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WWE: 2012 in Review. Part 1.

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Your all probably wondering why i'm writing an annual review of the WWE when we still have one major PPV to go and a certain briefcase still in hand. The reason is I feel it's the way WWE go about things (see Greatest Pay Per View Matches 2012) so I thought i'd go by that. Instead of sub-heading by Month i'm going to do it via Pay Per View. I feel it will have a more familiar feel to it. So here we go.....

Royal Rumble

In all honesty quite a lacklustre start to the Road To Wrestlemania. Star Power in the Royal Rumble match was lacking because the main event scene of Wrestlemania wasn't going to revolve around the Championships. Although Sheamus and the returning Chris Jericho had one of the better final sequences in Royal Rumble history the majority of the match was filled with comedy gags and mid-card talent. CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler put on a good showing. John Laurinaitis did not.

Elimination Chamber

The problem with gimmick pay per view's is that they can seem quite irrelevent to the rivalries on hand. This is another glaring example. Jericho was written out of the WWE title Chamber match mid-way with an injury just so himself and Punk don't give anything away for their inevitable Wrestlemania Showdown. Daniel Bryan looks strong in a highly entertaining World Title Chamber Match. Then gets kicked in the face by Sheamus. Not so strong. John Cena refuses to Embrace the Hate in a rather formulaic main event ambulance match against Kane. Cena will go on to Main Event Wrestlemania, Kane will randomly remember a handshake from last Summer with Randy Orton.

Wrestlemania 28

Say what you like about Wrestlemania, it delivered in a massive way. Three of the best main event matches you are ever likely to see puts this Wrestlemania up there with the best. Yes (no pun intended), the first hour was quite forgettable but who will ever forget Sheamus winning the World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds. Daniel Bryan won't. The second hour of the show was probably the best hour in Wrestlemania history. End of an era, Hell in a Cell, Good old JR, Taker's Mohawk, Shawn Michaels, The Cerabral Assasin, steel chairs, false finishes and the final embrace. Awesome. 20-0. The Rock and John Cena put on a worthy once in a lifetime main event. They only needed 15 minutes, they put on 30. Hats off to both.

Extreme Rules

Ryback began his diet plan, Big Show stepped through a table to lose his IC title and WWE delivered yet another fantastic show with another triple threat of high quality main events. Sheamus and Bryan proved to the world that they could wrestle all day long in one of the best World Title matches we are likely to see. Jericho and Punk surpassed their Wrestlemania showdown thanks to a hot Chicago crowd and a proper Street Fight. The main event put realism and physicality to a whole new level. Lesnar delivered on his return. Cena delivered an Attitude Adjustment to Lesnar. Normal Service Resumed.

Over The Limit

WWE was on a high then everything fell flat again. Wrestlemania season was well and truly over. Highlights include a highly entertaining World Heavyweight Championship fatal four way match. Sheamus comes out on top. Daniel Bryan switched his alliegences to the WWE Championship and put on a Wrestling clinic with CM Punk. But this wasn't the main event. That glory went to John Cena and.... John Laurinaitus. It was fun for what it was. Then Big Show did what everyone apart from the children knew he was going to do. WMD. 1,2,3. Laurinaitis wins.

No Way Out

Triple H challenged Brock Lesnar to a Summerslam showdown. This would drag out in what felt like an eternity. Kane was added to the WWE Championship in a high quality triple threat with Punk and Bryan. Kane's chemistry with these two really put him on the map again. So did AJ. There's something about Kane that gets all the girls hot and bothered. Christian and Cody Rhodes put on the best IC title match of the year. Shame the crowd didn't seem all that bothered about it. No story line = no crowd investment. Simple. Big Johnny gets fired to round off the show following another formulaic John Cena main event. Although it was in a Cage.

Money in the Bank

This year's Money in the Bank was never going to top last year's Amazing show but it did give it it's best shot. The Smackdown superstars were on form again in another high octane World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match. Even Tensai Impressed. Sin Cara found himself powerbombed through a ladder. Again! Sheamus defeated Del Rio in what would prove to be one of their twenty odd matches over the Summer. Punk and Bryan delivered again in extreme conditions. AJ didn't turn out to be the difference maker we thought she was going to be but she certainly added something unique to the matchup. CM Punk's face run was beginning to run it's course and something had to give and luckily for us it did.... Oh yeah I almost forgot. Cena won the WWE Championship Money in the Bank ladder match. A collective groan from all ensured.

That concludes part 1 of my WWE Year in Review. Thanks for reading and be sure to tune in to part 2 of my WWE Year in Review.

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  1. SadisticSarcasm's Avatar
    Very entertaining blog, you kept hittin the nail on the head on each point . Looking forward to reading the second part
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    I agree with 90% of these points.

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