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Jason's Thoughts: Impact Wrestling 12-6-12

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Bad Influnce & Roode/AJ segment
Great segment, nice mic work and back and forth i was really into it.
Rating: 3/5 stars good.

Aries segment
Decent at best it was nothing really special in my opinion, not Aries best work.
Rating: 2/5 stars meh.

Devon vs Samoa Joe (TV title)
This match was just a plain old brawl but it got me wondering and engaged. Who are these women? Why are they with Aces? All things that make me want to keep watching the show good job by TNA giving something to hook us in.
Rating: 3/5 stars prettty decent.

Mickie/Tara segment
The segment was ok until Velvet Sky made a suprise return after six months!.....And did nothing.
Rating: 3.5/5 stars the only reason it exceeds 3 is because of the return.

We then got a little promo that got me excited but then i realized they do something like this every year and its not so great. So i wont hold my breathe, no rating since it was just a little promo promoting something.

Chavo and Hernadez vs Big Rob and lil Rob
This was actually a pretty great tag team match, great pacing,alot of action and a few good spots as well as a nice beatdown by Joey and Morgan.
Rating: 4/5 stars great tag team segment

Aces segment
Well im guessing they are biker chicks or groupies,i liked this segment it kept me interested
Rating: 3/5 stars it was good.

Kurt Angle vs Doc
Great match,tons of near falls, the crowd was in to it, i was enjoying myself and then it erupted with aces and eights coming out until Joe,Garret and Wes Brisco came and we got the announcement of those four vs four of aces and eights,interesting.....
Rating: 4/5 stars all together it was a great segment

Bully/Hogan segment
It was pretty entertaining for what it was
Rating: 3/5 stars

Storm/Hardy segment
All im gonna say it what the hell is up with us hearing hardy's thoughts?
Rating: 2/5 stars

Kenny King vs Kid Kash vs Ion
Fantastic match,amazing showing by these three a lot of high flying moves and spots. Kid Kash has not looked that great in the ring in months,maybe even years.
Rating: 4/5 stars this match was the very definition of X Divison.

Bully/Aries segment
This one really bored me, i did not care much for it, but still cold have been worse. Atleast we got Bully vs Aries announced
Rating: 2/5 stars

Jeff Hardy,AJ and Storm vs Roode and Bad Influence
Great match, i really enjoyed the action and Bad Influence's antics as well as the ending beatdown by aces. I only have two problems. One: I predicted it was hardy getting a beatdown and Two: Roode and Aces are all on friendly even though they kicked him the balls just about a month or two ago. Even though i have a few problems it was still good.
Rating: 5/5 stars, just a great main event

Overall: 9/10 the best show and a very long time, i loved all of the actions, the promos and segments were enjoyable and it set up alot of nice things for the next few weeks. It was a great go home show for Final Resolution.

I hope you enjoyed this review, i will be be back next week with TWO reviews one of Impact and NXT!

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    It is a decent Impact.....I loved Main Event and X-Division Triple Threat Match...

    Those A&8s chicks are really HOT!!

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