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WWE RAW 11/19 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

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Yet another bad week in ratings for WWE. The company seems to be stuck in this revolving circle of below average ratings this time a year. This isn't a good sign at all. Until something is done to make the product interesting again, the numbers will continue to drop below average. Let's be honest. Was this RAW a bad show? Not necessarily, but it wasn't eventful whatsoever. In fact, it was pretty boring. I felt like this week's RAW had a unannounced theme titled, "REHASH EVERY MATCH FANS HAVE SEEN BEFORE NIGHT" and boy did it hurt the quality of the show. If the same matches happen every single week over and over again for both RAW and Smackdown, people are going to get sick of watching the shows. Fans want freshness in their shows, not the same old shit.

And thus, we have this week's edition of RAW. What segments caused the show to fail this week? You know what to do. Read on.

The November 19th WWE RAW did a 2.73 cable rating with 3.83 million viewers. This is the fifth lowest rated episode of RAW and the FOURTH lowest number of viewers for a "non-holiday" episode in the last 15 years. Not much else to say about it.

The highest rated segment of the show was the Ryback interview and Ryback vs. Tensai, which did a 2.91 quarter rating.
You know what's sad? Obviously, if the show started off with a rating that close to the average, that pretty much means fans were tuning in to see the aftermath of what took place at Survivor Series 2012. And what does WWE do to capitalize on it? They give us a promo segment with Ryback?? Huh? Okay, first question, if Ryback is this so-called monster, why the hell is he calling out CM Punk and the NXT rebels to the ring? Shouldn't he be backstage tearing up locker rooms and destroying equipment, hunting for their asses? Second question, did anybody understand what the hell he said in this segment? I mean, it was hard to understand Ultimate Warrior but at least HE had charisma. Ryback was sounded like a mindless oaf who thinks about nothing but food. Then following his sermon, Vickie Guerrero comes out and threatens him with a fine to put him in his place. So, in the span of five minutes, we showed how weak Ryback is on the microphone and literally humanized him to the point that even I don't take him seriously as a "monster" anymore. In addition, we get a REHASHED match between Ryback and Tensai with the exact same progression and ending as their previous matches. Immediately in the first segment, WWE fails to capitalize on viewership. It's all down hill from here.

Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston lost 298,000 viewers. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. So anyone wanna tell me what happened to Wade Barrett's apparent rise to the world title, or in this case "barrage" to the title? The man cut a damn promo about it on his return to Smackdown. So now, why all of a sudden is he settling for the IC championship? That makes no sense. Yeah, apparently WWE has nothing for him -- so he is in a feud with Kofi Kingston. Whatever. The match between Kingston and Wade Barrett was nothing special, honestly. Barrett wins an IC title shot. Moving on.

Kaitlyn vs. Aksana lost 80,000 viewers. Couldn't we at least get a promo segment backstage before this match? Or at least an interview with Kaitlyn expressing how depressed she is about blowing an opportunity at the diva's title and wanting to take her revenge out of Aksana. No. We just get a match. A match that meant nothing for either diva. Kaitlyn wins. Move on.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Brodus Clay and the John Cena Make-A-Wish video gained 376,000 viewers back.
Close to the time where most of the fans tune in, we see the US champion gain some viewers and a nice video package of Cena. I may not like the character, but I will always respect the man for what he does as a role model. 300 Make-A-Wishes deserves praise.

The segment with Vickie Guerrero, AJ Lee, Cena and Dolph Ziggler gained 195,000 viewers for a 2.85 quarter rating.
Well, the good news is, we got more viewers. The bad new is -- its the lowest gain in viewership for this time slot. What else can be said? The storyline is stupid. More shenanigans of Vickie Guerrero trying to expose AJ and Cena. Only this time, Cena and AJ decided to expose themselves and just make out in the center of the ring. So what was the point of HIDING from the fact they had feelings for one another for a month, only to just prove Vickie right in the center of the ring? Ughhh. Again. Whatever. Ziggler comes out and brawls with Cena. They run and we get the infamous ankle slip from Cena as he slides out of the ring. The injury was legit, but it looks like WWE is going to work it into a storyline. Nice damage control.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton in the 2 of 3 Falls Match lost 122,000 viewers. Jesus christ! Yet another rehashed match! How many times have we seen these guys wrestle each other already? It has to be at least twenty times over the last few months cause that's what it feels like. Rock vs. Austin only had 5 singles matches in the span of 6 years. HBK and Bret Hart had just as many in a span of the same time. I understand feuds have multiple matches, but holy shit! Sorry, I don't want to make this a soapbox moment. I'm sorry, the match bored me. Yeah, it was decent, but everything about this match I have SEEN before. Same outcome, same progression, same fucking match! Orton wins. I'm begging WWE to give us something different.

