raw of 2013. Get their rematch at the Royal Rumble. Team Hell No unfortunately failed to retain those belts. Rhodes-Scholars retain!!

US title: (C)Antonio Cesaro vs ???-Since Cesaro isn't getting the heat he wants. How about if he defeats a returning vet coming off an injury in a surprise return at the Rumble? That should help him get some heat right? Love the mystery opponent idea especially opening the show. One of my favorite moments in the history of the ppv was when Taz was the mystery opponent to face Angle in 2000. Antonio Cesaro wins!!
Divas title: (C)Eve vs Tamina Snuka-Eve is running out of opponents. If Sara Del Ray would be called up to be a wrestler, I'd have Eve retain here. However, I have Tamina winning simply because no one is really left to face for Eve. + She wants time off according to reports. Why Tamina when she just became a heel? Eve can say she has beaten everyone there is to beat. She is unbeatable! Tamina music hits on one of the Raw shows most likely the first Raw in 2013. Eve gets out of the ring quickly while Tamina watched her run to the back. Tamina wins!!
World title: (C)Big Show vs Rey Mysterio-Classic David vs Goliath match to make Big Show look more unstoppable than ever vs Rey Mysterio. Now that Sheamus lost at TLC. I believe that Big Show will end up facing my Royal Rumble winner at WM for his world title. Rey Mysterio hits his 619, but Big Show catches him and power bombs him. Sin Cara jumped off the top rope and receives a choke slam. Choke slam to Rey Mysterio to retain his world title with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio laying in the middle of the ring. I was thinking about a triple threat, but I chose to go singles title here. Why Rey? Name me another face on the roster to face Big Show. Orton is turning heel according to reports. That is why I chose Mysterio.
WWE title: (C)CM Punk vs The Rock-It really depends on if the Rock can appear at Raw shows. I'm sure Cena vs Punk at house shows til Mania will be able to sell some tickets. If Rock is willing to defend the WWE title at the next ppv, I say he wins. If he can't, I'd have Punk retain the belt. It is that simple. For those who ask if this is the main event for the ppv, I wouldn't be that upset if it did main event the Rumble. I just prefer the Rumble match to finish the show. Seems as though it is a tradition. 2006 Rumble it bothered me that it didn't finish the show. However, it has big enough star power to finish the show. Royal Rumble match is the match everyone anticipates every year. All the rumored stars that could win the match all are at the end of the match. After the Royal Rumble match, it seems as if the air is out of balloon. Unless Rock wins the belt, I believe it should be right before the Rumble match. Do you really want the show to end with a cheat win by Punk rather than see a Rumble winner celebrating at the end? I certainly don't!! Winner is booked depending on Rock's status of appearing at future shows and competing at the EC. If he is able to Rock wins! If not, Punk wins!!
Royal Rumble match
: *Surprise entries

1.Dolph Ziggler-His idols like HBK and Flair both started early in there Royal Rumble wins. Dolph plans to do the same here at this spot.
*2.Billy Gunn-One of his idol is the first one he faces in the Rumble match? Billy Gunn? What a way to start off the Rumble with a big surprise. Eliminates him shortly, but next entry is another surprise....
*3.Road Dogg-His tag partner from the New Age Outlaws days is next, but again eliminated before the next entry.
4.Zack Ryder-History is there between Dolph and Ryder. Even announced a match for WM29 on Ryder's youtube show for the Internet championship. Doubt it will happen o....Ryder is eliminated shortly by Ziggler as well.
5.Miz-Both friends and rivals to be the best in the biz. Miz stays in for a good bit of time....
6.Wade Barrett-comes out because too many faces in a row. Double teams Miz obviously with Ziggler.
7.Alex Riley-gets eliminated, but gets a huge reaction because the reunion of Miz/Riley for a couple of minutes.
8.Kofi-The one guy who beat Barrett at TLC to retain the IC title will even the odds to help Miz. Unfortunately, Barrett eliminates him before the next entry comes out to really have the last laugh.
9.William Regal-Him along with Barrett being both englishmen. Barrett's goal to be the first one to win the world title while Regal not being able to accomplish that makes it perfect sense for him to come out and battle with him in the Rumble match.
10.Ezekiel Jackson-coming back from injury with a huge pop eliminating Wade Barrett, but is drop kicked out from behind by the showoff.
11.Titus Oniel-comes out to destroy Regal.
12.Sin Cara-History with PTP and is eliminated by PTP when Darren Young comes out.
13.Darren Young-comes out and double teams Sin Cara and Regal. Eliminating only Sin Cara.
14.Sheamus-wants his world title back, but also comes out and eliminates both members of PTP. I'd have a tag team feud between Regal/Sheamus vs PTP til EC ppv.
15.Kane-fans go nuts! Kane enters the ring with only Sheamus standing as they have a standoff. Potential match in the future one would like to see.
16.Cody Rhodes-1 half of the tag champs coming out and attacks Kane.
