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Booking the WM 29 card (realistic/dream)

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This is my well thought out WM 29 card featuring almost everyone on the roster. I assume/hope that this show will be straight wrestling with no concert or nonsense like the last couple of years. Its 4 hours long, so these matches should get time. C'mon its Wrestlemania 29. While i know that many of you reading this thinks this is unrealsistic, WM 29 is in 4 months and with time and good build/storylines for these matches it could happen.
Youtube Pre show Match-20 man battle royal (8 min)
Regal, Rhodes, PTP, Santino, 3MB, Epico, Kane, Justin Gabriel, Brodus Clay,Primo,Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Fandango, Tensai, Zach Ryder, Tyson Kidd, Otunga
Winner:Fandango last eliminates Kane
Its your tradtional dark battle royal that gets the crowd going to kick off the show. Fandango who is a face will win after months of promos and vignetess.Some names might surprise you that theyre in the preshow like Kane and rhodes but since the card will be so stacked this year, that's their role.

Match 1)Singles Match for the WHC (19 min)
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Daniel Bryan
Winner: Dolph Ziglger
Dolph Ziggler has cashed in his MITB contract on smackdown and successfully defended the title at EC. Bryan wins the royal rumble after lasting nearly an hour and challenges for Dolphs title. Its that simple. After an epic clash Ziggler wins after a Zigzag. Unfortunatley i have a feeling that the WHC match will once agian be the opener like the last 2 years.

Match 2)Triple threat match (12 min)
Rey mysterio vs Sin cara vs Alberto del rio
After failing to claim the tag titles, Sin cara cuts a promo blaming rey mysterio. This leads to a sincara heel turn. IMO i never see Rey turning heel ever. Del rio eventually gets involved claiming he is the best mexican wrestler ever, tuning this into a non-title triple threat match like Wm 26 with ted/rhodes/orton. This is your typical lucha libre match up with Sin cara winning and being elevated as a superstar similar to the Cody rhodes/rey match at WM 27.

Match 3 Singles Match (6 min)
Big Show vs Mark Henry
Winner:Mark Henry
Mark Henry returns as face and claims to the be the most dominant superstar, By this time Big show disagrees. So at mania it's big man vs big man. Henry wins clean with the WWS, and thus this is Big shows last match at mania as he should retire.

Match 4) Street Fight (15 min)
Sheamus vs Wade Barret
This is the battles of the brawlers. Wade has procalimed on smackdown that he's a better brawler/fighter than sheamus. He continues to interfere and cost sheamus matches on raw and SD so sheamus challeges Wade to a fight on mania where he wins with the brogue.

Match 5) Singles Match (14 min)
Randy Orton vs the Miz
Winner:The Miz
At this time, the miz is a full fledged face and the fans LOVE him. At the Ec ppv in the chamber for the WHC Miz eliminates Orton with a roll up which pisses orton off. Miz offers to shake his hand but orton hits him with a low blow, and rkos him which leads to his elimination. Over the next few week he cuts heel promos and accepts the mizs challenge for wm 29. Miz wins with another rollup at mania in 14 min.

Match 6) Tag team match for the US and IC title
Kofi kington (c) and christian vs Damien Sandow and Antonio Cesaro(c) (10 min)
Winners:Sandow and cesaro
At this time, these 4 superstars are in the hunt for the us and ic title. Cesaro lost his title to a returning christian on raw and kingston lost the ic title to sandow on SD. Booker T books a tag team match for the titles where Cesaro and Sandow win, resulting in Cesaro reclaiming his title and sandow retaining.

Match 7) Singles Match(17 min)
Ryback vs Brock Lesnar
Winner:Brock Lesnar

This match will be a huge attraction Imo. These two are straight up powerhouses and given 15-20 min can put on a slobberknocker. The feud all begins at the royal rumble when Brock and ryback are two of the last remaining 5 competitors. Brock returns to the rumble as entrant 30 and goes after ryback. Ryback ends up eliminating him, in dominat fasion, which leads to brock pulling ryback over the ropes costing him the royal rumble match. Over the next month the two only have verbal confrotaions, not fighting until Mania. Brocks wins after a he kicks out of an impressive shell shock and hits the F5.

Match 8)Singles Match (24 min)
Johc Cena vs The Rock Part II
Winner: John Cena

Unfortunately i think we all know these two will face off at mania. Its inevitable.
But i think it will be a direct rematch from last year with no title on the line. Here's the build up. I foresee Rock vs punk at the RR to take place before the actual rumble which would be the main event. After Punk beats Rock to retain the title, rock is furious. During the 30 man Royal rumble match, rock costs cena the match by rushing the ring, hitting rockbottom on cena and closelining him over the top ropes. The two continue brawling up on the ramp and stage. The next night on raw, cena calls out rock and starts complaining. He challenges him to a WM rematch. Rock accepts and they put on a classic with cena ultimately making rock tap out and finally getting the torch passed to him.

Match 9) Multi Divas Match
Winner: the faces

Match 10) Streak vs Streak match for the wwe title (30 min)
Cm punk vs Undertaker
Now before you say to yourself "why would taker win the title" just listen.
CM Punk can come out and say that even holding the WWE title for a whole year does not get him respect so he wants to try and be the man to end the streak. The undertaker has returned by now and says if punk can beat him at mania that is the ultimate respect. Punk accepts and their match is a classic. Taker has won the title but wait...The gong goes off, the lights go out and Taker is nowhere to be seen while the wwe title is laying in the middle of the ring. With this, the WM 29 goes off air.

Please LMK what you think with comments.Thank you.

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  1. bryanb1306's Avatar
    I didn't see HHH on the card. If you're gonna include Brock Lesnar & The Undertaker on the card, then might as well put Trips in it. He's more entertaining & far more capable of putting on a classic.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mrrobotnow
    You make a good point about Henry/show. However I really think Miz and Orton can face eachother with Orton being heel b/c he's rumored to turn soon. It could be a good middle of the show match with 2 top stars. Also i specifically said Undertaker would leave without the title thus the title would become vacant and taker would retire. Also i personally think hhh/brock would be boring for the second time so i have ryback/brock with hhh staying off the show
    I was thinking Orton vs Lesnar and HHH to be left off the show.
  3. Kuroudo93's Avatar
    ziggler - bryan would be epic but needs at least 30 mins and will steal the show imo, but ziggler wont cash in on SD

    Rey/Cara/Delboy - Del Rio won't be involved in this

    Big Show - Henry - Happened already, 6 mins too short

    Sheamus - Barrett - A match i'd love to see

    Orton-Miz - a waste of a now Heel Orton, should be title picture at least

    Breaking 2 tag teams to make 2 new tag teams, have 1 of those have the title and not have kane vs Bryan on the ppv? SO unrealistic

    Ryback - Lesnar - possible, but do you really think vince will let lesnar, whose only there for 3/4 matches a year, go over his next "THE GUY" and kill any momentum he has? The finish is more likely to be the opposite of what you wrote

    As long as the Rock is in a ppv event and vince is in control, The Rock will ALWAYS main event that ppv, regardless of who else is on the bill. Lots of people gave rave reviews to their "once in a lifetime" match but Rock was rusty, the match was poor, and should not happen again unless Rock gets 5/6 matches under his belt before WM.


    PUNK - TAKER. Now this is a match i would love to see, i am a punk mark but if Rocky's on the bill this will never go on last, unless its a taker retirement or punk win finish. but i cant see either of those happening this year so i think your finish would be beautiful.
  4. Kuroudo93's Avatar
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