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Creative aspect of Raw, what it should be series Return!

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Raw 10/12/12: Newark, NJ- Prudential Center:

Hey, I'm back after a two month hiatus, I'm going to try my best every two weeks or possibly weekly to write an episode of Raw, based from the previous actual Raw. Please post your comments, thoughts and opinions, they are much appreciated and help me improve my blogs and keep me motivated as they do take time to write and produce.

WWE Intro Video “Then, Now, Forever”

Raw kicks off with Kane and Daniel Bryans entrance and both come out onto the ramp, suddenly the shield jump them from behind, attacking them with steel chairs. The Shield set up two tables on the concrete floor (on the edge of the ramp) and then hit their trademark power bomb to Kane off the ramp threw the tables (Bryan then attends to Kane).

The shield make their way into the ring and Dean Ambrose picks up a microphone.

Ambrose; “I’m just going to cut to the chase, Ryback get your ass out here, we have unfinished business to attend to before TLC”.

Ryback’s music hits and he comes out walking towards the ring with the shield staring at him.

Vince M comes out, “wait one moment damn it! I know these people came here tonight to see a fight, and that’s exactly what they are going to get, because tonight’s main event will be any two members of the shield verses The Miz and Randy Orton, and in accordance to the TLC PPV, this will be a tag-team tables match. Now Ryback you have my permission to decimate those three individuals in the ring (Vince M walks backstage).

Ryback stares at the shield (the crowd probably chanting “feed me more”). Ryback then slides into the ring and all three members of the shield slide out of the ring and over the barricade into the crowd.

The announcers run through tonight’s card;

  • The Miz and Orton vs. two members of the shield (Tables)
  • CM Punk will address his injury status
  • John Cena vs. The Big Show
  • Next -> Dolph Ziggler vs. Sin Cara

Commercial Break

Match 1 –Singles Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Sin Cara

Winner: Dolph Ziggler (15 min match) –commercial break in-between

(Note: match would be PPV quality)

Dolph picks up a microphone, “ Cena, I hope you were watching because this Sunday with all the odds against me, I will do what I do best and that’s steal the show, I will beat you Cena because this isn’t about your little scandal with your crazy, possessed, trash of a girlfriend AJ, this is about me proving to everyone that your days as being on top of this company are over, because I’m taking that spot and cementing my legacy in this company, you see Cena after I climb that ladder and retrieve my money in the bank brief case no one will forget the name, Dolph Ziggler”.

Commercial Break

Match 2-Singles Match: Sheamus vs. Tensai

Winner: Sheamus (7 minutes)

Video Package showing what happened to Kane earlier tonight

Sheamus walks back from the entrance and sees The Big show staring at him. Show goes up to Sheamus and says, “Hit me fella”, Sheamus looks pissed and Big Show laughs. Show then says, “I hope you’re going to watch my match tonight, because I’m going to use Cena as my guinea pig, to show you what exactly will happen to you this Sunday, but the only difference is chairs are legal and I will end your career”. (Show walks off)

Daniel Bryan backstage with Josh Matthews;

Josh, “Earlier tonight Daniel, you and your tag-team partner Kane fell victims to an assault by the Shield resulting in Kane being power bombed off the stage, threw two tables, can you give us an update on Kane’s condition?”

Daniel, “I’m fine by the way Josh, thanks for asking (dirty look to Josh), Kane is doing fine and he will be ready to compete for team Bryan this Sunday at TLC, but I would like to take this time Josh to challenge the member who will not be participating in tonight’s main event to a match latter tonight.

Daniels walks off

CM Punk is backstage with Paul Heyman sitting down.

Paul, “ Now I know we had nothing to do with what happened at HIAC or Survivor Series but I hope the shield teach The Miz a valuable lesson in respect by putting him threw a table tonight after he called me a damn walrus, I mean I don’t look like a damn walrus, I don’t even like fish.

CM Punk, ”You know what you look like, you look like Paul Heyman. Paul relax the Miz was trying to get under your skin because all he wants is a little attention because he is trying to fool everyone by trying to act like he is the best, the only accomplishment the Miz has is defeating Cena, which I have done countless times. All the Miz is, is over hype and these idiot fans don’t realize it, they forgot he lost his United States Championship to a 100 year old Brett Heart, they forgot that he used to wear a 16 year olds swimming board shorts to the ring and scream HURA and they defiantly forgot he lost tough enough to a nobody Daniel Puder who lasted 2 months in the WWE”.

Vickie G walks past, “Its great to see you here tonight CM Punk (she looks at Punks knee), how did your surgery go?”

Punk, “It went fine, now Vickie get to the damn point because we all know you wouldn’t be here unless you had some unfair news for your WWE champion, the best in the world”

Vickie G, “I wouldn’t call it bad news (laughs) but I will tell you later tonight when I address the WWE Universe”

Vickie G walks off

Punk, (rolls his eyes) “what a bitch”

Commercial Break

Match 3-Eight Man Tag-Team Match: Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro and The Prime Time Players vs. Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Tyson Kid and Justin G.

