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ROH Final Battle 2012: Predictions, thoughts, opinions

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2012 was a very good year of wrestling, and it all comes to an end next month with a slew of events. Events no one care about (I'm looking at you WWE), events people are indifferent about (Sorry TNA) and events people are truly buzzing about (ROH, Chikara, Extreme Rising). The Chikara card for "Under the Hood" looks pretty awesome and will be ending their year with a bang. Extreme Rising will end on 12/29 with their show, featuring some of the hardcore stars of yesteryear.

But the event that has me excited the most is Ring of Honor' final show of the year, Final Battle.

ROH has been up and down all year, but the tide seems to be changing and has been ever since Delirious started booking shows over Cornette. This card for Final Battle may be the best card of the year:

Steen vs. Generico: Ladder War for the ROH World title
SCUM vs Briscoes vs. C&C for the ROH Tag titles
Cole vs. M.Hardy
Lethal vs. Rhino
Jerry Lynns final ROH match
Elgin vs. Strong
Fish/O'Reilly vs. Wolves
WGTT vs. Titus/Whitmer (Not announced yet but assumed)

For the most part, a strong card. 8 matches ranging from OK to possible match of the year to show stealers.

The whole WGTT/Whitmer-Titus feud is not really intriguing me at all. I think WGTT's run in ROH is really slowing down (maybe due to the lack of teams to face) and ever since Kenny King left for "better" opportunities, Titus has been stuck in limbo.

Showstealer alert: Fish/O'Reilly vs. American Wolves. The reunion of the Wolves is good enough to create a good match, but throw in the underrated Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly and we may have a match that most people will be talking about.

And then you have Michael Elgin vs. Roderick Strong, another possible showstealer. The feud that has practically spanned most of the year, though with no matches between them in ROH, this was coming sooner or later.

Jerry Lynns career is coming to an end soon, and his final match with ROH will be something special. I expect the match to be alright, though the opponent is still unknown (at least to me at this point). Whoever does face Lynn will be boo'd terribly but will having something to put on his resume.

Lethal vs. Rhino is a filler match, to me anyway. It'll still be entertaining to watch as Lethal always puts on good matches and Rhino is fun to watch. Lethal, not getting a title show until Steen loses, is stuck until then.

Glory By Honor started a good amount of these matches, none more than Matt Hardy vs. Adam Cole. A non title match, this could also steal the show just based on the people throwing Hardy under the bus. He's been putting on good matches on the indy scene, him and Cole could tear the house down.

3 Way tag for the Tag titles, Scum vs. C&C vs. The Briscoes. An interesting match, could possibly tell the outcome for the main event. I could see a surprise win from C&C, I think they definitely deserve it. Of course, taking the belts of Scum could lead their overall demise. Meaning...

Our main event. Steen vs. Generico. Ladder War. Last we saw of Generico, he lost to Steen at Showdown in the Sun back in March. Since then, he's been seen with PWG and more notably (the reason why he hasn't been with ROH) his time with DGUSA/Evolve (which might come to an end?).

Most are predicting Generico wins the title, I agree for many reasons. A. It's Final Battle, last show of the year, ROH wants to go out with a bang. B. To keep some fresh main events going, Generico would have to win. It would open the door for Lethal to get back in the title picture, as well as having great matches with Elgin, Cole, Strong, etc.

Whether anything I said will happen, doesn't matter much to me. I'll be in attendance and i'm certain it'll be a tremendous show.

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  1. robofhonor's Avatar
    I wish there could be a longer fued for Steen his run isnt over but generico and Steen will rip that building apart
  2. DBOR's Avatar
    I agree that Under The Hood has an incredible card. I am really excited to how Chikara ends season 11!
  3. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by robofhonor
    I wish there could be a longer fued for Steen his run isnt over but generico and Steen will rip that building apart
    I just had to be Generico, who else can beat Steen? He's gone through everyone else.
  4. robofhonor's Avatar
    I do believe generico will win but I dont think it will be at final battle
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Can't wait!! Should be a great show!!

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