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The story and matches that define TLC

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TLC: Tables, Ladders, and chairs, Oh my!! That is the way Mick Foley announced the first ever TLC match in WWF. He was the commissioner at the time. Basically like what a GM is now, but just a different title. The first TLC match orginally happened in 2000. Why is it called tables, ladders, and chairs? I'll get to that, but I'd like to start out by giving you the steps toward the first TLC match. That along with give you the top 5 TLC matches in the history of the WWE. The feud began between these 3 teams in late 1999 and 2000. These teams really put on a show every time they went at it. Putting their bodies on the line to win those tag titles. That is why it is so special. That is what creates prestige in my eyes. Seeing wrestlers do anything possible to win that title. 1999, No Mercy a Terri invitational Tourney to decide who would get Terri as a manager along with 100,000 dollars. At the end of that Ladder match, they received a standing ovation stealing the show. 2000 Royal Rumble, tables match between the Hardyz and Dudleyz. Another great match that had the fans in awe watching these guys take the risks they took. That match is one of the reasons in my eyes that Royal Rumble 2000 was the best Rumble ppv ever. In any case, WWE took notice and let these three teams put on another show. Put the three best teams in a triangle ladder match. Never had been done before nor before No Mercy was a tag team ladder match. To me, WM 2000 was the best of the 3 Ladder matches they had. Stole the show at WM2000. Summer of 2000, E+C starting doing a con-chair-to to several different wrestlers over several weeks. WWE decided to put the masters of the tables "Dudleyz"(who have been putting the likes of Trish, Mae Young, among others through tables over that span), master of Ladders Hardyz (all the leg drops, swantons, splashes, among other things), and master of chairs E+C "con-chair-to" into a TLC match for the tag titles at Summerslam 2000. That is the story of how the match "TLC" was created basically. Blog was made to give love to the TLC match. Since that ppv is this month, why not have it posted now? Here is in "my opinion" the best TLC matches in the history of the WWE. Why not 10? Only been12 in the company's history. Thought that more prestige would come out of a top 5 listing.

5.Unforgiven 2006 WWE title:John Cena vs Edge-First time on ppv that a WWE title was defended in a TLC match. A match Edge never lost in his hometown of Toronto. Edge wins, Cena goes to Smackdown. Cena wins which he did, he stays on Raw + WWE title. I still consider this one of the best matches either has had. Specifically in singles competition. Cena vs Edge is probably the biggest rivalry either has had in their career. John Cena FUs the ladder on Edge, stfu w/ladder wrapped around Edge choking him out literally, and the FU off the Ladder was great to. I was wondering watching the ppv live, why are the refs in the ring? They were holding the ladder so Cena could do the FU to Edge. I probably ranked it too low, but it was a great match with a great atmosphere.
4.Smackdown 2001 Tag titles:Benoit & Jericho vs Dudleyz vs E+C vs Hardyz-Benoit I believe injured his neck in this match. Stone Cold and others wanted to stack the deck against the new tag champs Benoit and Jericho by putting them in the TLC match on SD. 1st ever TLC match not on ppv. This was TLC 3. 4 teams, story was added into it as well. Benoit came back out after being taken out on a stretcher. The one who grabs the title belts. 1 of the best part of the story of the match was, Benoit hurt his ribs as well. E+C went for a Con-Chair-to which is usually to the head shot. Benoit his arms up protecting his head. E+C did the con-chair-to to Benoit's ribs. Fans gasped, which basically made Benoit the story of the match. Tough it out and still keep the tag title gold defeating the best 3 tag teams in their match.
3.Summerslam 2009 World title:CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy-Watching this match back recently, if anyone should beat Punk for the WWE title if not The Rock at the Royal should be Jeff Hardy. Jeff's contract is expiring in February. Could you imagine if he came back to have a match with Punk at WM and win the WWE title from him? When Jeff left previously for time off, plan was to have him come back to face Punk at Mania. Didn't happen obviously, but sure as hell would be awesome if that would happen. Punk sent Jeff Hardy packing. Him to come back to end the WWE title reign would be AWESOME!! In any case, back and forth type of contest where both men were willing to do anything to leave with the world title. The best part of the match to me was when Jeff was getting medical help after going through the announce table. Punk was like a snake getting in the ring while Jeff was getting ready to be put on a stretcher. Fans were going nuts because they didn't want Punk to leave with the world title. Jeff got back in, but somehow some way....Punk was able to leave with the world title in Jeff Hardy's match. The feud Punk/Hardy had really made me a huge Punk fan at the time. I was conflicted because Punk believed in what I believed in. However, I still wanted Hardy to win the match.
2.Raw 2002 Tag titles:Kane & Hurricane vs Jericho & Christian vs RVD & Jeff Hardy vs Bubba & Spike Dudley-The first TLC match ever on Raw. For those who remember the awards show Raw had in 2002, this match was named the best Raw match of the decade in I believe 2003. I was rooting for RVD and Jeff Hardy. Loved the Hardyz for years and RVD thumb gesture. Kane competed in the match on his own after I believe HHH attacked him earlier in the Raw show. The story of the match was surrounded around Kane. Van Terminator was awesome!! Kane ended winning the match without his partner. Jericho choke slammed off the Ladder by Kane was great as well. Great match that was the best match ever on Raw in the first decade. Wonder if it is the best Raw match still now? Can you answer that?
1.Summerslam 2000 Tag titles:E+C vs Hardyz vs Dudleyz-I believe it is better than TLC 2. I didn't like TLC 2 mainly because of the involvement of the likes of Spike Dudley and Rhino. Ruined the match if you ask me. The first TLC match was in the Hardyz hometown. You'd think that Hardyz would win, but they didn't unfortunately. Wish that all 3 teams could have gotten a W in those 3 classic ladder matches. Bothers me that E+C won all 3.

Honorable mention:One Night Stand 2008 World title:Undertaker vs Edge

Did I miss any TLC matches? What is your top 5? How would you rank them? Leave that in the comment section below. Hope you enjoyed this blog. Thanks for reading.

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  1. RagefulRhino's Avatar
    Taker & Edge should've made the list, but other than that, good job
  2. AJ1981's Avatar
    I would have put TLC II from Wrestlemania X-Seven on the list, just for Edge's spear on Jeff Hardy

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