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Dan's TLC Review.

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Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio
I only had one problem with this match and it was the build up to it, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara are just thrown into a number one contenders match while Rhode Scholars had to beat 3 other teams? It'd make sense if they were on a winning streak but their TV presence lately has been virtually zero. The match itself was a good one, I cringed every time Mysterio jumped for fear of his knee, I tend to do that in every match now. The last spot for Rhodes to pick up the win was very cool, and Rhodes & Sandow picking up the win was a good choice. On a side note I'll say that Kane and Daniel Bryan are excellent tag champs at the moment, they're good guys who act like bad guys so they can face any tag team and fit into the role, which is desperately needed during the revamp of the division.
Overall: 4/5

Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth
I’m loving Antonio as the US Champ, he’s doing the obvious “I’m a foreigner so you should be me” heel routine but he also throws in his intelligence and multi-lingual skills to heighten the hatred for him, if there’s one thing an American audience hates it’s a smart European guy. The rivalry leading up to this has been kind of confusing, it seems like they didn’t really know what to do with Truth after his tag team broke up so they’d throw him at Cesaro. The match itself was alright, nothing special. I’m hoping this is the end of the rivalry so Antonio can go back to challenging someone different every week, it showed he was a threat, it gave some mid-card guys some screen time and we didn’t have to put up with any R-Truth promos.
Overall: 3/5

The 3MB segment was rather strange. Why is Del Rio a face now? Why is The Miz a face now? Why did 3MB (a group including two people from outside of the United States) suddenly become a racist faction? Too many silly questions for a filler match to be set up.

Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett
The build up to this match was good, although I kept thinking that Barrett should be in the main events now. He had an excellent run against Sheamus a few weeks back but then after that “set his sights” on a championship he claimed two years ago. Confusing but it’s given us some good moments. The match was good, and the finisher reversal into a finisher was awesome, again I’m hoping this feud is now over but for different reasons, Barrett needs to be wrestling people of his size, he’s one of the only “big guys” that can make the other larger wrestlers seem like they can have excellent matches. And that’s definitely a saving grace when the World Heavyweight Champion is the slowest, most boring one of them all.
Overall: 4/5

The Shield vs. Daniel Bryan, Kane and Ryback.
Wow. Everything about this match was good, the story telling in a match hasn’t been this spot on in a WWE bout for a while, the way The Shield could work as a unit the entire time and use it to keep the other three apart was excellent, no one stayed out of the spot light, everyone getting and receiving a big spot. Even Roman Reigns, who I wasn’t a fan of on NXT, did extremely well. It’s insane to think this match wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Punk’s knee surgery. It had a classic attitude era feel too it, not only because of the amount of weapon spots, but because you genuinely had no idea who was going to win, the bad guys were cool, two of the good guys were bad guys, there were bodies everywhere. All I could think of during this match was the old Don’t Try This At Home video that was in front of DVD’s in the early 2000’s. Any one of those commentary lines could have been from this match. Shield winning was the obvious way to go about it, they looked strong and they worked as a unit. Nothing taken away from the other team either, Kane had to be completely buried underneath the set to be taken out, Ryback was left at the top of the stage to not make it back in time, and Daniel Bryan went down swinging. I also couldn’t help noticing how Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose kept getting drawn to each other, I hope there’s something there in the future. Side note: I loved how when Ryback hit a spear, Michael Cole went to shout SPEAR! Released that it’d just draw more comparisons to Goldberg and just stopped going “SSS.... WHAT A TACKLE!”
Overall: 5/5 (if it was possible I’d give it a 10.)

