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Jason's Thoughts: TLC 2012

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Preshow: Santa's Helper Diva's Battle Royal
This was a pretty good divas battle royal than the usual crappy 2 minute ones i was impressed with Naomi winning but it felt random.
Rating: 3/5

Cara/Rey vs RhodeScholars Table
This was a pretty good opener,alot of nice action.
Rating: 3/5

Cesaro vs Truth (US Title)
What a boring match,with a lot of headlocks and i am just not interested in the feud in general,so why should i even be invested.
Rating: 2.9/5

Miz TV w/3MB
This was a pretty funny segment with a really suprising face/tweener turn by Del Rio setting up 3MB vs Del Rio,Miz and a mystery guy which really got me curious and think about who it might be. Swagger? Fandango? Ryder?
Rating: 4/5 stars it was funny and had a impact on the WWE.

Kofi vs Wade (IC)
This was a pretty good match,with Kofi really going over. Wade really looked good and i see a good 2013 for both guys.
Rating: 3/5

TLC-Shield vs Team Hello No/Ryback
What was the point of making this a TLC? Why not just make it No DQ or atleast put something like a bat in the air, its just misleading and ruins the point of having ladders. But still they put on a amazing match, it stole the show and that spot at the end was amazing, Shield really prove themselves tonight,in my opinion.
Rating: 5/5

Chairs Match Sheamus vs Big Show
This was a great match,tons of great counters and near falls and that big chair was freaking awesome, i love Sheamus/Show matches.
Rating: 4.5/5

3MB vs Del Rio/Miz/Brooklyn Brawler
Wow. Swagger. Ryder. Henry. All of the guys WWE could have picked and they got Brooklyn Brawler, heck if they wanted a guy from New York they could have gotten Foley,Dreamer or Ryder. But still 3MB,Miz and Del Rio gave a decent showing,but Brawler, he just didn't even try.
Rating: 2/5 Rio,Miz and 3MB deserve credit.

Dolph vs Cena MITB Ladder Match
This was a fantastic match,tons of great spots and we got to see Cena do things we have not seen him do before,it completely blew away my expectations. But i did have a problem. AJ Lee. Her appearence was predictable and the same exact crap we saw months ago im tired of WWE and TNA doing the same scandals and love stories (gone bad) hopefully the writers get more creative soon. But still this match was....
Rating: 4.5/5

Overall: 9/10 amazing ppv,tons of great matches, all the wrestlers got to shine and some unforgettable moments like Del Rio turning face.

I hope you enjoyed this review, next week will be the final time i do 2 blogs until the rumble. I will be reviewing Impact/NXT and talking about many of WWE's failed projects.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Yeah, I dont get the Brawler love... I mean he was a meaningless jobber as Steve Lombardi and then became an incredibly low card jobber as The Brooklyn Brawler. Why should we be expected to take him seriously?
  2. Bobby1181's Avatar
    Ricardo actually said "heading toward a new destiny" when I translated his intro for del rio last night. Brawler was the worst thing last night, yes, even worse than the divas match.
  3. Zekic's Avatar
    I disagre with you only about WH title match, it could have been way better.
  4. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    I was actually shocked to see an AJ Lee turn, not sure if she's a heel now but I liked her betraying of Cena since I didn;t see it coming and it let Ziggler win
  5. SadisticSarcasm's Avatar
    Nice blog .
    I absolutely hated the brawler back then, hate him even more now ..
    The only thing I will say is, everyone is overlooking a little issue we always have with wwe... Guys, Dolph was amazing at TLC, I can't wait to see his look down the road... But now on to the main issue... Cena lost , YESSSS!!! OHHH wait.... No, Dolph didn't beat cena, AJ lee beat cena always there's always a reason cena loses, there's always an extra bit to the match... Oh yeah CM punk beat him BUUT, OHHH Brock destroyed him, BUTTTT, Dolph beat him and OUTWORKED him, but -_-... That will be overlooked because even though EVERYTHING WAS LEGAL, cena will somehow find a way and "overcome the odds" (like always).... Yes I am extremely happy cena lost to DZ... I'm just prepping those who don't see this coming ... Cena is going to get pushed down our throats a lot more ... This shouldn't be news to anyone... But I will say "told you" late on when it's not acknowledged that Ziggs beat cena...

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