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WWE - The Next Generation: Announcers

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Now before you begin reading the main blog, just a disclaimer; I am not 'Anti' JR or king or Cole, I think they have done a marvelous job over the past years. This is just a portrayal of my current thoughts on announcing in the WWE.

Wasn't sure whether or not to post this as a blog or as a forum topic, but in my head I have alot to say on the matter, so it may be best here as a blog.

WWE - The Next Generation - Announcers

Announcers; they are the great story tellers of the wrestling world. It is their voices that are heard by all the fans watching at home. They are, in my opinion, just as intrinsic to the television broadcast as the wrestlers perfroming in the ring are.

However, unlike wrestlers (or superstars); the broadcast announcers have enjoyed a greater longevity in their role, and becuase of this have seemingly become part of the furniture in the WWE household. Members of the household furniture include the still chiming Grandfather Clock that is Good 'ole JR; The China Cabinet (full of cracked and outdated notions) Jerry the King Lawler, and even that weirdly garish armchair you bought, that doesn't quite fit in with your house's decor, but can't bring yourself to throw away - Michael Cole.

My issue with the current product is this:

The WWE are trying to market their house (product) as modern, exciting, and recently renovated. but when you come to show people around there is a bunch of antiques in the living room - and although they are spectacular, full of character and still do the job you bought them for all those years ago, they portray a feeling that the house has nothing new to offer, and has just had a lick of magnolia paint to freshen it up.

If the WWE really want to move on, and sell their house, they have to put that older furniture into storage, and bring it out on special occasions. But with that being said, they can't just have an empty living room for when people come round for a viewing. They need to invest in new furniture that portrays the feel of change, modernism but that is still useable and people could imagine using.

My answer to this would be to bring in the likes of Bryon Saxton who is proving to be a great commentator on NXT, bring in William Regal as as play by play guy, becuase he has th best knowledge of the moves being performed, and hold on the JBL, hes a great heel commentator and comes out with these bizarre claims/stories. It would be new, exciting, but most of all still familiar and useable. And in my humble opinion would shake up the Raw and Smackdowns broadcasts.

Thank you for your time and patience for my little rant.

Please leave feedback as I'll be hopefully writing a blog each week looking at different areas of the WWE product (maybe continuing the theme of it as a house).

Best wishes to you all,

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  1. dan_rick's Avatar
    This would have been better on a furniture forum. Nah just kidding I agree. The problem is I just can't see Regal or JBL plugging Tout or anything commercial for that matter. Queue the Miz one day.
  2. tigermask's Avatar
    Good point, I never thought of the commercial aspect of product placement etc. however I think JBL has used tout a couple of times on his expeditions, and so I can see him placing and selling the product. Dan_rick have you see Byron Saxton's work on NXT, I think its great, and I can see him being a great all rounder, similar to Cole, just more interesting and emotive. Finally, it must be worth bringing back AW...onto commentary....and create chaos.

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