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Rick Starr

The Splash: My Thoughts on TNA’s Final Resolution

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Welcome Back Splashers! I've been busy for the past week putting up Hardcore Wrestling Radio's new Facebook page. There you can listen to previous shows, find out what we are going to talk about in up and coming shows, and much more! alright enough of the plugging and on with the splashing!

Final resolution opens up with Cowboy James Storm walking to the ring. He Stated that he was not scheduled for a match, however he was there to watch Jeff Hardy’s back. He noticed when Aces & 8’s attacked Hardy on Thursday, Roode gave the gang the thumbs up. So he wanted to call out Roode to give him an ass kicking before he even got to his match.

However instead of Roode, Kaz came out and gave a pretty good heel promo, calling Storm and the fans a bunch of drunks, which got the reaction he wanted from the fans. After Kaz and storm went back and forth a few times, Storm challenges him to a match. After a few minutes of back-tracking, a ref comes down, and a in prompt-to match is under way.

James Storm vs Kazarian
Kaz had control in the early part of the match; however James Storm quickly turned things around, and just a few minutes later he put Kaz away with The Last Call Super Kick. This was ok for opener match, but it ended a little too soon.
Winner James Storm

X- Division Championship Match
RVD© vs Kenny King
This match truly captured the essence of the X-Division! Lots of high flying moves, and lots of chain wrestling. Neither man had the upper hand throughout this match; it went back and forth literally every other move. The only time the match slowed down, was at the beginning, when RVD took a hard kick to the head, and had took a few moments outside the ring to recover.

In the end of the match, both men were able to counter their finishers, but RVD got the win with a simple roll-up.
Winner: RVD – Still X-Division Champion

TNA Tag Team Title Match
Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez© vs Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan
This was an ok match. I’m starting to like Joey Ryan a little bit more each week, but Chavo fails to impress me no matter where he goes. Some of the high points of the match were when Super-Mex and Morgan went head to head. I think a one-on one match between these two would be good for both of them right now.
Towards the end of the match, Morgan starts to blatantly ignore the ref, and comes in the ring and attacks Chavo or Hernandez, whenever Joey needed it. The last time Morgan comes in he gets dropkicked out of the ring by Chavo. Chavo then hops up to the turnbuckle, and hits Ryan with a Frog Splash, but Morgan pulls the ref out before he can make a count. The ref has had enough of Morgan’s crap, and throws out the match.
Winners: Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez Still Tag Team Champions

Bully Rey vs Austin Aries
Aries spent the first few minutes avoiding Bully Rey. When Rey finally got a hold of Aries, Bully tossed him around like a rag doll. Then one mistake quickly turned things around for The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. Aries got cocky by doing Hogan taunts, and even went as far as to do Hogan’s famous leg drop early in the match.

This was a great match with a lot of reversals, and eventually Bully gets busted open. Brooke Hogan comes to the ring to check on Bully, and gets his blood on her. Aries then pulls her in the ring, and corners her. Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring, but Bully throws Aries out of the ring, and protects Brook. He then tells Hulk that he needs to get Brooke “out of here”. Hogan brings her daughter in the back, and as the ref and Bully is paying attention towards the ramp. Aries comes up behind, and low-blows Bully, and gets the win.
Winner: Austin Aries

Knockout Title Match
Tara© vs Mickie James
This was a good Knockouts match, and I loved seeing Hardcore Country back in the ring. But when you get down to it, it was just another typical Tara/Jesse match. In other words, whenever Tara, was in trouble Jesse would interfere, and eventually help her get the win. It’s something we have seen over and over again, and it’s getting rather boring very quickly.
Winner: Tara Still Knockouts Champion

Aces and 8′s vs. Kurt Angle/Samoa Joe/ Wes Brisco/Garrett Bischoff
This match was just one hot mess! There was a lot of fast paced action, two guys who have masks, one with no name. I was hoping that one of the Aces would have lost their masks, but didn’t happen. In the last few minutes of the match, things break down, and the Aces try to bring in the hammer into play, but Bischoff stops that. Moments later Angle is giving “Armbreaker” the Angle Slam to pick up the win for their team.
Winners: Kurt Angle/Samoa Joe/ Wes Brisco/Garrett Bischoff

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels: One Final Time
These two have had so many matches with and against each other, I find it very hard to believe that this is the “final time” they will ever face each other. Moving on, I thought the match itself was excellent. I am not a big fan of Daniels; I think he makes himself out to be much better than he thinks he is…just my opinion. However he does do his best when he is in the ring with Styles. During the match both men go for a cross body, and AJ got the worst of it, as he got a welt above his eye, and it was instantly swelling.

Later in the match Styles began to control the match for several minutes. He even hit the Styles Clash; however he only got the two count, because it took him so long to roll Daniels over. AJ then picks up Daniels, and plants him on the top rope, attempting to go for a Super Styles Clash, but Daniels reverses it into a hurricanrana. Daniels then Picks up AJ and hits him with his own Styles clash and gets the win.
Winner: Christopher Daniels

TNA World Title Match
Jeff Hardy© vs Bobby Roode
Earlier in the night Jeremy Borash was talking with Bobby Roode, and asked him what was his affiliation with Aces & 8’s. He simply said that he made an investment with the clan to guarantee his win and re-gain the World Title. He ended the interview by saying “Money talks…Bullshit walks!” You won’t hear that on WWE Television.

The match starts right off with Roode working over on Hardy, who is selling some rib injuries from the attack on Aces & 8’s on Impact. Roode dominates most of the match, but just can’t get the win. As the match goes on, Hardy continues to survive, despite taking extra punishment on the ribs, including a nasty crash into the barricades.

Then The Aces & 8’s come down to ringside, and Roode gets the ref’s attention..But they are not moving. Roode starts to yell at the clan, and is focusing on them instead of Hardy. Jeff gets to his feet, and hits Roode for the Twist of Fate, and gets the win.
Winner: Jeff Hardy Still TNA Champion

After the Match Aces & 8’s then jump in the ring, and pound on Hardy. Roode breaks things up, furious with the group and starts screaming at them about money, and how he would be champion right now. The Aces & 8’s then turn on Roode and attack him, and they all stand as the PPV ends.

My Final Resolution
Despite no titles changed hands I have to say, the qualities of these matches were overall great. I think TNA needs to work on their tag-team division, considering right now they only have 3 teams, but that’s the only real place where their lacking. I love the AJ Styles storyline. Where the WWE is making CM Punk hit new record highs with his WWE title. TNA is doing the polar opposite with Styles(Who is the face of TNA), and hitting all time lows, and going on a massive losing streak, yet he continues to have incredible matches…Its brilliant!

Well that’s it for this edition of the splash as always please put your thoughts and comments below. Also Live this Wednesday on at 11pm ET we will be having our show: Hardcore Wrestling Radio. For more information check us out at our Facebook page. Until next time…See you when I see you @RickStarr

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  1. kiltbill's Avatar
    I'm (almost) glad that AJ lost, as this gives a great new direction to take him in. He could go heel, going to any lengths to win. Or have him find some new psurpose or style (pun). My only problem is if this means it's yet more Daniels v Styles. They may put on great matches together, but I'm getting bored of a repetion of the same theme.

    Also glad that they didn't go an have Roode and A&* in total choots, as it would just have made them another faction.

    Happy that Kaz got a one on one fight for a change, although a tighter loss would have been better.

    Agree with you regarding Chavo. I didn't see him wrestle in the WWE, but in TNA he;'s mediocre at best.

    With Hernandaze (spl), Rob Terry, Morgan, Samoa Joe, there is the possibility of a decent Monsters Ball in the future.

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