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STATE OF THE 'E: The Shield Of CM Punk

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Oh yes ladies and gentlemen. I'm back again to give you some insight of my mind and dig into how things are going. Clearly you can see what this blog will be about due to the title of it.

Let me start by saying 374. That is the number of days currently that CM Punk has been Champion of THE 'E. In six short days, he will have surpassed John Cena's 380 reign of terror and will have been in the "TOP FIVE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP REIGNS OF ALL TIME!" That makes me feel great.

Do I think he's going to hit the 1,000 day mark and challenge Pedro Morales for his number four spot? No. I don't. But, do I think that maybe, just maybe he will be WWE Champion for like maybe 600 days? Sure. It's possible. No one is complaining about Punk's reign. No one is saying its stale. He keeps getting in the big feuds, he keeps putting "prestige" back into the Championship.

That strap isn't coming off of him for quite some time. I'm banking on it. He will walk into Royal Rumble and BEAT The Rock, he will have a Championship match at Elimination Chamber (while the EC itself is set up for a number one contender spot.) and win it and at WRESTLEMANIA XXIX in my home state he will have a TRIPLE THREAT match with John Cena and The Rock and he'll walk out of there as well as WWE Champion.

CM Punk is gold. CM Punk is officially the FACE of THE 'E whether you like it or not. Yeah, Cena is the "go to" guy for promotion but CM Punk has been grinding those trails and he's been out there doing his media thing recently as well. He's so money he doesn't even know. But VKM and Haitch know EXACTLY what they have with him. "CM Punk: The Best In The World" has sold a shit ton of copies and still on top of the sports pile right now.

His change DID happen but because he's super heel right now and no one wants to give him credit.. people being called to the main roster is BECAUSE of him. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and many more to come are because of CM Punk and his breaking down the barrier. Hell, Bryan Danielson being there is the first testament of that. But his journey is an interesting as well for another time...

And real quick, let me touch on THE SHIELD... you have three individuals that truthfully I never thought I'd see together in any type of team setting. I'd much rather have thought that Kassius Ohno would have been on THE SHIELD instead of Reigns but truthfully, I'll get to him in a minute.

Seth "Tyler Black" Rollins has had his debut coming for quite a long time. For some reason they keep saying he needs mic work, he needs mic work. So do half of the guys on the main roster. Seth has it and has proven so in FCW/NXT. And by all means, lets not forget that he's a former ROH Champion. He's going to be somewhere in THE 'E. Will he be WWE Champion? I don't think so... WHC is a definite in his future though.

John "Dean Ambrose" Moxley is not as full on known in my opinion because he didn't come from the number three promotion in the USA. He did a bunch of feds like CHIKARA, Dragon Gate USA, and most notably CZW and HWA. But again, none of them with as much exposure as ROH had with their product. He's a fantastic talker and an amazing wrestler. If he does what he does, I could see him becoming WWE Champion no doubt.

Roman "Joe Anoa'i" Reigns is by FAR the least known of these guys. But, if that name looks familiar it's because his family is legendary in THE 'E and he's taking up the mantle. He is the son of Wild Samoan Sika and related to The Rock, Yokozuna, The Uso's, Umaga, Rikishi and so on and so on. He hasn't done to much in the realm of professional wrestling coming from NFL and CFL but, I have a feeling. A strong feeling about him. I honestly believe that once THE SHIELD have disbanded, he will go on to see success in the same vein as Batista.

Regardless of anything, I believe that THE SHIELD is a part of CM Punk and this thing going on. I think that Paul Heyman has a secret up his sleeve and I think that Brad Maddox has involvement as well. It will all play out and I think come to a head around the time of Royal Rumble.

Hopefully you all enjoyed my blog and no, I'm not touching on RAW being three hours or how to fix it. As usual, I love it and think it could be better but I think it's fine where it is. Have a great week and as usual leave me bra sizes, send me pictures of your sexy (women) selves, pork chop recipes, and comments below.

See Ya' Soon Space Cowboy...

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rated_R(ob)KO
    You are a very small minority my friend. Wear that flag proudly.
    I also feel Punk has become very boring. And over the course of the last several months, with all his screwjob wins, he looks weak. In my opiniion, you're way off in thinking he's holding the title, if even for another 2 months, but definitely not after Wrestlemania. So 600 days is dreaming.
  2. Karsten Langenfeld's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    I also feel Punk has become very boring. And over the course of the last several months, with all his screwjob wins, he looks weak. In my opiniion, you're way off in thinking he's holding the title, if even for another 2 months, but definitely not after Wrestlemania. So 600 days is dreaming.
    Quite exactly what i think. He looks like a weak undeserving champion just waiting to be kicked off the throne by the next up and coming 'knight in shining armor' type of wrestler. And if you take a look at all the heel champs, they usually only use them to build up the next big face. Punk will not be champion after wrestlemania.
  3. MjBryan17's Avatar
    I guess me and my friends are in the minority too. We all find Punk to be stale and boring lately. I think a year is enough for a wrestler to hold the belt especially with 4 shows a week and a monthly PPV. It just becomes to much of the same thing. Who can he feud with now that would be interesting? Ryback? The IWC is hating this feud. He's already feuded with plenty on the roster and there aren't many big names that are believable as a feud for him. Unless it's a Paul Heyman setup to setup a Brock feud sometime. I really really hate to say this but I see the belt back on Cena sometime in the next year.
  4. Heavy's Avatar
    I'm a fan of CM Punk just as much as the next guy, but punk is NOWHERE near the face of the company, and as for other guys being called up that's because of triple H. Punk doesn't have as much power as you think and there's nothing really exciting about other people ruining his matches and making him win, decent blog though
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