Eve vs. Naomi
Admittedly, I didn’t watch the pre-show. When I heard it was a Diva’s battle royal, I laughed, set my alarm back another half hour, and enjoyed some more sleep before the show started. So when Naomi came out, I couldn’t stop laughing. The good female wrestlers are leaving the company because they never get a chance to shine, we’re only really left with Natalya now, and I hope to God she leaves soon because whatever they’re doing with her right now will eventually cause Stu Hart to cause a hurricane in his grave. Anyway, the match was as terrible as expected. A pay per view should never be used for a pointless match to continue a feud that got no mention on the entire show other than in a replay of what happened earlier.
Overall: 0/5

Big Show vs. Sheamus
I’ll say this right away. I can’t stand the Big Show. He’s slow, boring, his promos are terrible and he went from a good looking chokeslam to a punch. Not a fancy elbow like Barrett or Ohno, or even a something with some flash to it. Just a punch. That was ruined when that stupid segment on Smackdown said he had twice the punching power of the Russian robot from Rocky IV. The match itself wasn’t as good as the last match. And the giant novelty chair was just silly. We get it. You’re a giant. The feud needs to be over, I would have preferred Sheamus to be champion because at least someone could have a good match with him. However while Big Show is champion all his matches will have the story “how can you beat someone who’s that big? The other guy is definitely an underdog.”
Overall 3/5

3MB vs. Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and... *Sigh* The Brooklyn Brawler
At another time, this would have been epic, the ultimate jobber of the 90’s vs. The jobber extraordinaire of the new age Heath Slater? I’d be up for that rivalry. Comedy gold. But when they’re Zack Ryder told by email he’s not needed in his home state, Swagger, Henry, Kidd, Gabriel and so many others sitting backstage. All this match did for me was point out that Drew McIntyre still isn’t in any position to be champion in the next few months.
Overall 2/5 (1 point for McIntyre and 1 point for the commentary during this match.)

Dolph Ziggler vs. Cena
Breathe easy, internet. It’s over. I legitimately jumped up and down, kicked my legs, punched the air, anything you see in the victory montage of a sports movie from the 80s, I did it. The match itself was alright, it was a TLC match, not a ladder match. But anyway... Ziggler was at his best in this match, the crowd was behind him and his potential just keeps getting bigger. He’s ready for the championship now. He was ready a year ago. The spots in this match were cool and it would probably be seen as an even better match if it didn’t have to be on the same show as the six-man earlier. I’ll probably rewatch this match later separately to see if it gets better. Any time Cena was more than half way up the ladder, I panicked. That’s good in a wrestling match though, it’s what you need. The fact that Cena’s “sixth move” that he randomly does every couple of months annoys me. In his head he probably thinks “yeah... that’ll show them.” But all it does show that he can actually do more moves, but he limits his moveset out of sheer laziness. The kids love him so why bother trying to earn the cheers of the adults? They’ll but his merch for the little ones anyway. The thing about Cena that no one really notices is that he’s only as good as his opponent. His best matches have been because of Edge or Punk. But that’s beside the point of this match. The crowd was behind Ziggler, and despite Cole and Lawlers attempts at getting the viewing audience to believe that the crowd was cheering for Cena, it was obvious that Ziggler is the smarks boy at the moment. We made Punk, we made Bryan. Now hurry the **** up and give this guy a title so we can start getting full-time smarky about Ambrose. The ending was obvious, I knew it would be by interference and as soon as AJ started skipping it was set in stone. The less said about the back suplex to Vickie, the better. The thing they need to do with AJ’s character as have her doing some real insane stuff now, pretend it never happened, fall in love with Vickie, start wearing shoes on her ears, I don’t know. But they need to really sell that she’s mental and not just love-sick.
Overall: 5/5

