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Booking AJ Styles

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I’m watching TNA tonight and Storm has just pinned Daniels while telling AJ to use his head. An upset, dejected AJ walks to the back and I think, where does he go from here. He’s on a bit of a downward spiral after recently losing his chance for a World Title shot for a year. This is the perfect time to reinvent him…
Daniels and AJ are set to face off again in a Last Time Match. I would have Daniels win this match. Not only that, have AJ keep messing up in tag matches leading up to it. After losing to Daniels, have a dejected AJ come out on Impact, unsure of his future. Then Aces and Eights run in for a beat down ‘injuring’ AJ for the foreseeable future.
Now, this is gonna rehash the past a little bit.
When the nWo rose to power in WCW, they needed that 1 superstar who could stand up for WCW. Sting was the face of the company. He had battled the Four Horsemen for years. He was one of the men to stand up to Hall and Nash the night the nWo was formed.
But he needed a change to battle the greatest force to ever threaten a company. We all know the story. Sting took on ‘The Crow’ persona and would fight the nWo from the shadows til he could finally get Hogan 1 on 1.
Right now A&E is (more or less) running roughshod over TNA.
AJ Styles is the face of TNA.
If it were up to me, have an insecure AJ taken out. Disappear for a few months.
Sting continues to battle A&E but continues to come up short.
Sting realizes TNA needs a saviour much like WCW did.
It’s time to pass the mantle to AJ.
Have a few weeks of Sting talking to someone in the shadows, saying it’s time to come back and defend what was his.
Now I’m not saying AJ needs to go full on dark and face paint, but I can picture the video now; Sting sitting in a dark room; telling an unknown person TNA needs hero; needs a saviour; TNA NEEDS HIM. As he is talking to this unknown person, he has some black paint and seems to be spreading it on the unknown’s face. When he is done, he stands, tells the man ‘It’s time’ and hands him the bat.
That very night, A&E is performing another beat down, but the unknown show’s up clad in black wearing a classic Sting mask and clears them out with the bat.
Now TNA could either play this scenario out for a couple of weeks. Or they could have the unknown rip the mask off to show a darker AJ Styles with 2 black ‘tears’ running down his face.
I know it’s a rehash of sorts, but I think it could really take AJ to that next level. If you remember, as loved as Sting was, it’s was after his transformation that he became a mega star.
Now all A&E needs is a someone big to be the leader (Still think if they could somehow bring in a Jericho or Edge (though would be better if someone who can still wrestle)) and not jsut a Bischoff or Jarrett.

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  1. Rockstar83's Avatar
    I still think it's messed up AJ Styles cant get a title shot til BFG 13
  2. body slam's Avatar
    The dark figure from the shadows has been done and is expected. What I'm thinking is loses to CD, beat down by A&8, and he's gone. A&8 runs wild and destroys TNA at lockdown. Then as A&8 are cutting a promo use the big screen and flash a he's coming message. Each week build it up and add a little more. Then during the middle of the A&8 match at slamiversary the lights go out and all the messages flash on the big screen fallowed by the AJ Styles symbol. The lights come up and he's in the middle of the ring and takes out A&8 members in the ring. As the rest of A&8 rush the ring he escapes through the crowd.
  3. Hurtts101's Avatar
    There's the first problem as has been stated, it's all been done before. Just thought it would be a fun way to reinvent AJ, have Sting pass him the torch, and add a bit if nostalgia for the fans who have been watching for more than 10 years
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