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Marketing Royal Rumble XXVI and Making it Memorable

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Alright hello out there to all wrestling fans far and wide.
I am the one and only T-Hughes35 back today with my latest entry, Presnted by:

Today I would like to talk about an idea that I have that can really be turned into something big by WWE and leave a really big impact on it’s fan base. This can be something that can really show not only us wrestling fans, but the whole world just how much fun and exciting a Sports Entertainment program can be. What this is ladies and gentlemen is a marketing plan on how WWE’s first Pay-Per-View of 2013 can end up becoming one of the best Pay-Per-View events that WWE has put on in the past (let’s say) five years.

According to statistics, the annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view is the second biggest pay-per-view on WWE’s annual calendar behind “The Grand-daddy of them all” WrestleMania, and the first event in WWE’s “Big 4.” (The other two being “SummerSlam”, and “Survivor Series.”) Vince McMahon once said (in a 1998 interview with Michael Landsberg) that he’s not in the “Television Business,” but rather in the “Sports Entertainment Business.” If he were to market this show as entertainment, and wanted to make the 2013 Royal Rumble as memorable as ever, it would be about branching out to everyone. Not just to the WWE Universe, to everyone. WWE can be looked at as entertainment that everyone can enjoy. This is how I would make that happen.

Event: WWE Presents: The 26th Annual Royal Rumble
Location: US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.
Theme Songs: “Live To Rise” – Soundgarden
“Take A Little Ride” – Jason Aldean”
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts
Ringside Commentary Team A: Jim Ross and William Regal
Ringside Commentary Team B: Michael Cole, JBL, and Josh Matthews
Backstage Interviewers: Byron Saxton and Scott Stanford

Now, when you look at the theme songs that I chose, I decided to choose two theme songs. Two songs that can really help build the theme to the nights events. With “Live To Rise” being one of entertainment’s biggest songs of 2012 (The Avengers), and a likely chance at getting an Oscar Nomination for Best Original Song, it would be a perfect theme to lead into the Royal Rumble Match. Plus, just putting that song as the theme could be a major draw in itself. “Take A Little Ride” is a Number One song by Jason Aldean that has been played for televised sporting events before. Most notably, the NASCAR Nationwide Series races on ESPN. It’s also a perfect genre of music with the location of Phoenix, Arizona.
The reason why I have two different sets of announce teams is because I feel that the one set of three announcers has become very, very stale. When I look at a three-man commentary team on a Pay-Per-View, it feels like I’m watching an old school Pay-Per-View from World Championship Wrestling. The only thing that missing would be Tony Schivoane welcoming us along with who was joining him at ringside that evening (which was mainly either Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan, or Scott Hudson and Mark Madden). The two sets of commentary teams gives the WWE Universe a better variety, and lets us know which particular brand the match would be representing. If I were to have another set of commentators at a pay-per-view, Jim Ross and William Regal would be the organized choice. I really enjoy their chemistry on NXT, and they work well together.

According to reports, WWE has been trying to create a countdown theme show to air before Pay-Per-View events. If they could find a network such as one of the NBC Networks or even ION Television for that matter, “WWE Free For All” might be on FREE TV before we know it. No matches, just interviews, and build-up. It would be hosted by Michael Cole and Scott Stanford.

After “Live To Rise” is cued and the pyro goes off, the commentary teams would welcome the viewers to the first Pay-Per-View event of 2013. Here is how I would book the match-card (and entertainment by order of the nights events):

Match 01: WWE Tag-Team Championship Match:
Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara
(After WWE TLC, I would have Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara become the new #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles. I feel that they would put on a good match for the opening to this event. Plus, this would show just how good WWE’s mid-card is after opening with a WHC Match the past two years. WWE needs to show just how strong their mid-card can be, and this is the opportunity to show that.)
Winners and STILL WWE Tag-Team Champions:
Daniel Bryan and Kane

