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The Saratski

Finally! Dean Ambrose - best debut ever?

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I have waited, waited, and waited, very patiently I might add, for the debut of Dean Ambrose. I watched his promos over and over from FWC, bragged about him to my friends, and tuned into blogs to get any tid bit of information I could find on him. Finally, Dean Ambrose has arrived on WWE Raw! And I could not be any happier. And frankly, the lack of chatter on here about Dean since his debut has been disappointing to me. But don't worry, I will correct that now.

First lets talk about how he is being brought in. So many wrestlers who make their debuts, go through the traditional route. That is months of squash matches, then eventually they wrestle somebody on the main roster (ex. Brodus Clay, Ryback, etc....). This is a really boring way to see a wrestler make his debut, in my opinion. What we have going on with Dean is the exact opposite. I don't to need to re hash all the details of how and when Ambrose debuted, but have to say that by pairing him with the Shield, and having him involved in the main event of a pay per view has exceeded my wildest expectations. When the Shield appeared three times on last weeks Raw, I was ecstatic! Now the wait seems worth it.

My biggest fear about Ambrose was how was the WWE was going to handle his debut. We have recently seen several wrestlers who have had terrible debuts. Brodus Clay for example, unless you are a dancing 8 year old. Or Tensai, unless, well I cannot think of an unless for that at the moment. Had the WWE botched Dean's debut by making him a face, or giving him some odd character to embody (like an angry mechanic or something), that would have been very depressing to me. This time the WWE got it right. I mean did you see the outfits the Shield is wearing, its like military garb! Does anyone remember the "Revolution" video that was quickly pulled over the summer? hmmmm......

A win for the Shield at their upcoming TLC match would help Dean gain some real credibility. However, even if the Shield loses, I will be happy just to see Dean in the mix, rubbing elbows with the big boys. What is next for Ambrose is anybodies guess. I recall reading an article on here from Jim Ross, talking about how a wrestler receiving a push is often misunderstood. Jim went on to say that the future of any wrestler is largely in their own hands. It depends on how hard they work, how they develop and improve their mic, promo, and wrestling skills. I am inclined to agree with Ross.

We know Ambrose has the in ring skills (check out his Regal feud), and his promo skills are off the charts (look up his broken heart promo)! But what HE does with this shot is the mystery card that will play out in due time. I can only hope Dean makes the most of it, and I can't see at this point why he would fail. Eventually the Shield will fold, and Dean will have an even better chance at grabbing the spotlight. We shall see. Until then, Dean Ambrose has got me watching Raw again, and for once in a long time, I am excited to see the next pay per view. Thanks for reading.

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Updated 12-06-2012 at 11:48 PM by The Saratski

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. KingWade's Avatar
    I think the revolution promos (despite many linking them to Ambrose) were in fact for the WWE 13 video game. Apart from that, i have also enjoyed the injection of 'The Shield' into the WWE.
    All three of them seem to be very talented and i agree with you that Ambrose has the most potential with his promo work. It seems like the plan was to have them face Team Hell No and Orton at TLC, which i think they would have come out of victorious. With Ryback being put into the match however, i am worried one of them will be on the recieving end of a Shell Shock and get pinned. I really think they need to win this one. To me its important heel factions win the first part of the battle. Take Nexus for example. For me personally their loss at Summerslam took away alot from their dominant image and they lost all the credibility they gained from the attacks they had been carrying out on the roster.
    I think The Shield need to win this one and continue to attack who they want and dominate, cause when they do inevitably lose, im afraid the jobbing may begin.

    Good blog though mate. Its nice to have a bit of excitement back on Raw. I love the way these three guys sell an attack like vicious dogs. I just wish JR was on commentary to sell them even more!
  2. RagefulRhino's Avatar
    The revolution promos were absolutely, without question, lacking in a hint of doubt for WWE '13. Any indication that they were for Ambrose, especially after the game's slogan was "Live the Revolution" is silly. However, I have waited for Ambrose for a long time as well, good job.
  3. The Saratski's Avatar
    I agree that the Revolution promo was most likely for WWE 13. However, the first promo which was hastily pulled, was so different from the final promo. In fact almost none of the pulled promo made it to the final. So I thought it was fun to speculate knowing that WWE changes things on a dime all the time. Either way, I am so happy WWE handled Dean's debut well. Yes, it took a long time, but like I said, it was worth the wait. Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your comments.
    Updated 12-07-2012 at 01:58 PM by The Saratski
  4. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Dean Ambrose? Shield? Who are they?
  5. shortncurly's Avatar
  6. k_roll00's Avatar
    I feel like Ambrose's career will be very similar to the way Daniel Bryan's has been so far...

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