Primo and Epico vs. The Great Khali lost 186,000 viewers. Was WWE trying to make their audience change the channel? Seriously. Stupid match. Rosa Mendes was hot. Moving on.

The Miz vs. David Otunga gained 223,000 viewers. Thank god! A match we have not seen before. I personally would have loved to see The Miz squashes David Otunga in seconds. Unfortunately, WWE decided to give me the opposite and have them wrestle a long, dragged-out match that had the audience chanting "boring" and putting people to sleep. Miz wins, but not the best way to kick off his babyface turn.

Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow gained 105,000 viewers in the 10pm time slot.
Well, look at match. Another match we've seen before! And just like the last two they've had, it had the SAME outcome with the SAME progression. Sheamus wins. Yipe. Also, the promo segment before his match was shit. Someone do me a favor? The next time you're at a WWE event and Sheamus grabs a microphone, STORM THE RING AND SLAP IT OUT OF HIS HANDS! For the love of god.

The AJ Lee and Ziggler locker room segment that ended with the Cena and Ziggler brawl lost 241,000 viewers. This was the best segment of the show, hands down. The promo Dolph Ziggler cut on AJ was beautiful -- pure truth. The brawl with him and Cena was great too. You can tell they were improvising on the spot cause it legitimately felt organic. Something the show desperately needed. Although the numbers do not show it, this was a good segment. I will say this. I hate this storyline, but if the eventual outcome is for Dolph Ziggler to defeat John Cena at TLC and get that main event rub he deserves -- I will eat my turd sandwich for one more month.

Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara with PTP on commentary lost 266,000 viewers for a 2.50 quarter rating.
Yikes. A very entertaining tag team match involving two tag teams you would think would draw viewers ended up being the lowest rated segment on the show. It hurts me to see this. Nothing was wrong with the segment at all. The match was good and the commentary was hilarious! Titus O' Neil and Darren Young had a good ol' time with Lawler and it made things a lot more lively. But again! This is what happens when WWE does not promote these segments before hand. Its upsetting to see such a progressive tag team division lose viewers. I guess a good thing to come out of this is a possible triple threat tag team championship match at TLC. That should be nice.

The video package with highlights of the Cena-AJ stuff and the celebration for CM Punk's 365th day as WWE Champion gained 520,000 viewers for a 2.87 overrun. Solid segment to end the show. The backstage preparations with Paul Heyman were hilariously entertaining. BALLOONS! HE NEEDS BALLOONS DAMN IT! Haha. I'm not afraid to show my fandom for CM Punk. I am HAPPY he held the championship this long and am ecstatic that he ranks as one of the top ten longest champions in WWE history. Great shit. Ryback's appearance was expected, since he was too stupid to hunt him down backstage. So when he comes out, the NXT rebels attack him AGAIN and put him through a table ... again. The show ends with CM Punk standing over his lifeless body and raising the championship.

There you have it for this week's numbers. The video of the week goes into MUCH GREATER detail on WHY having the same matches over and over again is a problem. Enjoy it and thanks for reading.

Have a happy thanksgiving.

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  1. christianfan's Avatar
    your blogs are the only blogs i read. I like to see who gained and who lost viewers. Great blogs.
  2. Cross's Avatar
    What I laughed at about CM Punk's celebration was there were no balloons. Haha. Anyways, good blog, awesome video that hits from point to point. Enjoying them.
  3. Vondraco's Avatar
    Loved your comment about the Ultimate Warrior, have to agree. Respect for the props to Cena's efforts with Make-A-Wish. The "backstage video" segments with "relations" between management and wrestlers and such is getting old, and TNA's most recent entry into that competition is no better. Agree on Rosa, she's probably the third hottest female in wrestling these days. (1-Taeler Hendrix, 2- AJ Lee)
  4. ewantu2's Avatar
    "The man cut a damn promo about it on his return to Smackdown. So now, why all of a sudden is he settling for the IC championship? That makes no sense." Why would he say no to a IC title match? Just because he said he would get the world title dose not mean he will get it. Also winning the IC title will get him closer to the world title anyway.

    "Yipe. Also, the promo segment before his match was shit." Lol you seem to be calling everything shit. That promo was great, it felt real, and Big Show vs Sheamus IMO is the best feud in the WWE right now.
    Updated 11-23-2012 at 07:36 PM by ewantu2

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