17.Daniel Bryan-history w/Sheamus and dream match w/Regal really sets it up nicely. Comes out after Regal, but Sheamus of course teams up with Regal to help him get back up. However, him and Kane both face off....Ziggler eliminates both of them while they are trying to eliminate each other.
18.Antonio Cesaro-Attacks Regal and Miz....eliminates Miz in the process. Feud between the two likely next ppv. Cesaro is eliminated before the #18 entry comes out by Sheamus.
19.Damien Sandow-Rhodes-Scholars double team and eliminate William Regal. Sheamus ends up eliminating them both as well teasing tag title run for Regal and Sheamus in the long run. Possibilities!?!? Notice at this point in the Rumble, only men left are Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler.
*20.Brock Lesnar-He entered himself in the Rumble match? Announcers, fans, among others shocked to see Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. Sheamus face off with Lesnar. Sheamus was winning the battle of right hands, but Ziggler comes in and makes the save as they double team Sheamus til the next entry comes out.....
21.Ryback-Fans are going nuts!! Ziggler receives a clothesline. Lesnar turns around to face off with Ryback as fans chant "Feed me more". Ziggler and Sheamus ruin it by attacking them both.
22.The Shield-The whole group is coming out? Announcers say who is going to stop them from doing this? They attack Ryback of course. Pulls him under the bottom rope planning to put him through a table again, but Ryback fights them off while the next entry's music hits!!
*23.Goldberg-Holy crap it is Bill Goldberg. Entry after entry of surprises and it leads to this!?!? Lesnar is standing in the middle of the ring waiting for Bill Goldberg to make his way to the ring. Comes in and faces off as the chants of "Goldberg" through out the arena roars. Goldberg turns and spears Dolph Ziggler. Lesnar than F-5s Sheamus leaving them the only two men standing in the ring. Trade punches, but Lesnar pushes Goldberg back into the turnbuckle with a couple of shots to the ribs. He goes for the F-5, but Goldberg counters into a spear!! Gives him the jackhammer and tosses him over the top rope. Ryback is behind Goldberg who was previously outside of the ring fighting the Shield. Now it is a faceoff with Goldberg and Ryback. Chants of "Feed me more" and "Goldberg" around the arena. next entry's music hits....
24.John Cena-internet fans claims he ruins everything....why not the Ryback/Goldberg faceoff. A chorus literally of boos when his music hits. Shield get back in and attack Ryback. Pulling his legs between one of the ring posts. While Cena makes his way to ring as Goldberg watches him. He enters the ring with a smile. Goldberg shows a little bit of chuckle and spears John Cena. Impact had such force, Cena landed outside the ring. Goldberg turns around and sees the Shield attacking Ryback in the corner. Goldberg lifts one above his head and drops him on his face. Grabs the other by the throat, and lifts him up into a press slam, but spears him. Spears the next one.....eliminates all 3 of the Shield members as the fans go nuts. Ryback eliminates Goldberg from behind similar to how Angle eliminated Goldberg back in 04. Ryback does feed me more after eliminating him, but Ziggler comes from behind and hits him with the zigzag.
25.Del Rio-face now, but still attacks Cena. However, he battles back to give Del Rio the A-A to set up the next entry's finisher....
26.Evan Bourne-The return of Evan Bourne while he hits the AirBourne on David Otunga and eliminates him.
27.Randy Orton-back on a mission to win back his world title as a heel of course. He makes easy work of Evan Bourne. Turns around and receives the brogue kick from Sheamus to eliminate Orton. When Orton recovers, he comes back in the Rumble match similar to what Angle did after he was eliminated by HBK. He eliminates Sheamus leaving only Ryback, Cena, and DZ left in the Rumble.
28.Christian-Christian was back earlier tonight to win his IC title, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind the consolation of winning the Rumble match. He comes out and eliminates Del Rio to than attack Cena. History is there...
29.R-Truth-goes out and does some of his splits and moves on Ziggler. However, is gives the Shell Shock by Ryback and is eliminated.
*30.Ric Flair-he comes out as everyone is in shock. Fans are going crazy as Flair makes his way to the ring. Gets in the ring and Ziggler attempts to clothesline Flair. However, Flair ducks and gives him some of those classic chops we havn't heard since he left with chorus of woo's around the arena. Nails him with the clothesline off the top rope. Goes for the figure four, but is kicked back into Christian. Christian hits him with the killswitch. Than Cena eliminates him with the AA over the top.

