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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - What the HELL NO happened with Kane?!

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Hey everyone. I'm back with another opinion but instead of PPV Predictions or Booking Events, I will talk about Kane... I do have to ask though... WWE... have you gone nuts??? This started a while ago but its been taken too far and I am talking about the fact that Kane has become a joke... again. This year, he returned with a renewed persona and even brought back the mask and upper attire.

WWE Creative had him come back as a changed superstar with a comeback of his destruction gimmick. Everywhere he went, he destroyed superstars, mainly John Cena, Zack Ryder and even Randy Orton and defeated Orton at WrestleMania...his first one on one WrestleMania victory since that 8 second victory against Chavo Guerrero four years ago. Ever since those two straight losses to Orton shortly after, Kane began to downgrade again and within months, he went back to his joke persona, acting friendly. I know WWE is now 100% PG (until Rock comes back again) but this has gone too far.

From jobbing to new guys to slapping his tag team partner on the ass for motivation, Kane has become that superstar who WWE spent too much time building up as a bad guy...only to fail and turned them into somewhat of a jobber. Another example of this is Tensai (formerly A-Train/Albert). He was also dominant and pinned guys like John Cena and CM Punk, only to fall victim to Cena's five moves of doom, get pinned and since then he has jobbed to JOBBERS. He lost in 20-30 seconds to Tyson Kidd, which wasn't bad coz all big guys job now and again but to keep Tensai jobbing to low card competitors is just stupid. Another failed gimmick.

But back to Kane... if WWE don't start building Kane to main event status again, they might lose ratings. Kane is one of the few guys left from the Attitude Era, the other being Triple H, although he only wrestles 1 or 2 times a year and Undertaker only wrestles at WrestleMania. With Rock only making appearances with a Legends contract, Kane is the only thing keeping whats left of the Attitude Era alive. If you have a look in comparison from WWE in 1997 to WWE today, NO ONE probably would have guessed back then that Kane's gimmick would slowly but gradually turn him into a joke over the time span of 15 years.

[B]What I think WWE should do? [/B]
First of all: LOSE THE TAG TITLES! They are what is keeping his joke gimmick alive. Second: Have Kane turn on Daniel Bryan, turning him back to a heel and turning Bryan face and have Kane destroy everything around him again like he did in mid-2008 and maybe even assault the ring announcer or a commentator, preferably JBL. Lastly, have him compete and win against big time superstars like Big Show, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio and even CM Punk. Hell, have Kane defeat Ryback clean, 1-2-3 in the ring and that should give him a boost. Get Kane back into main event status and even give him a title reign with either the World or WWE Title and if not a reign, a MAJOR push.


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  1. 606v2's Avatar
    How would Kane going clean over Punk or Ryback be beneficial to a company that are trying to build the next generation of stars again at present, to me that completely defies logic. Glen Jacobs is a guy that is happy to put others over as he shown throughout his career and whilst he gets periods where he's built to be the unstoppable force its generally followed by one where he helps gets someone over. I do imagine that sooner rather than later either him or DB will turn on the other which will result in a build up to the pair of them fighting at Mania with DB going over him as payback for the past two Manias where DB got short thrift.
  2. Heavy's Avatar
    It's business.. And other than the fact that its business Kane actually likes having fun like that. He's not a real monster you know. Mankind did the same exact thing
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    Kane only has some years left in him most likely. And they have a new monster called Ryback. Also i think Kane vs DB will happen at WM.
  4. Garethvswwe's Avatar
    Great blog I agree. Kane is best as a monster. I had said for years he needed his mask back with his connection to the Undertaker. He doesn't need to win every match or be the champion for long periods (even taker didn't have that for long periods of his career) but if he's not dominate or monster like even with humor he's nothing... Just resently against the Sheild he got beat down again. His music should of been enough to clear the ring. But now he is one minute a monster the next, well he may as well be 6 230lbs. So stupid and such a waste!
  5. grave's Avatar
    kane is the best monster there is, Ryback is just big and strong ... hell i would even take on Ryback, but no way I want to get chokeslammed to hell ^^
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I don't think Kane should be a top 5 WWE guy to be honest. If Kane did turn on Daniel Bryan. I'd prefer Daniel to win to give him a bit of a boost. I like Kane best as a monster as well, but he can be a moster as a face as well. Why can't he beat the crap out of Del Rio and his announcer for a month or 2? That would be enjoyable to me. I think it is best for guys like Kane, Big Show, Mark Henry among others to lose to these young guys like Sandow, Daniel Bryan, Punk, and Ryback. I believe all 3 are in their 40s. They need to give the reigns to the young guns. Not nec. lose every single match like Clay has been doing recently. Lose to heels like Kane did in 06 with MVP to help him get over. That was one of my favorite feuds Kane has ever had. I'd love to see those 3 big men vs Ryback. Get him over so he can be world champion. I enjoyed Kane's recent run, but it is time to give other guys the top prize. Hell, I'd prefer not to see Cena or Orton have it for a while either. After Punk loses this time, doubt he will be winning the WWE title any time soon.

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