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The Saratski

My absurdly early Wrestlmania 30 card.

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WM 29 was good in my opinion. However I thought it was catered to the newest and oldest wrestlers in the business. Those in the middle kinda got lost in the mix. WWE will need and want to pull out all the stops for WM 30 and I believe they will. I will leave out the belts as that is too difficult to predict who will have them let alone who will win them. As far as the matches go, here are my predictions.

The Shield vs The Wyatt Brothers
I would love to see this match. I am a big fan of both trios. However the Shield has not been wrestling much these days in three on three matches. Usually they are getting split up somehow. The Wyatt brothers have lots of potential but still have a lot to prove being so new. The only problem I see here is you have two heel teams fighting each other. But the Shield attacks pretty much anybody so this still works for me.
Winner = Shield

CM Punk vs HHH

Yes its true that everybody wants to see Punk vs Stone Cold here. But I think Stone Cold with his age and injuries would not want to wrestle on the grandest stage of them all. And HHH needs to inject himself in WM30 somehow and I see this as the best solution. I also see this as having the potential for being a great match.
Winner = Punk

Big E Langston vs Ryback

I feel these two would match up well together. We have seen enough of the Big Show and Mark Henry. Time to let some other larger wrestlers shine at wrestlemania.
Winner = Ryback

John Cena vs Who Cares

At this point in Cena's career, who is left for him to wrestle that we haven't already been there seen that? Please don't bring back the Rock for another boring match vs Cena. Maybe they do Cena vs the Undertaker but I think that will go another direction.
Winner = Who cares?

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

This match has been building up for years. Brock and Undertaker have wrestled before and put on a fantastic match. This should be a Hell in a Cell Match. The Undertaker is getting old and beat up. And his WM matches are always predictable. But this will happen anyways.
Winner = Undertaker (as usual)

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus

I am a big fan of both these wrestlers. Both of them are hard workers and put on consistently great matches. This could be a falls count anywhere match.
Winner = Ziggler

Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan

Two more hard workers in the ring going at it. I believe these two wrestlers would match up well against each other. This match could steal the night if the buildup is done right. This should be a submission match.
Winner = Bryan

Damien Sandow vs Wade Barrett

This could be a very interesting match. In my opinion Wade Barrett has been misused lately and deserves a bigger push. A win at wrestlemania would put him back on track. However Sandow has been getting a big push lately so this one is difficult to predict.
Winner = Barrett

Fandango vs RVD
Here is another match that could steal the show. But I just don't see Fandango winning twice in a row this early in his career. Perhaps make this a ladder match?
Winner = RVD

Some Divas Match (who cares)

I see the Bella Twins and AJ Lee being involved somehow. Maybe a three on three match of some sort. Maybe if the match and buildup is any good it will be great filler for a pre show.

There you have it folks. I know I left plenty of wrestlers off the card (Ortin, Jericho, Axel, Rhodes, Christian, etc...). But when you have a wrestlemania as stacked as this with TEN huge matches, that will make up for who is not going to be on the card. Thanks for reading.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Hate the card, all rematches basically or matches I simply don't want to see besides Wyatt Family vs Shield.
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    Have to ask one thing...why? None of these matches have purpose/reasoning, no heel/face alignments, no titles, nothing on the line, this looks like a bad Summerslam at best
  3. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    Shit card, my
  4. billythekid's Avatar
    no TLC for 30th anniversary??? NO gimmick battle royale for old times sake???? and No Howard Finkel vs Lillain Garcia in a evening gown match???
  5. el gabo's Avatar
    Absurd is just what I think. Why are so many eager about booking imaginary PPV cards. I really don't get it. Some fantasies should remain in people's heads. Plus, when bililng matches it doesn't help that you write "who cares" in two of the matches.
  6. LostOmega's Avatar
    No... Just no... I'm sorry, but this is just bad. These are very generic matches with only The Shield vs Wyatt and maybe Undertaker vs Lesnar taking show. HHH needs to get out of the ring and clearly you think otherwise, but Del Rio and Sheamus are boring as all holy hell and barely do good work. Big E vs Ryback? Really? Big E is nowhere near Wrestlemania ready and Ryback is crap. I'll give this to you. Sandow vs Barrett could work with some decent storytelling.
  7. AlphaCharlie's Avatar
    I registered for this site after lurking for years simply to state how bad this card is and would be. This card is so bad that if this truly was WM30, Raw the next night just might be cancelled and it would be the end of the WWE TV deal.
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