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Brand Warfare

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Now I changed the title due to not many views because I amsure people think this was a blog on the video games, you are wrong. So here isa blog on bringing back the idea of Brand Warfare. Do you all remember brandwarfare? I personally enjoyed it. I will give my reasons why for bringing thisfeud between brands should be brought back and what needs to happen to do it.

Reasons Why:
Smackdown Becomes More Important and Relevant
Now let’s be honest, Smackdown has not been the same since 2009 I would say. Ever since that CM Punkand Jeff Hardy feud it’s missed some stuff. In any case, ever since Smackdownhas lost major star power, it’s been lacking in caring to watch. I mean sure you can stay tuned in more to the world title feud (which is boring as of now) and some other superstars but it’s more of an extra brand show then a brand that isa threat to Raw. Heck I remember when Smackdown was actually better then Raw insome cases. Nothing big happens. We get all these Raw rewinds when anybody caneasily go on and check out what happened on Raw. It’s not hard at all. Smackdown needs to manifest better feuds and belligerent action. What happened to the unpredictability? You do not even need to read the spoilers knowing who and who’s not going to win. If you do not mind Dalyxman, I am advertising anold YouTube video of yours and you people should check it out cause he does really well on pointing out the major components Smackdown needs.

Drafts/Special Occasions
I like the idea when Smackdown and Raw would join together making special memories together when joint. I liked it. It’s like Christmas in a way. If you had Christmas every day, it loses meaning, and money in your wallet. That’s what Raw's Supershow does. It takes away meaning, especially from the draft. There is no point for itanymore. I miss it, especially when there was ECW. I mean, it was crazy the way superstars would switch brands. Whether it was Matt Hardy to ECW, Batista toRaw, or Triple H to Smackdown, I loved it. It completely altered dynamics of the brands through feuds, titles, etc. Do yall actually remember the WWE Championship being on Smackdown? Can you believe that? It never will be now. But yes the draft allowed more creativity and opened up more options. When all the brands would join together on special occasions, it made it more memorable and worthwhile. I am sure you guys and gals can add to this.

I like the idea of aWWE Superstar/Diva being on a brand and having an identification on which show their on. I like the idea of certain titles being on certain brands. I like the idea of only specific superstars can only go for their branded titles. Now,anyone can go for any title. I just do not see the point of having all these titles if anyone can go for any title. You are better off having the WWE Title for Raw, the IC Title for Smackdown, Tag Belts, and sure keep the Divas Title. No point for the WHC and the US Title considering it takes away the prestige of prescribing a title. Sure it adds feuds, but there really is no background to the feud except wanting the title. In that case, it can limit feuds. Another thing about identity is Smackdown Superstars should vs. Smackdown superstars on Smackdown and vice versa. They need this for the sake of being able to grow asspecific shows.

The Warfare
I loved it whether it was ECW, Smackdown, or Raw beating the heck out of each other. Remember the night of Eddie Guerrero vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship ending with both Smackdown and Raw superstars brawling in animosity? Remember the rare moment of Smackdown vs. Raw in 2005 at Survivor Series? How bout invasions from ECW? These were great memorable moments in WWE history that really cannot be relived. The only ways they can are with factions in the WWE like the Nexus, Sidenote: “I do believe Nexus was treated too much like their own brand then a faction, it really put the odds against them then other." Anyways, yes I miss the pugnaciousness in what brands brought to the table and trying to outdo each other in competition, ratings, etc.

Now how is this going to happen?

Make Raw 2 Hours
Sorry I took so longwhoever's blog I commented on why Raw should be three hours. Yes I do enjoy Rawbeing three hours every now and then considering I get more time to enjoy it or even harangue upon it. Why should it go back to two hours besides the reason for brand warfare? I actually get tired of it by the time two hours are up. I actually I am more likely to skip stuff in the show with DVR. When it was two hours, they would give you their best in two hours, well not really, but you know what I mean. (Really depends on what year) Now with three hours, WWE does not fear going ahead and putting some match that does not matter or a storyline that I personally do not like. In this case, I change the three hour Raw into two hours, almost as it was originally was considering commercials with the original two hours makes it 1 hr. 30 min. approximately.

Plus, they show us all these stinking replays. I mean, I just saw these ten minutes ago. If people want to know what happened, they can type into their web browser and look it up. Stop wasting time withuseless replays. If I can remember what I had for dinner, I can remember whathappened on Raw. By the way, I had pizza. There’s an example of being irrelevant and wasting time. I should not post a paragraph about useless stuff or even what I just said in another paragraph again.

