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Stop Giving Us The Same Matches Over and Over, WWE!

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Hey bloggers,

I got a bone to pick with WWE. I'm usually not one to lose my cool on things related to TV entertainment and I usually tolerate a lot of the crap most fans hate. However, one thing that's been frustrating me is what seems to be WWE's obssession of giving us the same damn matches over and over again. And not just the same matches; its the same match, with the same outcome, with the same stipulation, with the same progression and endings, just on different shows. I'm sorry, but is the roster lacking THAT much depth? Is the roster that depleted of star power that we have to showcase the same matches all the time on BOTH RAW and Smackdown, maybe even on PPV?

Now, before I devulge more into this, let me clear something up. I don't have a problem with two wrestlers having more than one match. In fact, I'm a huge advocate of a series of matches. But, there is a difference between having a classic series of matches and BEATING A DEAD HORSE with matches. Let's take The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin for instance. They had FIVE MATCHES in the span of SIX YEARS with different stipulations, different outcomes, and different alignments of who was heel or babyface. Same can be said for Edge vs.Taker, HBK vs. Triple H, and Mick Foley vs. The Rock. There was a variety in how the matches were booked and presented that kept it fresh each time.

That's completely different than say, Ziggler vs. Sheamus, that has at least 2-5 times A MONTH on both RAW and Smackdown and the outcome is always the same!! Same people, same presentation, different show. Don't believe me? Check out the statistics for Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus alone for 2012 below:

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus 2012 Matches:
WWE Smackdown 2/28/2012
RAW 3/12/2012
RAW 5/21/2012
RAW 5/29/2012
RAW 6/4/2012
Smackdown Taping 6/12/2012
WWE No Way Out 6/17/2012
Smackdown Taping 6/19/2012
Smackdown 6/26/2012
Smackdown 7/17/2012
RAW 1000th Episode 7/23/2012
Smackdown Taping 8/21/2012
RAW 8/27/2012
RAW 9/18/2012
RAW 11/27/2012
RAW 12/3/2012
Tribute To The Troops 12/9/2012
RAW 12/10/2012

That's eighteen matches! Not including dark matches. Not one single change of stipulation other than singles, ONE triple threat, and tag. Sheamus WON like 90% of those matches. And yet for some particular reason, WWE wants to continue playing this match up as if NO ONE has seen it before. When its been done to death. Btw, this is JUST 2012. I haven't even gone into 2011 yet. Anyways, let's check out Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus for 2012. Another match I'm sick of.

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio matches in 2012
Smackdown Taping 4/3/2012
Super Smackdown LIVE! 4/10/2012
RAW 5/7/2012
Smackdown Taping 5/8/2012
WWE NXT 5/17/2012
WWE Over The Limit 5/20/2012
Smackdown 6/26/2012
WWE Money In The Bank 7/15/2012
Smackdown 7/17/2012
RAW 1000th Episode 7/23/2012
Smackdown Taping 8/7/2012
WWE Summerslam 8/19/2012
RAW 8/27/2012
Night of Champions 9/16/2012
RAW 9/17/2012
Smackdown taping 9/18/2012
RAW 9/24/2012
Smackdown 12/4/2012


These matches are no different than the previous list of matches. Same outcomes, different show.

Listen! I know WWE is TV entertainment and I understand that not everything about it is going to be real. That’s fine. Not all of it has to be nor does it NEED to be. But unless my intelligence is failing me, I thought the idea of a SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT show was to create the idea that we are watching a SPORT. In a real sport, no pair of teams will face each other eighteen times. At most, they will face each other two or three times and nine out of ten the games will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT with different outcomes, different scores, and different progressions. That’s part of the reason why many viewers watch Football over things like Wrestling more; the organic factor. Even if you want to use the argument that we are watching at TV Show, it still falls flat. If the Ninja Turtles fought Shredder eighteen times for eighteen episodes, not his minions but Shredder himself, and beat him each time, would you keep watching or get sick of seeing it? If Goku fought Frieza eighteen times for eighteen episodes and beat him in each episode, would you keep watching or get tired of seeing it? If Batman fought Joker for eighteen episodes STRAIGHT and beat him each time, would you get sick of seeing it? I’d get sick of seeing it myself. There has to be a variety in presentation, outcome, and progression to give these matches some organic essence otherwise it will come off as a re-run.
So what am I going to do about it? Simple. STOP WATCHING THEM! Seriously. I made a list of matches I have grown sick to death of and every time they appear on RAW, Smackdown, Main Event, Superstars, or a PPV, I will literally change the channel and come back to watch the show when it was over. Here is the list:

Matches I Refuse to Watch Again!
Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio
Sheamus vs. David Otunga
Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan
Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler
Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton
Ryback vs. Two Local Jobbers
Ryback vs. Tensai
Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz
Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio
Kane vs. Big Show
John Cena vs. David Otunga
John Cena vs. Kane
John Cena vs. Big Show
Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler


I refuse to give WWE my rating point when they constantly give me the same damn thing over and over with barely any effort to make it different. Personally, I wish more people would do this and help get the message across stronger. However, I am not stupid. I know fans nowadays are so loyal that they’d rather eat the shit given to them instead of turning away from it. So even if I’m the only person doing this, this is good for me. If it's gotten to the point that I'm literally getting frustrated and seeing the same matches over and over again, I'm doing myself the favor of just turning the channel so I can enjoy the show more. How long will I hold this on myself? Until WWE can show me they’re willing to mix things up again. Simple as that. Hell, for the hell of it, here is a list of matches I’d LIKE to see in place of these matches.

Matches I WANT to see!
Rey Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan
Sheamus vs. Kane
CM Punk vs. Kofi Kington
Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz
Ryback vs. Big Show
Wade Barrett vs. The Miz
Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena
Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth
Kane vs. Ryback
Sheamus vs. Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Team Hell No
Team Hell No vs. The Usos
Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Usos
Justin Gabriel vs. Rey Mysterio
More matches involving The Usos
More matches involving Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns.

So many other possibilities! So many other choices. There should be absolutely NO reason why we have to get the same damn matches over and over again. Mix it up. Hopefully WWE does this in the future, especially this close to Wrestlemania. If they don’t, the result will be fans like me continuing to tune out more and more and more. Btw, before I go, you do NOT have to follow my example. If you love these matches I hate, watch them and cherish them. I want the business to succeed, I just don’t think this method of giving us the same people over and over again will fix anything. So let’s see how things work.

Thanks for reading. Video of the week is a video version of this blog so enjoy that:

See you next time. Stay classy.

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  1. TheRob's Avatar
    You forgot one very important one that I think everyone is sick and tired of....CENA vs CM Punk. Why the hell does Cena deserve so many Title shots when he hasn't done anything to prove he deserves one?
  2. JustSaiyan's Avatar
    Epic, I liked the references you used too.
  3. Heavy's Avatar
    I agree with you on this blog, especially because on RAW I saw Cena vs Big Show AGAIN, and watching him do the AA isn't really impressive anymore because it happens a lot, seeing Sheamus pick up Show though that was impressive, but now their doing it to often and all it's doing is making Big Show look average
  4. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    In my opinion there's only one of these type of matches that has not gotten boring, and that is Dolph vs. Kofi. They always put on a great match, and the outcomes are mostly different. I don't mind seeing them have more.
    Total sympathy here. Kofi and Ziggler keep their matches fresh each time. The result is unpredictable and its nearly always different. Those are the guys that can make money. I am so sick of Ryder vs. Del Rio. If you are trying to make Del Rio look good then why is it that you continually have him squash someone that you buried ten months ago? I don't get it. But then again, I don't get Del Rio either.

    This for me is one of a HUGE WWE problems and is a huge reason why I don't watch. I like many others on this site understand (but I do not approve) why the in ring action is on the low, but the small amount they do give us is so rehashed. Another terrible thing that not many mentioned is the rehashing of feuds. How many times have we seen Barret/Orton, or Ziggler/Kofi or (and this is the one that really ticks me off) Cena/Big Show. I agree with what YOUcanCALLmeCRACK said: Time to turn some faces heel and some heels face so that it doesn't seem so stale. I am hoping that The Miz's face run will be successful so that it might trigger big change of characters.
  5. 105324's Avatar
    This is exactly what I was thinking Monday while watching Zack Ryder vs Del Rio. It's the same match over and over, Del Rio hits Ryders in his a bunch of times, Ryder eventually reverses and hits the broski boot then ina few.minutes later he taps out to the cross armbreaker. Its annoying.
  6. Lupy1234's Avatar
    Want to solve the problem...stop watching WWE. Let the ratings go down. Turn on TNA so the point goes to them. If we get half of the people to do this drastic things will have to happen.
  7. Lupy1234's Avatar
    Btw...nice TMNT reference.
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