Overall, this pay per view was one of the better ones of the year. It’s a shame Punk couldn’t be on it but we got his promo and one of the craziest matches of the year out of it. So there’s a silver lining there. Cena vs. Ziggler being the main event was annoying but predictable, the booking for WWE at the moment is terrible, the championship should always be last. Hell at Wrestlemania 18 you had Rock vs. Hogan BEFORE the title match. That’s a huge match. Entire generations loved both of those guys. But Rock vs. Cena wasn’t the same, Rock has annoyed us all for a year with his “i’m home... not really” speech and the WWE Universe will forever be 50/50 about Cena. I’ll give this whole pay per view top marks, there was the usual bad diva’s match and pointless filler match but you come to expect them, I needed time to read my emails, you needed time to go out for a smoke, everyone needed to have a break in the three hours. If anything, I will thank WWE for giving me the time to win something on ebay during the Diva’s match. All the bad points are completely out shined by the main events. Unpredictable, edge of your seat and giving me hope the WWE is finally getting back on track.
Overall 5/5

Hope you enjoyed this review. First time doing this.

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  1. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    "Breathe easy, internet. It’s over. I legitimately jumped up and down, kicked my legs, punched the air, anything you see in the victory montage of a sports movie from the 80s, I did it."

    HAHA. If we were in the same room, we probably would've hugged. Or chest bumped (I'm really manly?). I've mentioned on another thread, no matter how many signs pointed toward AJ interference, I still had a pit in my stomach that Vince wanted his Johnny vs his Dwaynie at Mania to unify the titles, and Vince gets what he wants.

    I really believe this might be the WWE turning a new leaf. They could've had The Shield lose to Ryback (Nexus nightmares), Ziggler lose to Cena, but they didn't. They stuck to their guns and let up and comers keep their momentum going. It was beautiful.

    Lastly, great summaries. I agree, almost exactly, with every score you gave. Solid read.
  2. eldoryazdee's Avatar
    I enjoyed reading your blog, your points and spot-ons are exquisite. I rarely read blogs, but because of this one, I will start looking forward on your writing in the future. I like the details and the emphasis you put on each match, yet simple but relevant.

    The only question is the over-all grade which you gave a 5/5 when you a have 0, a 2, some 3's and some 4's. Last time I checked the average or overall rating wouldn't score a 5 cause the average is somewhere around 3, unless I miss some significant reasoning and added plus factors behind the show that convinced you that it was a perfect ppv.

    But overall, I'll give your blog a 4/5. Keep 'em coming.
    Updated 12-17-2012 at 03:34 PM by eldoryazdee
  3. AJ1981's Avatar
    The Miz turned babyface just before Survivor Series although I do agree with you that Alberto Del Rio's turn seemed random. There weren't really hints on TV, 3MB just slap around some Spanish announcers & Ricardo and that enough to turn him. Apparently WWE want a reliable mexican babyface and Sin Cara is not what they expected and Rey Mysterio is too injury prone and on his 2nd Wellness strike
  4. Bobby1181's Avatar
    I really tired of guys saying Barrett should be main eventing or chasing the championship titles but the truth is the guy lacks explosiveness. Barrett does a lot of rest holds during his match whether he doesn't know what to do next or is tired who knows and I don't think it's a situation like Cesaro where he is actually drawing heat from his extended rest holds. Barret also lack strength for a guy of his size. He's as tall as kane but nowhere near as strong and thats what kill me when it comes to him, he's got the size and the look but he needs to work on his strength/power and his moveset.
  5. Zekic's Avatar
    Divas match.. let's face it was there just so we could stomach this purely fantastic TLC 6 man tag team match. All the guys from that match got a huge future in WWE(except kane for obvious reason's) and i believe Shield got a potential to become one of those legendary stable's/tag team's like DX.

    And another thing that came in my mind, for a guy who can AA Big Show, doing monkey flip or head scissors, is just wrong.
  6. DazRevan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zekic
    And another thing that came in my mind, for a guy who can AA Big Show, doing monkey flip or head scissors, is just wrong.

    I pissed myself when the crowed chanted you can't wrestle so he tried....THEN HURT HIMSELF LOL!
  7. iOwn's Avatar
    Horribly written. Lots of typos, sometimes angry rants and rambles, and an inaccurate rating. 5/5 overall with a 0/5 rating? Huh??? Could've been a lot better.
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