Winners: Kofi, Truth, Tyson and Gabriel (10 minutes)- commercial break in between

AJ Lee in action Next!

AJ Lee makes her way into the ring.

Vickie G interrupts, “Excuse Me (crowd boos), I said Excuse Me (yells), AJ I have some unfortunate news for you, your match is cancelled, now get out of my ring”

AJ reluctantly leaves the ring and stares at Vickie while they pass each other on the ramp.

Vickie G, “Excuse Me, Now that the little pathetic girl has left the ring, I have an announcement to make by order of Mr. McMahon which will affect the very first Raw of 2013”.

CM Punk’s music hits and he comes out in a wheel chair with Paul Heyman rolling him onto the entrance ramp.

Paul H, “Vickie nobody cares what you have to say and they don’t care what Vince M has to say either. I mean cant you see these people are generally concerned for they’re current reigning, defending WWE Champion, CM Punk. This man is hurt as a result of Ryback and on behalf of the 8th longest WWE champion in history we demand that Ryback be put back on a leash, this man brutally blind sided the champion and put him threw a table last week, the hottest commodity of this company” (crowd boos and then cheers for Ryback)

CM Punk, “You know what screw these people and screw you Vickie and for damn sure screw Vince M, and I hope Vince is watching this because now that I cannot compete for the rest of the year, you watch this company plumpish to the ground. In fact as your WWE champion, I command you people watching at home to change the channel once I finish talking, in protest to the unjust treatment I have had to face, resulting in me being subjected to this wheel chair. Now Vickie I’m going to say this very clearly, I want Ryback fired after his assault on me, and if he doesn’t I will boycott this show each and every week.

Vickie, “Punk that will not happen”.

Punk, “oh yes it will, watch me, I’m not bluffing Vickie”

Vickie, “I don’t care if you’re bluffing or not Punk, because at the very first episode of Monday Night Raw 2013, Vince M has signed a match. You CM Punk verses Ryback for the WWE championship and to insure the Shield cannot help you, this match will be contested inside a steel cage, and Punk, if you don’t show up, you will be stripped of your WWE championship” (Vickie does her weird laugh).

The camera goes to Punk and Heyman who are complaining on the ramp and Paul simply wheels Punk to the back.

Coming up next Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins (from the shield)

Match 4-Singles match: Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins

Winner: Bryan (via DQ) (12 minute match) –Commercial Break in-between

The ending had Ambrose and Reigns come out and attack Bryan, when he had the Yes or No lock on Rollins.

As the shield attack Bryan, Randy Orton comes out and try’s to even the odds, until The Miz also comes out and a brawl escalates. The Shield bail out of the ring and once again over the barricade (which each member smirking about what just happened). The Miz and Randy Orton look at each other in the ring and the segment ends.

Commercial Break

Match 5-Tag-Team match: The Uso’s vs. 3MB

Winners: The Uso’s (4 minutes).

Video Package of The shield attacks tonight.

Sandow comes out with a microphone and asks someone from the crowd three questions, with the crowd member chosen failing to answer the last question, Sandow also mentions that he will deal with The Miz this week on Smackdown.

Match 6-Single match: Damian Sandow vs. Yoshi T

Winner: Damian Sandow (4 minutes)

Next John Cena vs. The Big Show -> commercial break

Match 7-single match: John Cena vs. The Big Show

Winner: The Big Show (10 minutes)

During the match Dolph Ziggler runs out and nails Cena in the head with the brief case, resulting in the big Show winning.

After the match Dolph gets a ladder and sets it up on the outside and climbs it, while holding his money in the bank brief case. At this time Big show is walking up the ramp and Sheamus music hits and he comes out with a chair, he looks at Big show and passes him, he then smacks the chair into the ladder resulting in Dolph falling from the top of the ladder into the ring. Cena then picks up Dolph and FU’s him, Cena then poses with the money in the bank brief case while, Show stares at Sheamus with a chair.

Commercial Break ->Next Main Event announced for smackdown
Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus and they show the TLC match card.

Main Event-Tag-Team Tables match: The Miz and Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

Winners: Ambrose and Roman Reigns (15 minutes)

The ending saw the shield handcuff Orton to the outside ring post. Rollins ran into the ring and the shield power bombed The Miz threw a table for the win.

After the match Ryback comes out with a steel chair and the shield bail again, but Ryback follows them through the crowd and to the backstage area. Ryback is backstage looking for the shield in the parking lot, then he is jumped from behind and a brawl begins. Ryback at first fights them off but then Reigns spears Ryback into the side of a car and Ambrose hits Ryback repeatedly with a steel chair. They mange to lay Ryback across the bonnet of the car and Rollins sets up a ladder and then hits an elbow off it onto Ryback.

The shields leave Ryback helpless on top of the car bonnet to end Raw.

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