Final 4:Leaving just 4 men remaining in the Rumble match. Flair, Ziggler, Ryback, and Cena. Ryback hits Ziggler with a Feed me more clothesline after getting up from the figure four attempt. Ziggler gets up to receive AA along with Flair's figure four he reverses to get out of. Cena/Ryback faceoff, but Ziggler gets in their faces saying he is the showoff. Ziggler receives a double clothesline. Flair asks them to let him eliminate Ziggler and he does, but Flair is eliminated by both Ryback and Cena from behind. Leaving only 2 men left in the Rumble match being Cena/Ryback. Who is going on to main event WM29 to challenge a world champion. Ryback/Cena faceoff isn't ruined as they trade blows as Ryback slings Cena into a turnbuckle along with giving him a huge clothesline with fans chanting "Feed me more" with Ryback. Ryback goes for the shell shock, but it is countered by Cena. Cena attempts the AA, but it is countered with Ryback hitting a spear on Cena as fans go crazy. Ryback claiming the end is near....he hits the shell shock on John Cena and eliminates him to win the 2013 Royal Rumble match. 2013 Royal Rumble winner is.......Ryback!! Staring at the WM29 logo saying along with the crowd "Feed me more"!!

What a historic night that would be if all those things I booked happened?!?! That is how I would book the Royal Rumble of 2013. Hope you enjoyed this booking I did of Royal Rumble 2013. I made that Royal Rumble the best I think it could be this year. Thanks for reading....hope you enjoyed. Expect more Royal Rumble blogs including the biggest moments in the Royal Rumble match and in the Royal Rumble period!! That and more next time right here.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by n2winlisa
    Couple things first off very nice blog post. However couple things I disagree with. First off Godberg will never come back so everyone needs to stop thinking that will ever happen. Miz would not enter 5th then be out before the 18th man hits. Second of all cesaro vs him match in fute for cesaro title is just dumb. Miz is a premier wrestler company. There is a reason he is turning face. The crowd loves him and he already does ton of press for wwE. If Ryback fails to hit it off with fans expect Miz to carry the torch for years
    Why I think Goldberg might come back: Lesnar is there and they are friends. Neither liked the way they went out. Him and Lesnar meet again in the Rumble to make up for the botch at WM20. Someone must be a huge Miz fan which is an issue. Miz lasted a pretty good while. Miz vs Cesaro is a dumb match. What other midcard babyface do they have. Don't you dare sit there and lie to me. If he wasn't a midcard guy, he wouldn't have to face the likes of the 3MB to be booked on a ppv and on Raw.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AssassinBlade
    First of all, this blog is very well written but you are talking fiction in the Rumble match. I do not see Goldberg returning at all. I never liked his gimmick as he was too much of a powerhouse and got pushed quickly in the 'E. I like your idea of continuing not establish main eventers winning the Royal Rumble match. In my opinion the rumble match should be used to elevate mid carders instead of main eventers. Excellent blog.
    I know this before I type it that not all of the stuff I "booked" will happen. Just for fun, I decided to do it. As I said before, the reason I believe Goldberg may return just for 1 night only is to give back to the fans for that botch match he had with Lesnar. Pushed too quickly? He was only on a year contract. You better have him in the world title picture before the year is up. If you ask me, it took a bit longer for him to get a shot at the belt than I expected. However, did like the Rock vs Goldberg type of deal. Continuing not to establish main event talent? What midcarder do you like I didn't establish in the Rumble match? I believe Ryback will win the Rumble which is why I booked it that way. He hasn't won the world title nor has Dolph(I know for 2 seconds, but come on). All lasted til the end. Dolph lasted from 1 to the final 4. I had Barrett dump some guys out like Kofi who I believe he is above to get revenge for losing at TLC.
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    A nice entry, but if I may offer my two cents...
    Point 1: Ric Flair has publicly stated that his wrestling career is over. Both himself and Hulk Hogan have said "To reduce the risk of further injury and their health" their careers inside the ring are over. I'm relieved that Flair is back where he belongs up North, but he won't wrestle again.
    Point 2: Interesting choices with the Legends on the list. Won't nitpick, but I don't think Lesnar will be in the Rumble this year.
    Point 3: Why Ryback exactly? Say he were to miraculously win, what would be your WrestleMania XXIX Main Event?
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by T-Hughes35
    A nice entry, but if I may offer my two cents...
    Point 1: Ric Flair has publicly stated that his wrestling career is over. Both himself and Hulk Hogan have said "To reduce the risk of further injury and their health" their careers inside the ring are over. I'm relieved that Flair is back where he belongs up North, but he won't wrestle again.
    Point 2: Interesting choices with the Legends on the list. Won't nitpick, but I don't think Lesnar will be in the Rumble this year.
    Point 3: Why Ryback exactly? Say he were to miraculously win, what would be your WrestleMania XXIX Main Event?
    Ryback vs Big Show for the world title which I believe WWE has it planned to be since Sheamus lost at HIAC. I'd put him in the Rumble as a surprise. Flair stated he was open to a match with Punk at EC online. I figure he could handle a Rumble appearance since the likes of Snuka and Piper can.
  5. MegaTheProphecy's Avatar
    I'd like to see a heel superstar win , maybe Sandow or a member of the Shield
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MegaTheProphecy
    I'd like to see a heel superstar win , maybe Sandow or a member of the Shield
    I don't believe either of those guys will win though. Sandow is like my fav right I'm with ya here.
  7. Dub p's Avatar
    Ziggs should win then he kould be both champs for atleast two Ppvs
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