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IN THE ZONE: Gotham in WWE

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i Will admit i am a bit nervous please excuse the small mistakes and be easy... but Before anything, id first like to say that ive been on this site for a while, reading not only blogs but comments and replies. I am always so intrigued by what kind of things people say, sometimes i laugh , sometimes i agree, and then sometimes i don't..but i respect each opinion nonetheless.
ever since the time that ii started visiting the site, ive noticed that no matter what the topic is, it always comes back to John Cena, or the WWE ratings.
Please put your minds at ease guys, although im writing this off the top of my head, its something ive been contemplating for a while and mentions of cena will be very brief, and the ratings speak for themselves.

being that this is my first blog, i just want to nibble on this idea that popped into my head as i was watching the Shields first promo, i noticed something similar about each one of their personas, Dean Ambrose in particular.
Now before i get into it, id like to say that this is my opinion, im not saying wwe is purposely doing this, because i have absolutely no faith in the creative writers.

As i watch The Shields first interview, i was waiting for the
"we dont have to answer any questions, but NEXT WEEK" blah blah blah.
that didnt happen tho, what we got was a promo that gave so much, by saying so little..
now i admit, i NEVER knew or seen any of these guys. i had heard of Ambrose because of his little beef with Foley, but other than that, nothing.
i couldnt even tell who was who until i looked them up one by one.
watching that promo definitely put them on the map for me.
everything just fit perfectly, from the tacky swat vest, to the bone chilling response when Ambrose first spoke.
he was asked if The shield was in any way connected to CM Punk ...his answer was simple... "nope"

now coming from a person who has never even heard of these guys, or seen them in action, for me to get so excited and "mark" out over one word was something i asked myself, why, how, but most importantly... who?
Where have i seen a character that proved his point by saying as little as possible?
who gets his message across, by any means with so little emotion...and then it Hit me ...The JOKER.
Dean Ambrose is the WWE's Joker, because honestly, and excuse my french, but he just doesnt give a fuck.
he does what he does because he feels its "justice".
now of course, we all know the joker does not want justice, that is Batmans Job, the vigilante who is like by some, hated by others ala, CM PUNK.

We all know that Cm Punk isnt going after the Shield because for the moment, hes been doing good thanks to them . last minute saves, and surprise interruptions. depending on how this blog goes, i will write about storyline prediction that has been buggin me for so long, but for now, back to the shield.

As i said before, Ambrose fits the Joker character so well, the way his hair covers his face, when he brushes it off and gives that psycho look is undeniable. he has a plan, they have a goal, and they will reveal everything by saying as little as possible and handling business.

the joker is not one for partners, but from time to time, he will team with other villains.

if you have read this far, and are keeping track, you should have already guessed that Seth Rollins, with his lack of mic skills and sudden outburst at times fits perfectly into this character.
it was easier to do him, because his hair is 2 colors, what a coincidence for me cause that makes this blog a lot more believable and will probably have you thinking a bit more.
we havent seen much from him in the WWE, but from what ive heard around the Web, all 3 members of the shield are looked as the foreseeable future stars of the WWE.

C'mon this was so simple, what other villain fits Roman Reigns character?
Power house, with a shoot first, ask questions later attitude.
in his first promo he said it himself, when he needs to say something, he will, but i doubt, and that is a HUGE doubt, he actually meant talk. no no no, he means when he wants something hes gonna break anyone and everything in his path to get it, because thats what bane is(was) a calm test subject injected with venom to become this monster..
i dont know much about him, other than he is related to the Rock, and apparently I'noa is a famous wrestling family.. dont bash me for not knowing about throwback stuff.
JR has said that he is related to the rock, and wouldnt be surprised if his career took off just like the rocks...
let me be clear, he didnt say he is like the rock, or wrestles or compared him as a wrestler in anyway, he said his career, meaning theres a lot of high hopes for this guy right here..

For the sake of not messing up the blog and going on and on, i will finish by saying this, CM Punk, at one point or another will have to answer to these 3.
leave comments, tell me what you guys think, i dont care if its good opinions or bad ones, i would really like to start writing more blogs so anything said to point me in the right direction is highly appreciated.
im sorry for the spelling errors, sometimes i used internet slang, dont think i cant spell or anything, just kinda new at this.


Wrestling_Deluxe_08 Rated_R(ob)KO,ComingToCinemas
and Knox... i love reading your blogs, i would like to get some feedback from any of you if possible. dont hold back, im not the type to get annoyed by bad comments.

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  1. SadisticSarcasm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Heavy
    Love this blog, that's some creativity right there, and yeah I can totally see the whole joker thing, that was a great first blog and hope to read your next ones
    Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it and hey this was fun so I definitely will be taking another shot at it.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Good blog...and it created an impression that you are Batman fan though you have cleared the air..

    But, really an interesting Blog!!
  3. SadisticSarcasm's Avatar
    Thank you for reading, I'm very glad to hear it wasn't just me that picked up on this. Not saying this is his storyline character, but what if his villain character is modeled after the jokester.
  4. SadisticSarcasm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sahu
    Good blog...and it created an impression that you are Batman fan though you have cleared the air..

    But, really an interesting Blog!!
    Lmao, noooo not a batman fan . Fuck batman that's not the point .. Thank you for reading and commenting, I know next time to focus more on the wrestling and actual person n not the fictional comparison.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Lmao, noooo not a batman fan . Fuck batman that's not the point .. Thank you for reading and commenting, I know next time to focus more on the wrestling and actual person n not the fictional comparison.
    losl!! I understand your point and comparison with JOKER character....great observation...
  6. Madness's Avatar
    I actually have to agree with you on this blog.....i was thinking the same. The all have this quality to them and when the shield were cutting their promo, I wasn't looking at them like they were the new guys....they seemed experienced and comfortable in what they were doing.
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