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Who is Mr.Survivor Series?

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What better to end the month of November than to name Mr.Survivor Series? We have Mr.Wrestlemania(HBK), Mr.Summerslam(Bret Hart), and now we are going to have Mr.Survivor Series. I made a list of the top 5 based on accomplishments at the event. Who is Mr.Survivor Series?

5.Big Show-Survivor Series is Big Show's most successful ppv of the big 4. Don't know how anyone can argue that. He won 2 of his WWF titles at the ppv as a replacement. Originally suppose to be Stone Cold vs HHH vs Rock in 99 for the WWF title. He got ran over and Show replaced him in the main event. Left with his first WWF title. Big Show also replaced in 02 Hulk Hogan. Hogan was wanting to win the WWF title when returning from getting a beating before Summerslam on SD. However, WWE wanted to have Brock win to get him even more over which is why it didn't happen. Big Show won thanks to Paul Heyman ending Brock's undefeated streak. Also a part of team WWF as a replacement for Vince McMahon in 2001. Big Show has had the majority of his major success at Survivor Series thanks to being a replacement for others who couldn't go.

4.Batista-When you look back at the success Batista had at Survivor Series, it is quite impressive. 1st Survivor Series, he came out of the audience to Batista bomb HBK effectively sending Stone Cold packing in GM vs GM match in 03. 05 part of SDs team that won over Raw. 06 he reclaimed his World title after vacating it due to injury vs King Booker. 07 defeated the Deadman in the HIAC. 2009, destroyed Rey Mysterio in a way that the ref had to stop the match. Batista success at the ppv in my opinion deserves some praise.

3.Randy Orton-03-05 sole Survivor 3 years in a row for his respective teams. He helped Bischoff keep his job in 03, 04 defeating HHHs team to be a GM for a week, and 05 led team SD to victory over Raw. 07 defeated HBK to retain his WWE title. 08 was a sole survivor again defeating Batista's team. 2010 defeated Wade Barrett to retain his WWE title. Being a survivor in 4 classic Survivor Series matches along with retaining his WWE title on 2 occassions puts him at #3.

2.The Rock-96 was a sole survivor in a classic Survivor Series match. Won the Deadly Game Tourney at 98 Survivor Series to win his first WWF title. Defeated Big Bossman, Ken Shamrock, Undertaker, and Mankind in the process in 1 night. 2000 defeated Rikishi and in 2001 was the sole Survivor in team WWF vs team WCW/ECW. Didn't compete again at Survivor Series til 2011 when he teamed up with John Cena defeating Miz and R-Truth. What really put Rock over the top for me was he won that huge Tourney at Survivor Series 98 that decided the WWF title. He also was the sole survivor in my opinion, 1 of the biggest matches booked in the history of Survivor Series.

1.Undertaker-when you look at the history of the event. So many great moments and matches at Survivor Series. His dominating debut in 1990 while following it up by beating Hulkamania for the WWF title. Defeating Kamala, Big Show, and Yokozuna in a casket match. Defeating Mankind in 96. Being part of team WWF that won in 2001. Defeating Heidenreich and retaining his title vs Big Show and Jericho. So many great moments he has had at Survivor Series. No one in this business defines that ppv anymore than the deadman. It is about Survival. When you are in the ring with the Deadman, it is as well. Which is why I believe he deserves to be called Mr.Survivor Series.

Honorable mention: John Cena-2003 part of Team Angle in a vicory over Team Lesnar. 2004, sole Survivor on Eddie's team over Team Angle. 2005, defeated Kurt Angle despite him having a hand picked ref to retain his WWE title. 2006, sole Survivor defeating Big Show's team. 2008, won his first world title defeating Jericho. 2009, defeated DX in a triple threat match to retain his WWE title. 2011, teaming w/Rock to beat R-Truth & Miz. However, the reason I didn't have him in the top 5 is because of the weight of the victories. Cena won a lot of matches that really didn't mean as much as the ones I got in the top 5. Most of the matches he was expected to win as well. He is in honorable mention though which is something in my eyes. To me, ending Lesnar's undefeated streak along with winning the WWE title, defeating Rock and HHH to win the WWF title, and being part of Team WWF all hold more weight than the victories Cena has had. Most impressive W's over Kurt Angle in 06, 08 winning his first World title vs Jericho, and defeating DX to retain his WWE title. Impressive, but not impressive enough for me.

In any case, there is my top 5 along with honorable mention to find out who is Mr.Survivor Series. Who is in my eyes.....The Deadman!! Did I miss anyone who had major success at the event that I didn't acknowledge? Someone who should be in the top 5? Is Undertaker deserves the title of Mr.Survivor Series? Who do you believe deserves the title "Mr.Survivor Series"? Leave that in the comment section below. Hope you enjoyed the blog. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    That's a tough list. I gotta go either Big Show or Undertaker. Leaning toward Undertaker since it was his debut, afterall.
  2. jelle1809's Avatar
    If you look at it in Survivor Series Elimination tag match type: I'd say Randy Orton.

    If you look at overall: Undertaker, hands down.
  3. Destruction's Avatar
    Good list. Hard to argue with

    Sorry to be a grammar nazi, but it's "sole" survivor, unless you are talking about how your "soul" survives
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Destruction
    Good list. Hard to argue with

    Sorry to be a grammar nazi, but it's "sole" survivor, unless you are talking about how your "soul" survives
    Sorry about that......I can edit it.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jelle1809
    If you look at it in Survivor Series Elimination tag match type: I'd say Randy Orton.

    If you look at overall: Undertaker, hands down.
    I'm doing it by overall victories of importance. Example: being only the 2nd person to defeat Hulkamania for the WWE title when he was hot at the time still....that weighs a much more than most of the victories.
  6. Wwetilltheend's Avatar
    Really? Need to ask? Undertaker is Mr. Survivor Series without a shadow for a doubt. IMO Taker made this PPV what it is right now ever since he debuted on it.
  7. Taneel's Avatar
    The highlight of the Survivor Series PPV is the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match - So Randy Orton HAS TO BE the Mr. Survivor series for his accomplishment in this particular type of match.
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