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Booking AJ Styles

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I’m watching TNA tonight and Storm has just pinned Daniels while telling AJ to use his head. An upset, dejected AJ walks to the back and I think, where does he go from here. He’s on a bit of a downward spiral after recently losing his chance for a World Title shot for a year. This is the perfect time to reinvent him…
Daniels and AJ are set to face off again in a Last Time Match. I would have Daniels win this match. Not only that, have AJ keep messing up in tag matches leading up to it. After losing to Daniels, have a dejected AJ come out on Impact, unsure of his future. Then Aces and Eights run in for a beat down ‘injuring’ AJ for the foreseeable future.
Now, this is gonna rehash the past a little bit.
When the nWo rose to power in WCW, they needed that 1 superstar who could stand up for WCW. Sting was the face of the company. He had battled the Four Horsemen for years. He was one of the men to stand up to Hall and Nash the night the nWo was formed.
But he needed a change to battle the greatest force to ever threaten a company. We all know the story. Sting took on ‘The Crow’ persona and would fight the nWo from the shadows til he could finally get Hogan 1 on 1.
Right now A&E is (more or less) running roughshod over TNA.
AJ Styles is the face of TNA.
If it were up to me, have an insecure AJ taken out. Disappear for a few months.
Sting continues to battle A&E but continues to come up short.
Sting realizes TNA needs a saviour much like WCW did.
It’s time to pass the mantle to AJ.
Have a few weeks of Sting talking to someone in the shadows, saying it’s time to come back and defend what was his.
Now I’m not saying AJ needs to go full on dark and face paint, but I can picture the video now; Sting sitting in a dark room; telling an unknown person TNA needs hero; needs a saviour; TNA NEEDS HIM. As he is talking to this unknown person, he has some black paint and seems to be spreading it on the unknown’s face. When he is done, he stands, tells the man ‘It’s time’ and hands him the bat.
That very night, A&E is performing another beat down, but the unknown show’s up clad in black wearing a classic Sting mask and clears them out with the bat.
Now TNA could either play this scenario out for a couple of weeks. Or they could have the unknown rip the mask off to show a darker AJ Styles with 2 black ‘tears’ running down his face.
I know it’s a rehash of sorts, but I think it could really take AJ to that next level. If you remember, as loved as Sting was, it’s was after his transformation that he became a mega star.
Now all A&E needs is a someone big to be the leader (Still think if they could somehow bring in a Jericho or Edge (though would be better if someone who can still wrestle)) and not jsut a Bischoff or Jarrett.

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  1. jai's Avatar
    Haha, that's cheesy!
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I like it. Great idea. Except instead of going the Sting Crow gimmick, become more modern and do something that would be more relative to Aces & Eights as a biker gang. Awesome stuff.

    And btw, I would LOVE it if either Edge or Jericho got involved with TNA. It wouldn't happen though. But we can wish.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Nice Blog. But, I guess it is more like Crow...but like Savior said a similar story with a more modern gimmick will do wonders....AJ is the STING of TNA...and I for one who started watching TNA only because of AJ..I want him to do something which does not involve Daniels or Kurt Angle (coz, I enjoy their matches irrespective of the story lines..)
  4. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I see where you're trying to go with the idea and it would be fine. AJ leading the charge against A&8s would make sense. I can buy what has been said, but I'd rather AJ come out with a traditional Hoodie on (similar to what we see in the A&8s guys) in the crowd of bikers.

    (if you play video games, think of Alex Mercers character in the game Prototype


    or a Hunter from Left 4 Dead...
    That shadowy figure that you just can't quite make out their face.)

    Have them beating down whoever it may be (I'd prefer another TNA original) but be the guy who stands back. When the VP notices it, he goes up to him, pushes him in the corner, (camera shot on the hood) he looks up with a Sting mask shining through, bat drops from his sleeve, and he takes out the VP until the others notice and he makes a mad dash. Then have the A&8s go back to the club house, vandalized, with graffiti on the wall with initials of a new opposing faction (i.e. a giant "HF" standing for TNA Home front, "FL" for the original "Frontline" faction, or something along those lines. They couldn't do P1 or anything "too obvious"). From there, have the Hooded Styles picking off members when he can or as that "shadowy" figure spotted randomly in the backstage area.
  5. Big-Ry's Avatar
    Have him lose to Daniels at FR then leave the ring dejected. He could then tell everyone hes done with TNA and how they've treated him. He leaves for a few weeks then maybe show up to help TNA against A&E's but actually turns on Hogan and Sting. Spend the next 6-9 months as part of the A&E's angle, because they wont have them target the WHC because non of that group are considered to be main event. When your big stars are Devon And Punks old lacky off smackdown the tv titles the best they can hope for. He leaves A&E's as their stable implodes ( which they all do ). Go back after the world title but now with a more believable Harder character because in my opinion other than mic skills thats all he lacks.
  6. Heavy's Avatar
    So I'm pretty sure anybody can see what their doing with him... I mean it's really obvious... Yes it's to make aj look like he's lost his touch then bring him back even better but as a sting wanna be?? No that wouldn't work.
  7. Echofalls1982's Avatar
    Guys! Enough with the cheesy storylines. It is obvious that they have something planned for AJ. I do think he will lose to Daniels definitely and then he will need to take some time off to "find himself" Aces and Eights will take a load of people out and then AJ will come back and save TNA. I still think that fourtune will somehow reform and go against the Aces and Eights as at least then it will give all the wrestlers some legitimate storylines rather than the crap they are being given. Hardy, Bully and Aries can fight over the title whilst all this is going on. Unfortunately, I do think Jarret/Bischoff are behind Aces and Eights and nobody bigger. The good thing is that with most of them being masked, they could decide to put almost anyone as a member.
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