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Thought on WrestleMania 29 (Taker Feud)

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I have been reading for the last few months about WM29 and the Royal Rumble and dream cards and what people think should happen. Well after reading them so many times, I decided to put my own idea out there and see what others think.

The rumor going around is that CM Punk v Undertaker will take place at WM29, I am not behind this unless, CM Punk has yet to drop the belt and still has a consecutive days streak going. That will make the match a streak-streak match. I am not interested in discussing the match or the actual outcome of that match, but what it would really mean. If Undertaker was to beat Punk and win the title it would mean that the WWE could go one angle forward into the Reality Era. If they have Punk lose, he could go back to his pouty, hateful ways of the WWE. However he could add a dose of reality to that and complain about bookers like Hayes and how they only push talent they want to push. The way the Attitude Era brought light to the fact that wrestling is not real; this could bring the backstage aspect into the picture. Punk could come out and make fun of the ridiculous gimmicks like Brodus Clay and Zach Ryder, maybe start a rebellion or faction with others who are fed up with backstage as well. The other outcome for that match would be Punk winning, thus putting him over as the new face of the WWE, which the dirt sheets have said he will be pissed if he loses. Punk being victorious over Taker at the biggest stage would be the WWE’s way of letting them know that they are behind Punk as their guy.

Sorry for the rambling there because that isn’t even the match I’d be interested in seeing for Undertaker though. This match would start at the Royal Rumble, and it would start with a renewal of the feud between Brock Lesnar and Undertaker. You could have Taker eliminate Lesnar and Lesnar cheat to have Taker eliminated. Or this is the direction I would like to see, have Lesnar come in at 27 or 29, definitely later in the match and clear the ring and win the Rumble. Instead of challenging for the belt, he challenges the only thing that people will remember, something people care about, and something he wants to do, end the streak. With that they can play up the previous animosity between the two of them, especially after Lesnar’s MMA match, the one with the stare down between the two. This allows Lesnar to continue his monster don’t give a f*** attitude that he has had since his return. Cuts a promo saying belts mean nothing and he’s a fighter ass kicker, etc. The thing that I think would make this match would be fight it under MMA rules, bring back an old school Lion’s Den match. The WWE could play up Takers MMA fighting skills and allows both of them to not have to worry about destroying themselves, or trying to carry a whole match. It keeps up with that reality they have been trying to keep and gives you a little cross over from the MMA crowd.

This is just what I think would be a good direction for Lesnar and Taker each, neither would have to be around, just cut a promo or two, maybe a weigh-in and it frees up other Superstars on the roster for WM29, but still allows a match I think would get people talking and excited.

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  1. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    If Vince goes with Punk vs Taker even if WWE was behind Punk as the next top guy in WWE, they would not have him beat Taker. Taker's streak is something Vince would not want taken away. It's something that has stayed the same in WWE around all the other changes they have made. I hear people saying let someone beat Taker so they would be over with WWE and the crowed. In this case having someone beat Taker at WM would not put them over. It would hurt the wrestler and WWE.

    I do think Taker vs Brock needs to happen at WM, weather it be 29 or 30 (I'm thinking 30 will be Taker's last match) They both have a MMA style to them. I would be a nice change of pace having Brock and Taker slug it out punch for punch. But that would depend on how Taker is feeling, we all know he is dealing with a lot of injuries and is not as fast as he once was. Add to the fact that if there really is true real life beef between them WWE might not want to take a chance on someone really getting hurt.

    I hope the stories of Taker taking WM29 off is not true. He only wrestles once a year and I still and always will enjoy watching him wrestle.
  2. Sicksnuff17's Avatar
    I would like to see streak vs streak but . I dont see Undertaker winning the WWE gold and I dont see him losing at WM 29, CM Punk probably wont be champ by the time Royal Rumble ends if not before them ( Money in the bank, Cena will cash in when he beats Ziggler).. I dont like it but what can u do
  3. Heavy's Avatar
    Cm punk actually likes Ryder...... And how would he be the face of the company if taker isn't a heel? And cm punk is not gonna be the face I'm sorry. But I didn't like your blog, I haven't liked any of them
  4. claud3's Avatar
    Taker will have last say on who and why he wrestles at WM

    the streak is a business onto itself, because it sells DVD's and is an excellent talking point with all WWE staff, wrestlers and Vince

    Vince will never risk losing the streak. Look at it this way, taker is 20+ years a winner at WM and for them to take it before the 30th WM, would damage the company beyond repair and Vince will never risk it.

    I feel it will be totally up to taker and Vince has stated that it's up to taker and him alone.

    Another thing, the injuries have always been a problem he has had. His hip is screwed up and his knees are going, he has two more match left and he will leave with the streak perfect and it will be the most logical thing to do

    For both him and the company
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