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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2012 Predictions

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Hey everyone. I am back again to share with you my final predictions for WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2012. I hope you all like it.

[B]6-Man Tables, Ladders & Chairs Tag Team match
The Shield vs. Kane, Bryan and Ryback[/B]
Okay for this match, everyone would think Ryback and Team Hell No would win because they are more experienced but I think the Shield will get it done. Why? Because they have only been around for a month and WWE wants to build them up as a tough group such as Nexus, only with less members so why would they have them lose this match? It will struggle to get them noticed and if they lose, then it will be useless to build them up. At least with Nexus, they were around for a few months before losing a major match. So with that being said, I think the Shield will win after hitting their Triple Powerbomb to Bryan through a table.

[B]Winners: The Shield via pinfall[/B]

[B]World Heavyweight Championship
Chairs match
Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus[/B]
I think Sheamus has a good chance but I think Big Show will get it done to retain his title. I don't think Show's title reign is up just yet. I think they will have him drop it at Royal Rumble, possibly to John Cena or Dolph Ziggler with the Money in the Bank contract. But for TLC, I think Show will win after a KO Punch to a chair, driving it into Sheamus' face, knocking him out to allow Big Show to win.

[B]Winner and STILL World Champion: Big Show[/B]

1-1 Money in the Bank Ladder match
Dolph Ziggler (MITB) vs. John Cena[/B]
Okay, everyone is probably thinking that they will put the Money in the Bank contract on Cena to make up for him screwing up the first cash in, which MAY be true, although I think Dolph Ziggler will get it done. This is a great opportunity for WWE to have Ziggler in the spotlight, victorious in a main event match at a PPV, then have him cash in the contract a couple of months later. I think Vickie and AJ will get involved in the match eventually, leading to Ziggler somehow winning the match. I am not sure how but I think they will have Ziggler retain the briefcase.

[B]Winner and STILL Mr. Money in the Bank: Dolph Ziggler[/B]

[B]United States Championship
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth[/B]
This match is 50-50. Cesaro claims an American couldn't beat him for the U.S. what about an African-American? I think there is a good chance of WWE putting the title on Truth. This will help him stay fresh by putting a singles title on him but because I am still unsure, I think Cesaro will retain at the event and go on to hold the belt for a while yet. Just a simple mistake by Truth, allowing Cesaro to hit the Neutralizer for the win.

[B]Winner and STILL United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro[/B]

[B]Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Wade Barrett[/B]
Like the U.S. Title match, this one could go either way. Kofi has had a good run and has a great chance at retaining the strap, which he demonstrated on SmackDown, by defending himself from an attack from Wade Barrett. As for Barrett to continue his much needed push which was delayed earlier this year, I think giving him another run with the Intercontinental Championship before building him back up to World Title contention would be good. So I think there will be a new Intercontinental Champion crowned at TLC. I think after a lot of back and forth action, I think Wade Barrett will fight Kofi off and eventually hit the Bull Hammer, laying Kofi out and allowing Barrett to claim the gold for a second time. I even think Alberto Del Rio might get involved in the match, since he just lost to Kofi twice in a row and because he is not featured on the card, so he might appear and aid Barrett in his possible title win.

[B]Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett[/B]

[B]Tag Team Tables match
No. 1 Contender's match
Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes[/B]
So...I have no idea why they had Sandow and Rhodes become No. 1 Contender's for the tag titles, only to put them in ANOTHER No. 1 Contender's match against Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio. I must have missed something but either way, I think Mysterio and Cara will win. This will give the tag champions new challengers and also lead to a short storyline with Sandow and Rhodes complaining about their loss and costing Rey and Sin Cara their title match, but as for the victory, I think Rey will hit the Double 619 to Sandow and Rhodes, with both men laying across seperate tables will Mysterio hitting the Top Rope Splash to one opponent and Cara hitting the Swanton Bomb to the other opponent, giving the high flyers the victory.

[B]Winners and NEW No. One Contender's: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara[/B]

No. 1 Contender's Battle Royal
Alicia Fox vs. Layla vs. Natalya vs. Kaitlyn vs. Tamina Snuka vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Aksana vs. Cameron vs. Naomi.
[/B]I think to make up for Kaitlyn missing out on her one on one title match against Layla, they will have her win this match so she can get a fair shot against Eve. As for the eliminations.

[B]Cameron and Naomi: [/B]Eliminated by Tamina at the same time.
[B]Tamina:[/B] Eliminated by Layla and Kaitlyn from behind.
[B]Rosa Mendes:[/B] Eliminated by Alicia Fox following a Scissor Kick.
[B]Alicia Fox: [/B]Eliminated by Natalya from behind.
[B]Natalya:[/B] Eliminated by Layla after a hurricanrana over the top rope.

[B]Final three:[/B] I think Layla and Kaitlyn will double team Aksana and then fight each other. Aksana will fall but hold onto the rope but Kaitlyn goes over and looks at her and then stomps on her fingers, causing her to fall, eliminating her. Layla tries to eliminate Kaitlyn from behind but Kaitlyn fights her off and eventually side steps her and tosses her through the ropes and to the ground, winning the match.

[B]Winner and NEW No. One Contender: Kaitlyn


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