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WWE RAW 12/10 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

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Welcome back, bloggers. You know how we do things here. Insert witty intro with a witty comment that tickles my ego cause I think I'm a lot more funny than people actually think I am. Insert over-dramatic sentence to lighten the mood and let you know we're here to have fun.


The December 10th WWE RAW did a 2.67 rating with 3.76 million viewers, the fourth lowest rating of the past 15 year. Alright alright, so again WWE picks up another below average rating. What else is new nowadays? Sure, its higher than last week's rating, but only by a small amount of six digit viewers. Insert rant here about how WWE needs to change otherwise ratings will get lower here and let's see what caused them to get a low rating THIS week.

The show opener with Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus and Big Show did a 2.78 opening quarter. That's usually the average amount of viewers to open up a 3-hour, so that's a good sign. Loved Ziggler's promo, until Sheamus and Show came out to screw it up and steal his spotlight. And of course, Sheamus had to get the one-up on Ziggler because, well, he just does. Sets up Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus for the EIGHTEENTH TIME -- no really this is their eighteenth match this year alone in 2012, go read about it in my previous blog -- and sets up John Cena vs. Big Show for the MILLIONTH time .... okay, the TWELFTH time if we're going to be accurate. How did those matches do? You probably already know, but read on anyways.

The segment with Vince McMahon and Vickie Guerrero plus R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett and the backstage segment with AJ Lee lost 41,000 viewers. Is it just me, or were these segments GOD AWFULLY short! I literally blinked and the match between R-Truth and Wade Barrett was over. Truth won, right? Fine with me. Watching AJ storm into the men's locker room to meet Cena and embarrass him was interesting. We got more awkward interaction with Vince McMahon influencing more of Vickie Guerrero's administrative choices for the show. I think this is where we announced the matches for the main event .... oh who cares? Do you? Good. Let's move on.

The tag team match with Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow vs. The Usos vs. Darren Young & Titus O'Neil vs. Primo & Epico lost 262,000 viewers. Okay, seriously. For one portion of the blog, screw the loss of viewers. I LOVED this match. Why? Cause this is the type of booking I wish WWE would do more. We had an underdog team in the Usos eliminate FORMER tag team champions, Epico and Primo; eliminate former number one contenders, Prime Time Players; and then ALMOST upset the Rhodes Scholars at the end but came up short. The crowd was dead when the match first started, but as soon as the Usos started wrecking shop, they got into the whole "Uuuu! Soooo!" shtick and it was great. So even though the Usos lost, they came out looking amazing and most likely got more fans to want to see them more. See what happens when you give people more opportunities WWE? You create interest for more wrestlers and have more people to work with in your THREE HOUR show so you don't have to keep giving it to Sheamus and Cena. Happy to see the Usos on TV and happy to see them getting some notice.

Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres and the segment with CM Punk and Paul Heyman gained 223,000 viewers. I'm not a huge fan of Alicia Fox, but I will say her and Eve had a surprisingly decent diva's match. I suppose Fox is like Eve Torres in a sense that she has to work with GOOD female wrestlers to have GOOD female matches. If she works with crap, she'll produce crap. Let's hope they give her more GOOD to work with in the future. As for CM Punk and Heyman's promo, it was everything you expected to be. They threw shots at the Rock, which made me smile. Honestly, why not start the build to Royal Rumble now? It's written in stone that Punk and Rock are happening at Royal Rumble 2013. Might as well create some excitement.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus gained 201,000 viewers in the 9pm timeslot for a 2.87 quarter rating. I won't lie, I skipped the match. I've seen it so many times that I honestly felt like I wasn't going to get anything new. And I didn't. Sheamus won by DQ. Yay. At least WWE was smart to put this match on at a time where people usually tune into RAW. But was it smart in the long-run to give the audience at home another rehearsed match between Sheamus and Ziggler? This writer thinks not and the scores might show that as you read.

The backstage video from Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns lost 354,000 viewers. I'm sorry, did I say might? I should have said, "YES! SHOWING THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN WILL HURT YOUR VIEWERSHIP" Why the hell did they replay this SAME video package from Smackdown on RAW? Did WWE assume no one watched Smackdown? Or their youtube channel? Or their website? Granted, it's a good video. Ambrose continues to own and Seth Rollins is starting to remind me of a young CM Punk, no joke. But that does not mean we HAVE to keep showing it when its already been shown. Just saying. Next time if we're going to show a video of them, here's an idea. MAKE A NEW VIDEO!

Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio gained 114,000 viewers. Whaaaat? A different match on RAW other than Del Rio vs. Sin Cara? And look! It gained viewers! What a concept! But yeah, in all seriousness, not a bad match. Crowd was into it and Ryder got a little bit of offense .... before he inevitably lost to Del Rio. Sorry Broski. It's in the book.

Vickie Guerrero vs. AJ Lee w/ Brad Maddox as the special guest referee in the 10pm time slot gained 115,000 viewers for a 2.78 quarter rating. So other than that pretty big dip in the ratings during the SHIELD video, the second hour has done a very good job of gaining viewers. AJ Lee vs. Vickie was a nice, harmless entertainment match. Maddox is announced as the special guest referee and screws over AJ Lee. AJ Lee loses her temper, destroys the equipment around her, runs backstage to do the same, and Cena has to once again calm her down.

You know something? The idea of John Cena struggling with a psycho girlfriend in AJ Lee SCREAMS a million possibilities of entertainment. I think WWE should run with this. Maybe lead it into AJ Lee screwing Cena out of his match against Ziggler? .... Nah! That's too much of a good idea for it to come true. Haha.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston lost 546,000 viewers and did a show-low 2.39 quarter rating. Oh dear, once again, Cesaro is involved in something that causes a huge drop in ratings. Question, didn't the WWE JUST show this match on Main Event last week? Sooooo .... why are we getting it again tonight? That's one. Two. I've noticed that they've given Antonio Cesaro an anti-american gimmick. Really? Yes, I'm glad he HAS a gimmick now but is that the best the creative team can come up with? That's soooo .... typical! "Oh, he's not American, so he hates America!" Like we have not seen that before. Whatever. The ending to the match was awesome. Watching Cesaro catch Kofi and slam him made me rewind my DVR at least five times. I like Cesaro. I think he has massive potential. However, I don't think WWE is doing a very good job at showcasing it.

MizTV with The Miz, Rhodes and Sandow gained 169,000 viewers. This segment for some reason has mixed reviews. Some hated it cause The Miz came off awfully obnoxious and, to them, demonstrated a "horrible babyface persona" and others like me loved it cause it was fun and humorous. First off, Cody Rhode's Mustache. Haha! One of the most over things on the show. Personally, I think it looks like crap, but if its getting him a reaction and providing faces with an opportunity to make fun of him and get some babyface momentum, KEEP IT! Secondly, the interactions to me were hilarious. Miz trying to play devil's advocate to cause tension between Rhodes and Sandow, Sandow trying to defend his friend, and Rhodes calling Miz "one of them" made for an entertaining segment. Granted, the "Pink and the Stink" ending was cheesy, but not so bad that it harmed the segment overall.

My thoughts so far on the Miz as a face is still on reserve. Do I think he needs work? Yes. Do I think he still carries with him some heel-like gestures that he needs to drop? Oh yes. Do I think he is going to lose it overnight? No. That's why I'm giving him some time to operate before I just bash the living hell out of him. The guy has been a heel since 2006, the year he debuted, and he just NOW started working as a face. Give him some room to operate people!

John Cena vs. Big Show gained 11,000 viewers in the main event, doing a 2.52 quarter rating. Hahahahahahaha! Oh, you have no idea how happy this made me! Dear god, I've grown so sick of this match, to see that it did so bad in the ratings gives me hope for wrestling fans. So glad I'm not the only one sick of this. For the record, this match would be among the lowest drawing main events in the last 15 years. I guess Cena can't always draw big, huh fans?

The RAW overrun which featured The Shield and everyone else in a big brawl gained 627,000 viewers for a 2.96 overrun rating. Loved the ending. The mayhem like atmosphere it had brought back memories of the Attitude Era. Wish it was done more. Great way to end a better than usual RAW, but still one that came off kind of flat overall.

Thus ends your weekly does of ratings. Thanks for reading and enjoy the video of the week. Well ... second video if you read my previous blog, haha.

Stay classy, readers.

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  1. Cross's Avatar
    Suprized Antonio and Kofi lost viewers. They put on a great match, but in my opinion Kofi should of won as I believe the IC Title should outweigh the US Title. But suprized also with the Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match ratings. It was different. However, the Usos losing actually made it better in a way. They look like tragic heroes with heel heat to Rhode Scholars. Hopefully this opens up the Usos to beat Rhode Scholars and win the tag team titles down the road, although it most likely won't happen.
    And I am glad we are on the same page with what matches to skip and refuse to watch again.
    I delight in your blogs and videos as you summarize everything for me and open my mind to other flaws and what not in the WWE. Thank you.
  2. blink's Avatar
    Dude, you sound just like aziz ansari lol

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