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First Edition of KimoTherapy: Dean Ambrose and The Shield

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Hello and thank you for reading my 1st edition of KimoTherapy. I want to use this and future entries to voice my opinion on specific wrestlers and storylines going on in the E.

I'd like to use this first edition of KimoTherapy to discuss Dean Ambroses' character as well as The Shield and their booking.

First Dean Ambrose, I know i'm not the only one who watches his character and thinks that he must have sat down and watched The Dark Knight at least 20 times and decided to emulate the Jokers mannerisms into his character.

From his promos (camera, etc.)

to his actions... (2:48 mark)

Personal opinion... I see a little Heath Ledger there. Agree?

Now, I actually like what he's doing with his character and can see why so many people; both fans and WWE, are high on him and his potential. It's not hard to see that once The Shield is long gone he will obviously be the star that rises from it. I'd like to get your opinions on that.

Now, this leads me to my thoughts and suggestions on The Shield story. The WWE is gonna have to take a risk with these guys in order to not ruin this just like they did the Nexus and Legacy. They are going to have to give these guys a title. A World title. Not a TAG title, but a singles title. At some point soon they need to give either Reigns or Ambrose a run as I dunno, World Champion, while having the other two be his "shield".

This actually makes the Shield something more than a temporary problem that the roster has to worry about. It makes them concrete, and it also sets up a perfect way to build Ambrose into a strong heel! Whether Reigns or Rollins gets the title it doesnt matter, what matters is that after some time; Ambrose and the other member see the 3rd member as one of those they vowed to oppose. Show backstage moments of Ambrose manipulating the 2nd member, circling him... JUSTIFYING an attack on one of their own, because of that persons injustice... Then have them attack and cast out their World Champion member. Setting up a storyline that allows Ambrose to rise to main event status.
Make it classic. Take the risk. Let Ambrose win the World Title and as he celebrates with the remaining member of the Shield... have him lay him flat. Leave Ambrose in the ring, standing tall... new World Champion.

To me, that builds Ambrose to be the future heel of the WWE. Different from the rest. HELL, after some time, let him have a rivalry with Cena. Have him attack Cena for no reason continously. And then when Cena finally sits down & talks to him, asks him why is he so intent on taking Cena out, let Ambrose say... "I don't want to get rid of you.... no no no no ... see... you COMPLETE me! (I think i'm gonna go watch Dark Knight =))

Final Thought: I KNOW you ALL know, that the Shield will be attacking the Rock...right?

ANYWAY.... Thoughts please on my topics and opinions on the 1st edition of KimoTherapy. Let me know if I should keep it up and do one edition a week. Thank you all for your time and I hope you enjoyed the read.

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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    Moxley has been doing his character since 2005 long before Heath Ledger became the Joker. I would suggest his style came from a mixture of Roddy Piper and a drug addict.
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