Match 02: WWE Diva’s Championship Match:
Kaitlyn vs. AJ

(Eve has to drop the title to Kaitlyn at some point. TLC would be the best time to do it. After a re-match on, say RAW for example, I would put Kaitlyn in a match with AJ as Vickie would rather put her in a match for the title rather than herself. It’d be good for storyline.)
Winner and STILL WWE Diva’s Champion: Kaitlyn

Match 03: World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Sheamus vs. Randy Orton
(I expect Sheamus to regain his WHC Crown at TLC. Afterward, I can see Randy Orton turning back to the heel gimmick that he was well known for. He is a great heel, and he needs to go back to that gimmick as soon as possible. Sheamus is comfortably over as a face right now, and turning Orton heel would be a big boost for SmackDown. This match has happened before, but not for the WHC. At a Big 4 Pay-Per-View such as this one, it could be big.)
Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

At this time, I would book a spot where Jason Aldean would actually come out and perform his song “Take A Little Ride.” In the background on the titantron, we can see clips of both CM Punk and The Rock. It not only would be a great form of ENTERTAINMENT, but it would be a nice lead-in to the match that has been building up for the past seven months.

Match 04: WWE Championship Match:
CM Punk (w/Paul Heyman) vs. The Rock
(Now here is the thing ladies and gentlemen, if WWE is really smart about this, this can be the start of one of the biggest and most exciting feuds that they have put on in a long time. Because that is the way I see it. The Rock’s ultimate goal is to once again become WWE Champion. It will be CM Punk’s greatest threat trying to capture his precious gold. However, Punk will overcome this great obstacle by being the one that walks away victorious. This can be the start of something as big as the Bobby Roode Selfish Generation storyline, or even the Chris Jericho-Shawn Michaels fued. It needs to be something memorable in the fans eyes.)
Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

But don’t worry, this won’t be the last we see of “The Great One.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time, for the twenty-sixth annual Royal Rumble Match. Here is how I’m going to do this. I am going to show you my order, from one through thirty, and after I finish, I’ll explain my reasoning’s for choosing those particular superstars.
Before the match, I would air a promo video showing the WWE Superstars talking about the Royal Rumble, and what being in the main-event at WrestleMania would mean to them, and “Live To Rise” would play in the video to go along with the build-up.
My ultimate goal is to create a Royal Rumble Match that is exciting for the fans, memorable, and throw in all sorts of unexpected twists and turns. Without further ado Ladies and Gentlemen, we are, READY TO RUMBLE!!!

01: WWE Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston
02: Zack Ryder
03: Jerry “The King” Lawler
04: Damien Sandow
05: Cody Rhodes
06: R-Truth
07: A-Train
08: Trent Baretta
09: The 3 Man Band (Heath Slater, Drew McIntire, and Jinder Mahal)
10: Booker T
11: Wade Barrett
12: United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro
13: Evan “Air” Bourne
14: Darren Young
15: Titus O’Neal
16: X-Pac
17: The Miz
18: Dolph Ziggler
19: Christian
20: Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez)
21: Scott Steiner
22: The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Raines)
23: Ryback
24: Goldberg
25: Justin Gabriel
26: Epico and Primo (w/Rosa Mendes)
27: John Cena
28: Tyson Kidd
29: The Big Show
30: The Rock
(Alright folks. The reason that I have this down as my list of Royal Rumble entrants goes by these factors: creativity, talent, and being able to swerve the fans ‘but not to a 110% of a Russo extent.’
Key Entrants: #7 is A-Train. The Tensai gimmick got stale really, really fast. I would put Matt Bloom back to his old A-Train gimmick as both to see how it goes with with the fans, and as an effort to keep his job.
#9: The Three Man Band: At WCW WarGames 2000, KronicK made their entrance as a team in the Triple Cage Match. It was both unique and unexpected. Anything can happen at the Royal Rumble, and adding a team as one entry would be a nice little swerve that everyone can be happy with. This same rule applies for entries #22 and #26
#13: Evan “Air” Bourne: His foot injury was expected to heel by Survivor Series at the earliest, but it didn’t. So, if he does become 100% medically cleared, this would be the best time for him to return.
#16: X-Pac: This is mainly a piece to the legends puzzle of the match. Since he currently works for WWE as a talent scout, it’s a no brainer pretty much. He’s pretty much the legend that everyone expects to appear in the match this January. But that’s ok. I wouldn’t have a problem with it.
#21: Scott Steiner: Yes, I know that this one would be difficult, but this would catch everyone by surprise. Completely unexpected, and it would also be a nice fit to the legends puzzle of the match. On a side note, this was the same entry spot where Booker T made his return to WWE in 2011.
#24: Goldberg: Bill has recently expressed his desire to get back in the ring for at least one more match. Everyone has always talked about how Ryback is the next Goldberg. Once Goldberg’s music hits, everybody would go nuts. With that entrance, it would make the viewers think about one thing; if both Goldberg, and Scott Steiner can return in this match, then what’s going to happen next?
It would get everyone all amped up and excited about what’s to come.
#27: My reason for putting John Cena at this entry, is because the average winning entry is that number. It would make the fans think that Cena might win this thing.
#30: The Rock: This would get everyone excited. Since he lost the chance at the WWE Championship earlier in the evening, this would be his best chance at recapturing his past glory, in New York, at WrestleMania. Yes, it’s a past superstar, but this is a big money drawer and good publicity.
“…Well it’s all come down to this, The Rock and John Cena.”
Rock and Cena would be the last two standing in the ring. For the first time since WrestleMania XXVIII, these two would go toe-to-toe and the crowd would go nuts. The perfect ending to the night’s events.)
Winner: The Rock

