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Sudden Impact Plus A Little Extra

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Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with a special edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA, and not the rip offs from up north. :-)

Unfortunately, I didn't win the half a billion dollar Powerball, so again, I missed my chance to buy TNA and make it bigger and better than WWE. Maybe next time.

I'm going to stray away a bit from my normal style because this will be an Impact report, and then some lashing out from stuff I've been reading recently. Don't worry, not calling anyone out personally. Just reacting to a lot of, how can I say, sour posts that seem to be becoming quite the norm. I probably shouldn't bother, because it'll never stop anyway, but since you all know me to be very, VERY opinionated, it would almost be unlike me to not do this.

Without further adieu...

It's time for SUDDEN IMPACT!

I gotta say, I thought this episode was one of the better ones recently. Now, other than a few bad eggs here and there, I thought TNA has been mostly excellent since going live permanently. (at least we hope it's permanent).

We kicked things off with a match that I was looking forward too since it was tweeted yesterday. Mickie James vs Gail Kim, which almost always promises to be top notch. Now this match wasn't as good as some prior match ups, but still an entertaining opening. It's good to see MIckie back and Gail pushed her to the limits. The match turned out to be a bit shorter than I was expecting.

Bobby Roode is great. He seemed to stumble a bit in his promo but still is awesome. He had a decent match with Christian York. I personally think it's good for York to be getting this publicity. He's a gut check guy that I don't expect to be a developmental guy, but a regular. I'll be interested in seeing where he fits in going forward. Roode got him with the cross face. The match wasn't as good as last week's York/Hardy match, but still decent.

Is there a better duo in wrestling than Kaz and Daniels? I'm sorry to DB and Kane but Kaz and Daniels has you beat. I like their new name too. Bad Influence. Poor AJ Styles though. He's back into that whole conflicted within himself storyline. I'm actually curious to see where James Storm fits in as we approach Final Resolution. Maybe a match thrown together against Kaz? With the 6 man tag match next week, it's starting to look that way.

Matt Morgan is a beast. Love him and Joey Ryan. For now, I guess tag team champs works for me.

Austin Aries is pure gold with his ripping of Brooke Hogan. Brooke actually looked pretty good tonight. I was surprised. Not sure I like the storyline unless Bully and Brooke are both going Aces & Eights. I could actually see that too. A&E needs a valet of some sort anyway. She fits.

We closed things out with an awesome X Division title match between Aries and RVD. It ended sucky but I guess the only way it really could. RVD is making a decent X Division champion. I just wish they had other X Division number one contender matches or random matches between X Division competitors, just to keep the division fresh.

Lockdown is in the Alamo Dome. That's a pretty nice venue there. I'm happy to hear about that.

Okay, now I'm gonna lash out a bit because some things have just been eating at me over the last week.

Someone please tell me why there's this notion that once WWE releases someone, their career should end and they should just wither away and die? I understand that there are TNA haters...because I, myself, am a WWE hater...but seriously. To sit there and say TNA is just a bunch of WWE rejects is so ridiculous and it makes you sound just foolish and outright idiotic. What do you all expect Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy to do since WWE got rid of them? I guess they should just give up on their profession and go flip burgers at McDonalds, or find a job unloading trucks in a warehouse. Get real people. While WWE is the biggest company, they're not the only company. People who get released, need a place to go where they can continue to do what they love to do. Not everyone wants to go to Mexico or Japan, so, TNA is the place to go where they can still wrestle, do monthly PPV's and be on tv.

Another thing that I'm not sure about is why this overwhelming hatred for Hulk Hogan. Don't jump down my throat. I'm not the biggest Hogan fan, but every time we turn around, everyone is trashing him to no end. Not sure what the whole motivation behind that is. Especially since, like it or hate it, he's the reason we're all sitting here reading blogs and watching wrestling today. And he did it TWICE. He did it in the 80's, helping WWF go national, spawning WCW to grow as well. Then, in the 90's, he made the heel turn that took the wrestling industry to a level it never reached before, and hasn't seen in a long time. Do yourselves a favor and get over the bullshit politics stuff that you hear about and read about. Because I can pretty much guarantee that everyone else up and down the line, played the same political game, and some probably worse than Hogan. And I'm also calling all you haters out. Particularly, the ones who claim to have always hated Hogan, even in the 80's...I call bullshit. I call you all LIARS. If you were a kid in the 80's, growing up on wrestling, you loved every minute that you got to see Hogan's face on TV, on posters, on cereal know I'm right, so stop lying.

The last thing I want to lash out on, is this fact that TNA can't hang with WWE. Clearly, TNA is not on WWE's level. Guess what haters...we that love TNA, know that. But what you don't realize is, we don't love wrestling, because of how much money it makes. We love it for it's entertainment value. We TNA loyalists, love it because, in our minds, it's better than what WWE puts on. Do we care that only 11,000 people bought Turning Point? No. Do we care that only 6,000 attended Bound For Glory? Not at all. If that's what is important to you, then you I don't know what it is you want from the wrestling industry. But seriously, give it a break already. TNA is not as big as WWE. It more than likely, never will be. We know that. But for every time you rag on TNA, you also like to praise other, smaller, indy companies like ROH and DGUSA. Guess what. They don't make money either. So what's the difference? Are they better? Maybe. Some may think so. Some may not. But what's the deal with going out your way to hate TNA so much? It's one thing to favor one company over another. But it's something else to rip apart their tv ratings, their ppv buy rates, etc. What is to you? Seriously. Get a life already.

Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed this edition of Sudden Impact. Sorry for my rants, but I felt I needed to get it off my chest. I'm not sure if one of the fill-ins are posting this week, but I'm not back regularly yet.

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Thanks for reading everyone. Be Safe.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    With this Blog Savior, you have made a real impact BROTHER!!! I accept with every point you made but have few things to say.

    1. People who are released from WWE need another place to work and being the second biggest company in USA, TNA is the best alternative they can have. I do not think people have problem with it. But the real problem is with TNA pushing them to moon immediately.

    2. I never got a chance to see Hulkamania in its hey days and I'm not much into for people like me who have not seen Hogan in his prime, he'll appear like an old man hogging limelight..yeah, I agree with you that people hate him more than he deserves.

    3. I completely agree with you on TNA hatred by the WWE fanboys. Currently, I love TNA more than WWE n its been long since I have seen one complete episode of Raw/Smackdown. I love TNA because it ENTERTAINS ME more than WWE at present. I do not care how many have bought it or what are their ratings. I'll continue to watch TNA (for me in India nothing is live so I never bothered whether TNA is live or not)
    Updated 12-01-2012 at 12:51 AM by Sahu
  2. johnnyvine's Avatar
    Well being a teen in the 80's, I was a NWA fan and not a WWF one. The very moment that I saw Hogan get that title shot against the Iron sheik, I hated him.

    Why? because I thought it was unfair to the others that he got a title shot right off the back.
    He came in and the first thing he did was get a shot and won.
    Loved every moment when the rule breakers would attack Hogan, wishing they would put him out for a long time, unfortunately it didn't happen.

    Why we hate him now?
    It's been 30 years enough is enough, like any old sports guy, his time is over, and he need to move on.
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    One word; "A-fucking-men".
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyvine
    Well being a teen in the 80's, I was a NWA fan and not a WWF one. The very moment that I saw Hogan get that title shot against the Iron sheik, I hated him.

    Why? because I thought it was unfair to the others that he got a title shot right off the back.
    He came in and the first thing he did was get a shot and won.
    Loved every moment when the rule breakers would attack Hogan, wishing they would put him out for a long time, unfortunately it didn't happen.

    Why we hate him now?
    It's been 30 years enough is enough, like any old sports guy, his time is over, and he need to move on.
    If you watched NWA and not WWF, then you didn't see Hogan was there as a heel for a while. It wasn't until he came out and saved Bob Backlund from being jumped by the Shiek that he officially came back as a face. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon then. So naturally, he got his title shot. (Think Ryback, Goldberg, etc.) Nothing's different. From 1984 to now, McMahon puts the hot ticket in the spotlight.

    I also was an NWA fan, and I don't think Ric Flair, Magnum T.A., and Dusty Rhodes were going to take wrestling to national and global levels.
  5. body slam's Avatar
    Good blog. I'm almost to the point of TNA just dropping A&8 and just running with their other stories.

    Nothing wrong with TNA bring in "rejects" if used properly. Other than the guys brought in with Hogan I don't think TNA did to bad of job with the "rejects". I hoestly think TNA should make a play for the biggest named free agent I mean "reject" on the market.

    Like it or not Hogan is the face of prowrestling.

    It was not all that long ago when WWF could not fill arenas. Vince owes alot to WCW for announcing that one of their "rejects" would be winning the world title on raw.
    Updated 12-01-2012 at 02:01 PM by body slam
  6. Speezy88's Avatar
    Well said sir!!! I just wanted to add to your lovely blog with one other point that a friend and I were talking about. I watch both WWE and TNA, but I like TNA more than WWE, but my friend is opposite. I asked him a question that had him stunned. Why is it that WWE needs 4 shows, but can’t make things relevant on all 4 of them? I mean think about it. Everyone is practically on RAW on Monday, Some of the same people show up on Smackdown on Friday, but the truth is no one really watches Smackdown. Then, you got Main Event on Wednesday and Saturday Morning Slam. Why?!?! It’s not like they are pushing their younger talent or giving shine to other guys on these shows. Just last week I saw John Cena on TV on Raw, Main Event, and Smackdown….really? like he can’t do Raw & Smackdown only? What’s the point of having 4 shows and showing the same faces on practically all of them. I mean in TNA at least they give people some breaks and lay-offs so that they aren’t stale or seen all the time. I mean James Storm took some time off, and now he’s back and making moves. Aries was world champion and now he’s focused on screwing with Hogan’s head. People in TNA kind of switch up things, but you don’t really see that in WWE too often. So WWE guy if you can justify the reasoning for having 4 weekly TV shows showcasing the same people virtually on all 4 shows then you sir deserve to be hired for WWE creative because they sure as hell need it!
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Awesome point. The only thing I can think of is, these shows serve one purpose and that's to push their social media outlets. Think about it. They have very little star power these days. I'm not saying TNA has any real superstars at all, but WWE has virtually no one outside of Cena, and maybe Orton and Sheamus. Other people are good wrestlers and all, but really have no drawing power, and Punk's heel heat is so cheapened by the addition of Paul Heyman that I think it speaks volumes for how limited he actually is. Hence, the heel turn. They wanted him to be the next superstar face, it didn't work, so they went heel with him again and turned him into a yet another typical whining and crying heel. Punk is now lost in mediocrity. Nothing about him stands out anymore, and when the title is off him, and the show no longer really involves him that much, I think WWE will probably become a better product, so long as they don't keep trying to force feed Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler to everyone.

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