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The Great Khali and the Emerging Indian Market for WWE...

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Hi there to wrestling fans from all over the globe....I'm Sahu posting my second ever blog. I thank each and every one on this forum for giving good response to my previous blog. I really appreciate all the bloggers here for the time and effort they put in writing a blog.

What is this blog all about??

This blog is all about my analysis of Professional Wrestling’s Market in India. (It’s purely my personal Analysis)

What motivated me to write this blog??

I got the idea of this blog after reading a certain news item reported by Ryan Clark which says Khali has got job for Indian Market.!! The news item said Khali’s job is in the interest of potential new market in India.

How Revenue can be generated in India??

Now before going into the Indian Market, we should know how revenue can be generated in India. In India, revenue is generated mainly through TV CONTRACTS. No one will buy PPV as DTH is a new thing in India and some of the movies disappointed on DTH so People will not buy PPVs. So the main revenue is through TV and for that you should have a great show. Merchandise is another source but I know for one The Rock’s original shirt you’ll have 100 duplicates which will kill WWE Merchandise. House shows will definitely make revenue, but they need to really calculate ROI. I’ll give you an example, when Kurt Angle came to India representing TNA and visited 5cities, arenas of 600-700 people were filled easily and people came only to see Kurt Angle. Then, I’m sure people will pay double the amount to see someone like him wrestle…But, the main Source lies in TV CONTRACTs….

Whether Khali is really that popular in India to build an entire market on his shoulders??

Let me tell you Khali is a very generous, kind hearted and down to the earth man. He came from a very poor background and he’s really helping people in his hometown by building schools and Hospitals. I love him as a person and really admire him for his service. Having said so, I do not think Khali so popular that WWE can build an entire market on him. He became instantly popular when he debuted and destroyed Undertaker. Khali’s huge size and the fact that he destroyed The Undertaker (One of the most popular wrestlers in India) contributed to his popularity.

On a side note: I used to scare my lil cousin by saying “If you doo not sleep, Undertaker will raise from his tomb and come after you” he used to sleep instantly

But soon he lost steam. He cannot wrestle and he cannot be put into any decent story since he cannot cut a promo or gel with any wrestler given his limitations. So, WWE allowed Khali to act in Indian Movies and participate in Reality Shows so that he remains significant in India. All these attempts made Khali popular among casual fans but he failed to convert them into WWE Fans.

What is the type of wrestlers they should hire to draw more in India??

Before jumping on the type of wrestlers Indian crowd would appreciat, let us see the most popular wrestlers in India. The Rock, StoneCold, Undertaker and Kane are perhaps the most over wrestlers in India and I suppose there is no need for me to explain about the reasons. Now three of these four are not active and people lost interest in Kane the moment he removed Mask. In the next tier, we can name HHH, Eddie, Benoit, Kurt Angle, Jericho, Hardyz, John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesner. People Loved HHH for his full package (Great Look, Great mike skills and Decent in ring skills) and he’s one of the rarest of the type. People love Brock, Cena and even Batista to an extent for their physique and display of pure strength.

Indians generally Love Big GUYS and Powerhouses. But you have a set of wrestlers who are loved by Indian crowd and do not have these qualities. Like Angle, Benoit, Jericho, Hardyz, Mysterio, etc….Now when I did my research by randomly discussing with people (over 1000 people), I understood that they love these wrestlers for their EXCELLENT WRESTLING REPORTOIRE and Most of them love Rey more than others because Rey is perhaps the smallest guy and does some amazing stuff in the ring.

In this date, people like small guys more than the big guys (against the traditional belief). People loved Sonjay Dutt and Chavo Guerrero more than Magnus or Morgan in Ring ka King.


WWE should take someone like SONJAY DUTT who can do some dare devil stunts and can also communicate with people well!! Might is Right has become an old saying. Current trend is BIG THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES…and WWE should follow it if they want more from Indian Market.

Hope I have not bored you :P
Thanks for reading…

Foot Note: Khali with his real life wife:

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Updated 12-08-2012 at 03:23 AM by Sahu

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. riku's Avatar
    Great blog Sahu .I am also from India agree with most of your points . Though I feel Jinder Mahal is a good choice for WWE .

    They should bring out Jinder from 3MB and he should continue with his indian gimmick with turban and Sherwani .

    His Canadian background is a problem though as Indian audience although can identify him as an Indian but still never heard of him . Which was not a problem for Khali because he was already very popular in Punjab .

    Jinder is a solid wrestler .All he needs is character building and TV time and opportunity .
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Thanks Riku!! Even I thought of Jinder being that STAR on whose shoulders they can build Indian Market before writing this blog.

    But, his Canadian Background is reducing his connectivity with the INDIANS...the same problem was there for Sonjy Dutt but, he overcame it with his attitude in RKK...

    I love Jinder esp his pagdi (turban) and sherwani...he can wrestle well...even if he becomes a successful character in WWE..he cannot carry the Indian Market...

    Among Khali and Jinder on any given day Khali can take that responsibility since, Jinder lacks that natural Indian fragrance (woh mittiki khuhboo nahi hai)...

    That's why we need another wrestler who have both the qualities...the connectivity of Khali and the skill of Jinder...
  3. Karsten Langenfeld's Avatar
    A very interesting blog. I guess india is a huge market and the WWE would be wise to try to open it up more efficiently.
    Very interesting to see an 'inside view' on the topic, and the blog itself is well readable. thumbs up!
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    A very interesting blog. I guess india is a huge market and the WWE would be wise to try to open it up more efficiently.
    Very interesting to see an 'inside view' on the topic, and the blog itself is well readable. thumbs up!
    ThanX bro...Sure WWE or any other wrestling promotion can have huge business if they act wisely...
  5. Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik's Avatar
    Nice blog on an interesting topic, Sahu!
    I agree that Indian market has a huge potential for WWE, especially with two of its current stars having Indian origins, as you've mentioned. In fact WWE doesn't even need an Indian superstar for its programming to be successful in India, except for promotional purposes. Khali is highly popular, I agree, and he's very much interested in wrestling industry - his passion is very obvious, with him opening a wrestling school, etc.
    TNA's Ring ka King has been success in India, and they did it with only one Indian wrestler on the roster, whom not many Indian wrestling fans recognize. For most of the Indians, wrestling is WWE, and any other organization will be branded as a copy-cat. Yet TNA managed to make its mark with a proper televised programming that lasted for weeks and had a success in the market. WWE has been very well known for the last 20 years in India and has a huge potential for success out there.
    They can tie up with movie stars to do some special celebrity events like they do for WM. Indian movie industry recently has some physically well-built stars who can actually look like they are a threat to WWE stars in looks department, and can do decent storylines with them. WWE has a huge roster, and many of them are underutilized on regular programming. These can be sent over to India to do a 1-2 month programming like TNA did, with some big faces included and a couple movie celebrities - and you can expect a huge success right there.
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    yeah Koushik..WWE has a natural benefit over other promotions...WCW is big in may be US but not in idnia..we all are WWF guys started watching from Bret Hart days..What they have to do is just put some small program in India and they can have more money...

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