Now adding to this, the PPV's are less significant I feel.With Raw's being like PPV's except with promos it again takes away meanings. Sure Raw and Smackdown are meant to build the feuds while PPV's are meant to advertise the built up feuds, but this makes PPV's less meaningful knowing I can watch Raw for three hours instead of pay for a PPV for three hours knowing possibly a match on the PPV will eventually be on the show. Hey, Smackdown is even treated less relevant having Raw three hours. Why watch Smackdown(although good match quality) if every feud on Smackdown is featured on Raw due to time cultivation. Seriously?

Switch Up The Stars
You’re going to need to set up the identities for each roster. I mean, you would hate it in the NFL if there was no subdivisions in NFC or AFC allowing your team to not have a better chance in the playoffs, right? Star power would probably go to Raw, but that’s what Smackdown needs some of, sure. Heck, allow low-carders to get on Smackdown because they can have reasons for being on the show. With Raw being three hours, low-carders get less of a chance to fight due to WWE Creative Teams just focusing on bigger storylines. Allow Smackdown to help them out, but still allowing star power like Randy Orton or Sheamus to stay on the show. Heck letRey Mysterio go to Smackdown, or is he already? Just allow the divas to be on Smackdown and not Raw. This helps them stay on one brand still being able togrow in their potential feuds and this won't hurt ratings on Raw. I mean there was a time where there as just the Women's Championship on Raw while Smackdown was more for the cruiserweight division Anyways, it can help them get over more and learn what they need to do, although here at ewrestlingnews, we already know. Let the lower tag teams like the Usos, and whoever else is on NXT move to Smackdown. I know it seems like a lot, but it has a possibility of working.

That’s really all I have to say. Oh honorable mention:Single Branded PPVs. They would not work today, but they were great for constituting feuds for a PPV for each show giving them time to do it. This is Cross saying remember the Cross, and Who died on it.

"But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
-Romans 5:8

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Updated 11-23-2012 at 04:55 PM by Cross

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    It all starts with giving us a reason to watch smackdown. We used to watch raw for Cena vs Jericho and watch smackdown for orton vs undertaker. Stuff like that is what wanted to see on separate shows. When I have to see Sheamus and big show continue their rivalry on raw, in my head I think "why watch smackdown?" Raw needs to get shortened and smackdown needs to become relevant.

    I will give you A LOT of credit for getting me to think about the days of smackdown vs raw. I think back to wrestlemania21 where they called Shawn michaels vs Kurt angle an "interpromotional match". The fact that they used to designate brands, and call people "smackdown superstars" or "raw superstars" shows how the difference of the brands stood out.

    If you want a start to a brand war, I'll give you the start:CHANGE THE FUCKING ENTRANCE STAGE. Raw had the metal theme, and then smackdown had that big ass fist. Rey mysterio had his own compartment in the smackdown entrance stage to jump out of. It was DIFFERENT. I even felt that the wrestling styles on the two shows were different.

    And I'm not gunna lie. I really miss single branded ppvs. I don't know why, but they had a more significant feel.
  2. Vondraco's Avatar
    You've got some great points. I too miss the brand division. I watch Raw to follow the storylines now and watch Smackdown if I have nothing better to do on a Friday night (or Saturday afternoon with DVD). Same with all the other shows: Main Event, Saturday Morning Smash (or whatever it's called), etc.

    And yeah, the 3-hour Raw show takes me only a little longer to watch than the 2-hour Raw show used to since I DVR it and fast forward through the endless repetitive promos and "what happened before the break" spots. WWE is catching onto the whole social media thing but maybe they need to get up-to-date with modern television technology and the Internet first.

    But really ... and I seriously don't want to be a negative Nancy here ... WWE is making money doing what they're doing. In some ways I love what they're doing, in other ways I despair for the intelligence level of the entire human race. I am behind your post 100% in that I think you have every right to voice your opinion, but I'm not optimistic about WWE making any smart changes in the near future.

    BTW ... "feutured?" And a number of other spelling/usage errors. Seriously I have to say someone who can both spell and use "pugnaciousness" correctly, as you did, is a cut above the rest, but ... you quote your Romans 5:8, well, Vondraco 5:8 says American Heritage put out a Book of English Usage you should glance at. At which you should glance, I mean. OK well SCSA did it better. ;-)
  3. kylos's Avatar
    I like the fact you are bringing up the Smackdown concept. You really should go back through this blog and sort out the spacing issue on some of your sentences though, made it harder to read.

    Totally agree with having Raw back at 2 hours. It makes PPV feel less special, like a glorified version of Raw.

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