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Chris Jericho Spoken Word Show, London (Review)

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So I had the opportunity to attend the Chris Jericho Spoken Word show at The Garage, London this past weekend and thought I’d share my feelings on a fantastic show especially for those who didn’t go and were curious as to what took place.

It was advertised as ‘Rockstars Say The Funniest Things’ so it was unclear how much of the show was going to be about Jerichos’ wrestling career and how much was going to be about Fozzy. As anyone who has read Chris’ books (especially Undisputed) he is able to effortlessly flip between stories about wrestling and Fozzy and make both of them equally entertaining and complement each other perfectly.

The show started with a video montage of some of Jerichos title wins and famous moments from the WWE as well as footage of Fozzy performing with the awesome Sandpaper rocking in the background. It was a great montage and full credit to whoever put it together. The video package culminated with the legendary 1999 countdown debut on Raw and as the clock reached zero for The Rock on the footage and the audience waited in participation we had a countdown of our own. The lights went out and then out of nowhere the flashing lights of Jerichos jacket appeared on stage…cue Break The Walls Down….lights up and the audience when ballistic. I can’t put into words what a moment this was as the crowd screamed Y2J...Y2J...Y2J!!!. Think how awesome Jerichos entrance is in 20,000+ arenas or when you’re watching it on TV at home…this was in front of a crowd of a few hundred die hard fans and here we were experiencing this from a few feet away. I don’t think I’d of had a closer,better view if I’d been in the Gorilla Position at a RAW or PPV.

Once the audience had finally calmed down Chris set the tone of the evening by welcoming us and a few funny remarks. He seemed very much at ease and full of energy considering he was still jet lagged and had flown that day from a gig the night before in Ireland. He acknowledged that he hadn’t written a script or notes and was just going to go with the flow.

Chris started by giving us the privilege of seeing the inner workings of his famous flashing jacket as well as some insight into how it came about. I won’t go into details (sworn to secrecy) but it was fascinating to understand the workings of the jacket and hear some great anecdotes about it, including how half of it wasn’t working at WM28 which is something I’d never noticed.
What followed was an hour or so of great Jericho stories, considering he had no script he showed the natural flair, humour and charisma that we all know and love. One particular highlight was a brilliant tale of an 18 hour dash across Europe in the smallest bus ever to get to a flight when the volcano/ash cloud eruption took place a few years back. I was literally wiping the tears from my eyes at some points.

The stories were genuinely funny, some I was already familiar with having read both Lions Tale and Undisputed countless times but this didn’t make them any less enjoyable. In fact it enhanced the stories and brought them to life. I went back to Undisputed when I got home and re-read some of the tales he told and they were even more enjoyable having heard them told so entertainingly earlier that evening.
After a few more anecdotes Chris welcomed questions from the audience and it was clear that he was comfortable talking about anything in an honest and open way. We even found out which member of One Direction he likes the most (again I’m sworn to secrecy on that one). Other subjects covered included tips for people staring out in the business, pranks played on other wrestlers and an experience he had in the Hamburg red light district. My only regret was that I didn’t have a chance to meet him afterwards despite having a VIP ticket, the show finished fairly late and I had a train to catch but it was still worth every penny.

For me the thing that makes the stories Chris tells both live and in his book so entertaining is that he finds the perfect balance between honesty, comedy and respect for both the wrestling and rock business. Even when talking about things in the past that didn’t go great or could be considered critical if worded differently, his lack of bitterness make then valuable insights and fascinating for us fans.
I really hope this isn’t the last time Chris does a spoken word performance. I for one would be first in queue for the next one. A truly brilliant and memorable night, the legendary Okama Boy did well.

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  1. bmh67wa's Avatar
    It would be cool if there was a video of this. Sounds like it was fun. Glad that you enjoyed it!

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