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Wrestlemania Predictions

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pre-1)First as always a wrestlemania pre-show match and im rooting for a battle royal for the us title. maybe a 10 man showdown with a certain all-american american winning the title.

1)when the show starts it's more than likely we'll start with the world title match! i would like to see randy orton, miz, dolph ziggler and sheamus in a fatal four way for the title. sheamus has got the title back. we could use a rivaly between randy and miz, when the miz starts his tv segment with sheamus commenting on how he just lost the world title to dolph, with a successful ec defence to then get ambushed, randy interupts to deliver a rko to miz to then have sheamus brogue kick randy after he just destroyed his lime light. dolph jumps behind sheamus and delivers a zigzag. gm orders a tag match miz and sheamus vs randy and dolph. after the match was a no contest caused by a brawl the gm reorganised the match for wrestlemania for the world title. randy will come out with the win and the backlash will be sheamus out of equation and triple threats to proceed.

2)now we have wade barrett vs kofi kingston in a ladder match and kofi loses after falling off a ladder throw the annouce table (which also injures him in the process) winning wade barrett the title.

3)next a 4 way tag match of rhode scholours, hell no, hunico and camocho and prime time players. maybe put them inside a cage and the first two to escape win the titles whether they be partners or not. kane and sandow win and argue over who was the best.

4)divas open challenge as all the divas are pissed that they get taken for granted so they offer all of them vs any one that wants a match. mark henry takes the ring to grab a mic and say he with his partner will take on all of them. karma rans to the ring. they destroy all but beth and aj they team up and take mark out then john cena hits the ring and AA's henry and sees aj about to get destroyed and pulls her out. karma smashes into the corner to then get hit with beths finisher. winners all the divas.

5)sin cara vs rey mysterio. everyone is talking about this match so what if there was a street fight between these two. sin cara comes out the winner.

6)gautlet match with ryback facing the shield with ease. that takes four minutes and then big show takes the ring and challenges him, ryback accepts and they destroy each over and that leaves the ring destroyed with a win for ryback again.

7)CM Punk vs John Cena in a wwe title match. with john tired after his interfirence in the divas match cm punk capitilizes and punk wins again. he once again proclaims to be the best in the world. jericho hits the ring and challenges him to a match tonight.

8)jericho vs punk no DQ match. jericho wins and then grabs a mic and shouts i am the best in the world at what i do.

9)rock vs brock vs taker in a triple threat buried alive match. brock in a coffin but not buried and taker just about to put rock in coffin. brock awakens and pushes them both into the one coffin and pushes it into the hole and buries them. ending the streak at a 20-1 rate.

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  1. grave's Avatar
    cena vs punk again?
    punk vs jericho again?
    buh ...

    dont like the gaunlet match either ... if ryback wins and big show comes out, show needs to destroy him

    the 4 way cage tag match is stipulation is stupid and doesn't make sense

    and i am missing an undertaker match
  2. TTZT's Avatar
    I can't begin to state everything that is wrong with this, But i do agree with the battle royal pre-show but hopefully it would be changed to the European title and a certain Jack swagger would not be a good pick to win then. I also agree with the kofi and barret match, Ladders would be Kofi's kinda match so Barret winning would shock people.
  3. Karsten Langenfeld's Avatar
    This is beyond bad. I need to buy a new monitor cause i destroyed my old one reading this, yelling WTF !!! WTF!!!!!! constantly.
  4. Sicksnuff17's Avatar
    if I can quote Daniel Bryan " NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!"
  5. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    This guy should not be able to make blogs!!
  6. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    I think this guy knows how to work the drive by IWC.
  7. lucky7pointman's Avatar
    wtf this is the worse book i have ever see -_-
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