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5 Finger Death Punch

Fall of an Empire-WWE

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WWE ratings are failing...retired wrestlers or guys not wrestling come in and Main Event PPV(Taker/ROCK)...Build up for feuds end with injuries to BIG stars (CENA/PUNK)...taking the best FACE in yrs and making him, outta no where, a "PUNK"...the product is no longer believeable!

Save it by turning it over to the young guys, pass the torch to Ziggler, memebers of the Shield, Sandow, Miz, Cody, Sheamus as a heel, Barrett, One Man band, McIntyre and bring back Morrison, with some veteran tutilidge from Cena, Punk, HHH, Orton.

Don't be predictable...don't release "spoilers" to get viewers, spring hidden surprises each week or so, to keep viewers interested, tuned in looking for the unexpected. Have a Star lose to an up in comer, like the Panthers upsetting the happens...its real...its life...its good creative.

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