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How to Fix TLC

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CM Punk being taken off the TLC card due to injury is devastating. It was Punk and Ryback who would need to carry this lackluster PPV with an absolute war of a TLC match, that would see Punk walk out as champion. Now we have a rather suckish 6 man tag match. Seriously? A TLC match that can be decided by pinfall or submission? That defeats the whole purpose of the match! Plus, I can't visualize any outcome other than The Shield winning. So here's my TLC card.

Event: WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs
Date: December 16th, 2012
Venue: Barclays Centre, Brooklyn, New York
Commentary Team: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, JBL

Pre-Show Match: Epico and Primo vs Prime Time Players
Winner: Prime Time Players, maybe something to do with
Rosa and Del Rio too.

Match #1: United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth
Winner: Antonio Cesaro, his feud with Miz has to start soon.

Match #2: Damien Sandow vs The Miz
Winner: The Miz, he needs to be on the card, and stay hot.

Match #3:
Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett (Tables)
Winner: Kofi, have to have some faces winning to keep the
crowd happy, Barrett's title win comes soon

Match #4: Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs Rey and Sin Cara
Winner: Team Hell No, Rey hasn't been seen for awhile and
there are rumours he's having problems with WWE

Match #5: World Heavyweight Champion Big Show vs Sheamus (Chairs)
Winner: Big Show, Ziggler cashes in and wins

Match #6: World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena(TLC)
Winner: Ziggler, gold was on the line, so LOTS of controversy

Match #7:
The Shield vs Ryback, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger (Returning)
Winner: The Shield, but Swagger and Ryback look like a million

So that's my TLC card, Swagger may be a bit of a stretch, but it would get people excited, on top of the fact that Orton needs to get back in the Main Event picture. Thanks for the read, post what you thought in the comments section and make sure you review!

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  1. RagefulRhino's Avatar
    Good idea, but where does Cena come from? You mean Ryback?
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