Like I said earlier, this can be the start of one of the greatest things to happen for WWE in a long time, and this would build on the potential headlining of WrestleMania XXIX. That being:

WWE Championship Match:
CM Punk vs. The Rock

I would then top it all off with an ending music video recapping the night’s events.

This is all about marketing WWE and the Sports Entertainment business. There are people that I know out there that say that all professional wrestling is, is fake, grown men in spandex making fools out of themselves, and just overall disgusting. It really makes me sick when I hear those snobs say things like that. They don’t know just how much these athletes put their bodies on the line just like any other football or soccer player when they face injury. WWE is a multi-million dollar corporation that is all about entertaining not only wrestling fans, but entertaining the world when it comes to their product. It’s quite interesting the way that they’ve branched out with their product over the past, let’s say 12 years. They entertain the fans, and let’s hope they continue to for years to come.

Peace on the Streets.

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  1. KC_Kyng's Avatar
    Easily one of the best blogs i have read. Started off good. Had me think you may be just a huge Cena Fan.. But get storyline thinking with building two separate storylines in one.. Congrats sir.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Seems as if you just threw in a bunch of guys besides the ones you are talking about at the bottom. You start the match off with two babyfaces? 1 of whom who is a jobber?

    Like the Goldberg idea, but I don't believe it will happen. How would you book Goldberg? Would you have Goldberg destroy Ryback with a spear? How would these men get eliminated? I'd prefer to see Shield come out and ruin it so neither will have to get dominated by the other. Memorable moment in their face off. Shield eliminates Ryback. They all turn around for some spears and jack hammers. Fans going nuts as Goldberg tosses them after the ring. Talking trash, but someone who cares who throws him over the top. Heel most likely.....Del Rio or Antonio Cesaro would be a good pick.

    I'd probably start out the Rumble match with Kane and Daniel Bryan post losing the tag titles either at the previous ppv, Rumble, or on Raw weeks before. Get guys out there to start out the match who fans actually get off their seats for. Hardly a reaction last week for Ryder.

    Tag teams don't go in the match as an entry. At least, I've never in my life seen that. I've seen basically all the Rumbles besides 2012 and 2010. I own the rest on DVD. Can see Shield coming out though as one entry,but not Primo and Epico.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Awesome stuff. I personally would like to see Miz coming in the top three or four and replicate last year's performance, except actually make it to the final four. Get this face push going for him by having him eliminated in heart-breaking fashion near the end. Have the fans cheer him big time.

    Awesome blog. But, just to nit pick a little, Jerry Lawler had a heart attack, he won't be in the match.

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