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STAND BACK ... There's A Hurricane Coming Through!

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Yeah, I think Sandy was jealous of the WrestleMania 29 location .. but Dallas might get it in 2014! WrestleMania 30, hopefully a heel Orton, high mid-card or top card feuds for the likes of Cody, Dolph, Barrett and maybe even Sandow, and well developed stars in Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns. I apologize for the run-on sentences .. I never wrote a blog, without further waiting .. my thoughts on paper .. or your computer/phone screen.

First .. RAW, what can I say .. Aj and Cena in a story line together .. atleast its a way to keep them busy away from the main event scene, right? Punk is by far the main reason I never tune out, because anything involving him or The Shield is worth taking note. I hate to admit it, but I think Sandow might end up floating around without Cody. I believe he's a great talent, but what else can he do now? Kane and Bryan, I can't say I was excited when they first formed, but atleast they're making it work. I for one didn't expect Cesaro to be so .. noticeable, I mean his mic work isn't the best, but his in-ring capabilities being able to hold up against Sheamus .. that's commendable. R-Truth, I like him, but lil' Jimmy needs to have a lil' accident at a lil' hotel room in a certain state that legalized marijuana so he can be lil' traumatized to never be mentioned again. The Prime Time Players are incredible, maybe if I like how the reception of this blog goes I can go more in depth considering the tag team division. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio are better together than apart, I just wish talents wouldn't .. decrease "in-ring work output" so that Sin Cara can look good. I like the new Three Man Rock Band or whatever, but only Drew is keeping me interested, he just has that look more than the others and he used to be pretty big deal like Barrett and Sandow.

Second .. TNA, I'm sorry .. but certain parts of this product blows me away like a thick Latina when I lost my virginity. I swear, Austin Aries is the change I've been waiting for since The Rock left! He's a great mic and ring worker and he had matches with a lot of my favorites nowadays. I think only he can make this new angle with the Hogans and Bully Ray actually bearable, that table joke had me rewinding my DVR atleast three times. I haven't even mentioned Christopher Daniels yet, but at this point I find him more relevant and better than AJ Styles at the moment atleast. I don't want any hate for that comment, just my opinion. I don't like that new "gangnam" song, but seeing him do the dance for it during a match just cracks me up, both him and Aries take "showing off" to a limit even Ziggler hasn't reached. I hope they get the tag titles soon because the tag champs weren't even on the show! Wussup Wit' Dat?! The Ace's and Eight's did nothing this week, kind of a let down .. I was enjoying the beat downs. I even watched some cowboy movie with that title before the show. I love the women's division on this show, the knockouts are atleast worth mentioning. Gail Kim and Mickie James had a great bit of action and counters, I can't wait to see Tara again, but she's still Victoria to me! Rob Van Dam is proof you can still live your dreams with the high life. I'm not to fond of Jeff being champion, I feel Aries would still have it doing great feuds, if it wasn't for Hardy's contract expiring. Bobby Roode, I guess is just meant to be Hardy's first successful defense. James Storm .. why did he lose his #1 contender shot right after he won it, I think he's next in line to win it and it would be too soon for Hardy to lose it.

Third .. SmackDown, now I'm sure some of you thought why not do both WWE shows together since they're basically the same S#$% ... I don't know why. I started watching when there was two brands, so I try to keep it that way and hopefully I can atleast remember how the roster should be ... anyways ... I know what you're thinking. Why haven't I mentioned Ziggler as a subject instead of side disses and notes. SmackDown, that's why, don't use Sandow, Rhodes, or others against me, they aren't carrying a big blue suitcase all the time. Dolph is great, I hope he cashes in or something soon, he has great matches .. I just think he's missing something. Wade Barrett, I didn't get the big fuss about him at first, but this guy can hold his ground against many top stars. Sheamus, okay random but I named my dog after him .. they were both super white and fiesty, he was originally "Wee Baby Sheamus" but my sister cut it short. I like him as a heel, but his rivalry with Big Show is better with him as a contender just like my first favorite wrestler. Randy Orton, but I stopped caring when he turned face, I want The Legend Killer back, I guess he had no other choice once his punt kick was banned and lack of notable legends to kill. Kofi Kingston, I'm sorry I don't like him, he's great in the ring, but once I found out he had no accent I lost all interest in him. Finally, Albertoooooooo Del Rioooooo, Ricardo is worth more, but 'chu already knew that. Del Rio, he needs something, Ricardo is good but when Berties starts talking I start to zone out, I actually enjoyed him at first when he debuted, but atleast Orton was entertaining with the "Destiny" gimmick.

