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WWE RAW 12/3 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Horrid 2.5 Returns!

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Hey readers. Missed me? Of course you did. Apologies for the lack of breakdown blogs. I've been swamped with end-of-the-year exams and papers. But now that's taken care of -- time to make up for my absence and FEED YOU SOME NUMBERS!

But before we get to that. Got a favor to ask. I'm doing a CM Punk Montage video on youtube and I'd like get as many people involved in it as possible. Those who are interested, send in a 15 second MAX video of yourself saying your name, where you are from, and your praises to CM Punk celebrating his reign to [email protected]. I want to get as many videos as possible and make this montage awesome. Thank you to all who contribute. Details are stated below and in a video.

Videos Must Include:
15 seconds maxed.
Your Name
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Praises to Punk.

Alright. NOW. Time to feed you numbers.

The December 3rd WWE RAW scored a 2.55 rating with 3.43 million viewers. Oh geez. We've been here before, haven't we? Once again, RAW pulls off some seriously low numbers. One must wonder how low will WWE let the ratings go before they finally decide, "You know what? It's time to change things up again!" because as a loyal fan for so long I'm seriously becoming concerned. For WWE to sit back and watch their ratings consistently decline lower and lower and cease to do ANYTHING about it, what is it going to take? Ugh. Well, I'm not gonna get on my soapbox just yet. Let's see what hurt the show this week.

Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil opened with a 2.57 quarter rating. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns attacking Team Hell No plus AJ Lee vs. Tamina Snuka gained 126,000 viewers.
Ouch. Looks like the show got off to a bad start. Granted, the Shield, the tag match, and the diva's match managed to garner a few viewers, but not a lot sadly. It's always nice to open up a show with a match and NOT a typical opening promo that lasts like 20 minutes. Plus, it was great to see AJ Lee back inside the ring again as well. I almost forgot what a bumping machine she is until she took that sick headbutt by Tamina. So yeah, lower gain than usual, but its better than nothing.

The CM Punk and Paul Heyman interview before The Miz came out gained 24,000 viewers. Once The Miz came out, they lost 214,000 viewers.
Yikes! So let me get this straight. Despite CM Punk literally threatening the audience to change the channel, he still managed to keep viewers watching and they only change the channel when the Miz comes out? Wow. That's not a good sign for Miz as a babyface. Not at all. Now, personally, I enjoyed this segment. The interaction between the two was intriguing and it had some legitimate tension to it. You can tell these two have some real backstage heat for each other and it played out well on TV. The result of this segment is to announce a ... lie detector test at the end of the show? Oh boy .... continue reading to see how well THAT segment did.

John Cena and Sheamus vs. Big Show and Dolph Ziggler gained 138,000 viewers for a 2.63 quarter rating.
Even for John Cena's standards, this is a VERY LOW gain. Quite frankly, I did not think the match was all that special. The ending was cool with the AA and White Noise combination, but other than that, it was a forgettable match. Ziggler takes another loss to Cena ..... yay. Moving on.

Damien Sandow vs. Santino Marella lost 226,000 viewers. I'll say this. Damien Sandow's Apprentice Q&A before the match was pure gold, IMO. This man has future main eventer written all over him. However ... the match following it was pointless and honestly a waste of time. Sandow won. Moving on.

Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio lost 121,000 more viewers. OH GODDAMN IT! .... Yet again! WWE repeats a match that we've seen OVER AND OVER again! How many times is WWE going to continue doing this to us? Again. Stop giving us the same damn matches! Was this one good, to be fair? It was alright, but it's nothing we have not SEEN before! Del Rio wins .... again! Just like he won on Smackdown and just like he won all the other thousand times he faced Sin Cara. Get something new on our screens please. And maybe you won't LOSE viewers like you did in this segment.

The in-ring segment with Vickie Guerrero and Vince McMahon gained 493,000 viewers with a 2.73 quarter rating for the top of the third hour.
Vinnie Mac never fails to draw viewers, even when his appearance is unannounced. We got some more of Vince manipulating Vickie in awkward fashion and forcing her to make some matches. First one is a Ladder match between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler where Ziggler must put his briefcase on the line. Oh dear ..... I hope Ziggler wins. I mean, it is not like John Cena FUCKING NEEDS IT right?? Anyways. The second is the announcement that if Punk is proven later to be working with Shield and Maddox, Heyman will have to face Ryback next week.

Oh yeah. Seeing Ryback squash Paul Heyman is going to draw us MASSIVE ratings, huh Vince? [/sarcasm] Or maybe seeing him botch his shellshock on Heyman is the plan? Hmmmmm ... that could work.

Randy Orton vs. Brad Maddox and The Shield attacking Orton lost 167,000 viewers. Good to see Maddox back. I'm slowly becoming a fan of his, admittedly. He needs work on his promo skills and his persona overall, but the boy is charismatic. On top of that, he is a pretty solid in-ring worker. Anyways, what they're doing with him right now is fine. Having him find ways to get a contract with WWE and each time coming up short is kind of funny. Orton handed him his ass this week ... only for Shield to come out and hand Orton his ass! Awesome. Loved that beat down. It also created a lot of questions. Is Shield protecting BOTH Maddox and Punk? Interesting ....

Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett lost 169,000 viewers. Good match. Rigged poll. Cesaro impresses with that awesome dead-lift slam on Kingston at the end of the match. What else is there to say really? It does bother me that such a great talent like Cesaro who is fantastic inside the ring has to have such an uninteresting gimmick. Hopefully that changes soon.

The lie detector test segment and The Shield attacking Miz, Kane and Bryan with Ryback making the save gained 509,000 viewers for a 2.86 overrun rating. Well, look at that! CM Punk taking a lie detector test drew more viewers than anything on the show. I don't know if that's a good thing or not -- but I thought the segment was fun overall. I liked watching Miz humiliate Punk during his first set of questions and Punk soaking in shame to play it up was nice too. Bless Punk's heart for trying to put over Miz as a babyface. Bless his heart! Anyways, before we can get the million dollar question answered, Shield comes out and attacks Miz. Then, as predictable as it can be, Ryback comes out with Team Hell No and rescues Miz. We end the show with Ryback putting Punk through a table and screaming FEED ME MORE to the audience.

Btw, yes, I am aware of the main event change. Personally, I'm happy about it. I was NOT looking forward to another boring match between Punk and Ryback, even if it was TLC. The 6-Man tag has a lot more interest behind it. One, it'll be the debut of Ambrose, Rollins, and Romans in the company. Two, it allows Punk to rest his body, add more days to his already monumental reign, and use the injury to gain more heat on his character. Three, we're going to get a better quality match from the 6-Man than the other one, guaranteed. I do wish Punk a speedy recovery though. It is unfortunately he had to get emergency surgery on his knee, but as LONG as he is back for his match against The Rock, I'm fine with it.

So hope you enjoyed this week's ratings breakdown. The video of the week is a dozy and I'm sure it'll get you thinking about yourself as a loyal watcher on WWE RAW on a weekly basis. Enjoy:

Until next time, stay classy folks.

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    I watched your video "The Truth about Raw in 2012" and I have to agree with you 100% RAW sucks it has just become predictable and limp.

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