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Jason's Thoughts : TNA OFN 11/22/12

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Gutcheck : Garret Bishcoff vs Wes Brisco
This was a pretty good match with some back and forth aswell as technical and fast paced wrestling.
Rating: 3 stars

Joey Ryan vs Chavo Guerrero
This was a good match I was very into it when Morgan interfered
Rating: 3 stars

Alex Silva vs Sam Shaw
Good match, they both played their characters well in the ring and really gave a good first impression but it felt slow at times and one side so...
Rating 2.9 stars

Aces Seg
It was pretty entertaining.
Rating 3 stars

Christian Yorke vs Jeff Hardy
Great match, they both gel really well together and there experience worked well in making a awesome match, with a attack on both men by Roode.
Rating: 3.5 stars

Taeler Hendrix vs Tara
This was a great womans match with Taeler giving a awesome performance, i see a possible feud brewing between them in the future!
Rating: 3 stars

Turkey Suit Triple Threat (Robbie E vs Jesse Godderz vs EY)
This was just a straight comedy match, with basic moves, the best part of the match was the brawl between the 3 men and their valets. I still did not really like it so 1/5 but the segment afterward was just epic. ODB being handcuffed and unable to do anything as EY is getting destroyed was just great televison. 4/5 stars

Kaz vs AJ
This was a awesome match really great showing by these two!
Rating : 3.9 stars

Aries/Brooke Seg
This was a great segment and didnt i tell ya!.....Aries comes up with a theory/lie and says that Brooke is dating bully while the show ends with Brooke,Hulk,Bully and Aries all just staring, because of how predictable it was for me to guess that a bully/brooke story it loses some points.
Rating : Yeah you guessed it 3 stars

Overall: 8 it was pretty good but none of the segment were really big or impactful, the absense of big stars like RVD etc was all a hit aswell as the fact none of them besides the Aces segs were worth 4 stars or higher. Well i am done for this week i hope you enjoyed it, have a great thanksgiving!

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  1. Opinionnoted's Avatar
    Skipped through a Majority of Raw, was entertained by the majority of TNA.
    Alot of new stars especially shaw vs silva who i didnt pay that much attention too.
    It was a decent episode not so much for story development but for pushing the brand as a place that promotes indie wrestler . Eg. Good to see silva building some heel attitude, wish he called out Rude though like he should have on his debut.
  2. Vondraco's Avatar
    Jay I agree with a lot of what you say, I just have a few additional comments. But overall, good blog. Are you giving stars based on an "out of 5" or "out of 10?" I'll assume out of 5, but thought I'd check to be sure since you gave it an 8 at the end.

    Garrett and Wes: Great match, I wasn't looking forward to it but they really put on a decent show. I was impressed.

    York and Hardy: I am really hyped for York. He has the look and the skills to be a major player. I thought putting him up against Hardy so early in his TNA run might have been a mistake, but again I was (I think) wrong. They put on a fantastic match, perhaps the best of the night. I haven't been a big Hardy fan before, since the drug thing, but the past month or so he's starting to win me over. (I still think his makeup gimmicks are stupid though.)

    Taeler and Tara: I have to both agree and disagree with you here. I don't think Taeler showed a lot in this match, Tara looked so much better from a wrestling standpoint. Taeler looked a lot better from an "oh my god this girl is so bloody hot I need to change my pants" standpoint. I do see a feud with them in the near future though and, since it means I'll get to drool over Taeler's perfect little butt more often, I can't see a downside to that.

    Turkey Suit Match: Yeah, it was kinda stupid, but I noticed EY doing a *lot* more serious wrestling than he has recently. I really really really think they need to drop the comedy angle with him and let him bring it. He is an excellent technician and it showed.

    Kaz and AJ: Again? I don't like AJ's new haircut, btw. Yeah, they were great, they pulled off the moves flawlessly, but having seen it before ... and I mean having seen it A LOT before ... I wasn't as interested. At least it wasn't Daniels vs AJ. Oh wait, that's at the PPV. One last time. Again. It's worse than WWE and their "once in a lifetime" match between Rock and Cena when it's odds on that it'll happen again.

    Aries, Bully Ray and the Hogans: Really? REALLY? Really. First TNA had the partial-birth abortion that was the Claire "scandal" with AJ Styles. Then WWE pulled off the same thing, but better, with AJ Lee and Cena. And Styles got a shot in at the WWE for it too, on worldwide TV, which I found a bit funny. Now TNA is trying the same thing again with different players? None of which are named AJ, so at least that's different. Once in a while, OK. Every time you flippin' turn around? Not so good.

    Just some things I had to get off my chest.
  3. Joe$Playa's Avatar
    it was good i like the end
    all four of them looking at each other

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