I am a long term fan, back since I played "No Way Out" on Nintendo 64. I am not that old, but I atleast saw the ending of the Attitude Era. I don't hate the product or love it, but I'm not gonna complain about what's not in my control. The way I see it, if I don't like something I make a story on the create a story mode on my 360. I have many stories if that's any insight on how I view the product. I missed out on a year or two, solely because I was going through my mom's second divorce and got into many regrettable activities that would disappoint family members. I never had anything else as consistent in my life like wrestling. I miss Eddie he was all I ever talked about and Benoit is okay in my book, maybe his whore of wife cheated again and said the kid wasn't his, women say things to make a man mad, trust me I went through it hearing those kind of arguments growing up, he's still alright to me and I only regret not taking notice of him earlier in his career with WWE, I love his theme song.

I'm also working on my own Dream Federation of all the wrestling promotions, or atleast WWE, TNA, WCW, ECW and RoH I have my own standings and it's just a hobby of mine when I'm not busy or bored, but if anyone would like to help me place them correctly on how you think they should be placed .. kind of like a power ranking, I would appreciate an email or message so we can network on Facebook because I don't like the way forums work on here especially since I can only use this through my old galaxy prevail phone, you can't imagine the difficulty I had making this. I don't log on much, I mostly read other blogs, and I've read worse blogs than this so I gave it a shot. Sorry, especially if you expected a blog about The Hurricane. I personally was a fan until I noticed he had an overweight reject double, who I personally thought was Matt Hardy due to matching hair, weight and moves.

I have way more opinions and insight on how I feel about certain stars, plus some I didn't mention. I wasn't trying to give a full blown critique of anyone especially if no one would even consider reading this. I don't want sympathy for anything, so leave that out the comments. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and you're welcome for the enlightenment I have brought to you today, g'day mate, if you wanna pronounce that right say (good eye might) to yourself out loud a couple times.

P.S. I watch TNA and WWE, I'm unable to view NXT, RoH and Main Event .. so if anyone can atleast make a good weekly blog on Ring of Honor I would deeply appreciate it. I just hope it can be well put together, sometimes I read blogs that make the show sound more dull than an overused crayon in the second grade. The sad part is the second grader can actually make it sound exciting .. Just Saiyan.

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  1. MjBryan17's Avatar
    I liked the blog, a little on the ADD side tho, but it works. It's your thoughts, opinion and rants so all in all, I guess your just sayin
  2. JustSaiyan's Avatar
    Hah, thanks man, sorry about that I couldn't see the final draft since I did it from my phone and I didn't want it to be too short.
  3. Liston's Avatar
    Sorry but there needs to be greater moderation of these blogs. Free speech is great and all, but common sense must prevail.

    Saying this is not okay "Benoit is okay in my book, maybe his whore of wife cheated again and said the kid wasn't his, women say things to make a man mad"

    Sorry but that is a little strange, and really makes me worry about people. If everyone killed everyone who made them mad it really would quickly thin out our numbers.

  4. JustSaiyan's Avatar
    Okay, yeah a little extreme, but things happen. I guess you think its wrong of what I said, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion .. and unless you were there and know what happened, don't tell me the rights and wrongs of my opinion.

    Yeah, certain people do kill because of anger and worse over simpler things. I didn't make this blog to evaluate Benoit or how depressing the world is, if you wanna atleast discuss the points I made about a show I wrote about with my point of view on things then good.

    Okay, and if you don't, what's the point of writing about an unknown past instead of discussing what presently goes on in the ring?
  5. PhEonYx's Avatar
    "Self titled" blog much! lol It was a scatter of thoughts, yet I still loved the way you wrote it. Despite the fact that you tossed around a bunch of ideas, and it was all done on a phone, it still had that "IT" factor. Good blogging bro, had me laughing my ass off at times. Make it a series, and you've got yourself a loyal reader. Cheers bud.
  6. JustSaiyan's Avatar
    Haha, thanks man and yeah my thoughts are the hurricane. I'm glad you caught that, that's why I did it! I will do a series of some kind in the future, it's rather difficult uploading everything.

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