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JB's Thoughts: Wrestlemania 29

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With wrestlemania 29 a few months away and the RR on the horizon, everyone is beginning to go WM mad. People are making UNREALISTIC predictions so i believed i would make my WM 29 match card and see what you guys thought. So my WM 29 card is a mixture between what i would do, want and what the WWE will do. There are so many matches i could place on the card and i have made 10 quite alot but ah well here goes:

1)PRE-SHOW- I would have a battle royal for number 1 contendership for US Championship have contestants like: The Shield, Cesaro, Rhodes, Gabriel, Kidd, Ryder, Santino etc. Winner: Dean Ambrose with help from Shield

2) TAG TITLES- I would have a four team elimination match to make it exciting, edgy and fun. The Champions would be Sin Cara & Mysterio, as much a people believe they are going to fight against each other at wrestlemania, i like the idea but im not high on it yet and see that later on. With the POSSIBLE return of MVP & Shelton Benjamin i would team them up like they do in Japan?
Cara & 619 vs MVP & Benjamin vs PTP vs Epico & Primo
Winners: Prime Time Players (BIG FAN)

3) SINGLE MATCH- I would place Kane vs Daniel Bryan in a match together as i believe these could put on a frickin awesome match together and possibly steal the show, I thought Kane vs Orton at WM 28 was a underrated match, it was very good and solid. I would have these two lose titles and argue saying whos fault it was and finish feud at WM
Winner: Daniel Bryan

4) BIG TIME MATCH- Big Show vs Ryback, the match people are expecting and so am I, do i like Big Show? No, but its very good way of keep Vinces Precious Ryback strong i like Ryback gimmick but i think pushed to quickly and he should of had run at Intercontinental or US title and then go up and up title reign. But this simple easy big powerhouse match with Ryback win with Shellshock OFC!!!
Winner: Ryback

5)US TITLE- I do like Antonio Cesaro and his reign but it would be boring by April, so i would give R-Truth the title possibly RR and give him a reign. Dean Ambrose im a fan of and the Shield so i see Ambrose as good champion and would like this to work with help from Shield to win.
R-Truth vs Dean Ambrose
Winner: Dean Ambrose

6) INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE- I do not like Kofi Kingston one tiny little bit, i would get him to drop the title to WADE BARRETT (I am English) give Barrett a strong postive heel run, Kofi wanting a chance to win title back from Barrett and i would also throw Damien Sandow in there as i like his character and style. Result Barrett retains after Bullhammer or whatever its name on Kofi.
Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston vs Damien Sandow
Winner: Wade Barrett

7) NO DQ BRAWL- Now i have been hoping to see this match for a very long time Orton (heel) vs Sheamus (face) in a massive fight and wrestlemania 29 the best place for it. Im a big Orton fan when he is a heel and this match could really cement his heel turn. 15 mins of pure and utter brutality with Orton winning with RKO off ladder through a table.
Winner: Randy Orton

8) THE MATCH I DONT WANT AGAIN BUT WWE DOES- Yes you probably guessed it The Rock vs John Cena II. The first match for me was a disappointment, i am a big Rock fan and hate Cena but both were shocking and the match was so predictable as much as i dont want it, i think it will be on the card.... If it is i can see a Cena win as he has lost last 2 wrestlemania's.
Winner: John Cena

9) WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE- The match i would be most excited about is this one, i would have it be Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz. Have Ziggler cash his MITB breifcase in at TLC and win the title and have him sneak victories against Big Show, Sheamus and have Miz challenge him to match as wrestlemania. Blah Blah Blah normal WWE build up, i would have Miz win the title and really try to cement him as babyface champion
Winner: The Miz

10) WWE CHAMPIONSHIP- The match which i think would work and be best way for Undertakers bow out in WWE, CM Punk vs Taker, Streak vs Streak. Taker win the rumble and challenge Punk at Mania. I believe this would be best for Takers last match, could produce a very long match like last years Taker vs HHH (which i believed was fantastic) have Shield interrupt to try and keep Punk as champion have Taker tombstone, last ride, chokeslam them all out of it and have him tombstone Punk for the win.
Winner: Undertaker

Give Punk a break after a very long time as champion. Have Taker celebrate winning WWE title for final time and then on Raw vacate title and retire setting up a title tournament to conclude at Extreme Rules with probably Cena winning title.

Thanks for reading

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  1. dan_rick's Avatar
    Two sentences in and your card is already unrealistic. The Shield in a pre-show battle royal to determine the number one contender for the US title. Apart from that one of the more closer to home cards i've seen on here. Although I would prefer Kane and Bryan to defend the tag titles at Wrestlemania then go on and split. But I do see why you have placed them in a match together. If Rock and Cena were to have their rematch it would have to be the pinnacle of Wrestlemania, therefore WWE Title on the line.
  2. JWAB14's Avatar
    Alright okay, well i did say my blog is a mixture between what i would do, want and the WWE will do. So on the topic of The Shield/Pre Show battle royal/US Title that is under the what i would do and want side of it. I just believe one of them will have a title reign soon and i see Ambrose as the leader so why not? Kane vs Bryan i just see a good solid match which would be better at WM rather than Extreme Rules. Finally on Cena/Rock it was more of i would not put title on line because neither DESERVE it!!! Just my opinion
  3. Wwetilltheend's Avatar
    Okay...this is one NOT SO BAD card....still is bad....but not as much as some others....the good points: Big Show Vs Ryback, Sheamus vs Orton exactly as you put it. Not so bad point: Cena vs Rock is definitely happen however i am sure this will be for the title and Punk vs Taker will be good as long as is not for the title (although i'd prefer taker vs lesnar or vs goldberg or vs sting I know these are very unlikely) bad points: the rest of the card...however i do think if wwe designs a good storyline for those matches, they could be good. I give it 6 out of 10 just because compare to other "realistic cards" posted here, this is the best of them.
  4. Joe$Playa's Avatar
    what about brock lensar
  5. bryanb1306's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Joe$Playa
    what about brock lensar

    I know! And what about Triple H?
  6. JWAB14's Avatar
    With HHH now been given more power i believe its time for him to hang up boots more, as much as i like him to me he should now wrestle one or twice and his last two wrestlemania matches have been long high intensity matches he needs a break away from the big stage and Brock Lesnar is a waste of money so i wouldnt put him on the card he cant wrestle at all and doesnt deserve to be on the card in my personal opinion
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Preshow:IC title:Wade Barrett vs William Regal-Wade Barrett wins!!
    Ryback vs Big Show-Ryback wins!!
    US title: Antonio Cesaro vs Mr.USA???-winner Mr.USA!!
    Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara-Mysterio wins!
    Divas title: Vickie Guerrero vs AJ-AJ Wins!
    World title: Sheamus vs Orton-Sheamus wins, but Dolph cashes in MITB and leaves as world champion!!
    Taker vs Punk-Taker wins!
    Lesnar vs Batista-Lesnar is going to be on the show. Been a dream match of mine. Maybe they make a deal for Batista to return for one match. Hell, Lesnar vs Ryback is intriguing as well. Don't want HHH/Lesnar again.
    WWE title:Rock vs Cena 2-Cena wins and leaves as WWE champion again!! Possibly has a 3rd match at the next ppv.
    Updated 12-16-2012 at 10:46 PM by TheGreatOne

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