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WWSD Blog 3 - Armageddon for Team Hell No!

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Hey Guys! It feels like I wrote my last blog many, many years ago now, and I apologise that it has been such a delay in getting here. I’m currently a screenwriting student, and as such film and TV have been taking allof my creative writing time! But I have a few spare moments now, and I felt inspired to write so here goes – hope you enjoy!

Over the past year, I have to say I have been pretty frustrated with the short-sightedness of WWE storylines. Brock Lesnar’s return has ultimately been disappointing thanks to the short term decision to have him lose to Cena (see my previous blog for my more detailed thoughts on that :P),and Ryback’s push has been weakened by the short term decision to put him into the WWE Championship picture that had a conflicting, long-term storyline (maybe I’ll blog about that later!). However, I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom at Titan Towers just yet, and one of the major things that has made me think that is the emergence of the tag team division once again, and more importantly the creation of one of the funniest double acts in WWE, maybe even television, history - Daniel Bryan and Kane, Team Hell No!

When it started out, I was sceptical, but the chemistry and the skill of both men has made this one of the most refreshing story-lines in along time. But, like all good things, it has to come to an end sometime, and this is how I, in my purely hypothetical role as a WWE writer, would go about doing that...

It is no secret that, whilst they are effective and get the job done, Kane and Daniel Bryan do not get along. For weeks now, both of themhave proclaimed ‘I am the Tag Team Champions’, and there is a clear lack ofcohesion between them. This continues to escalate until TLC, where they retain their tag team titles in a tables match thanks to Daniel Bryan putting (forsake of argument) Darren Young through a table before being put through a table by Kane for good measure.

The following night on Raw, Bryan comes to the ring and tells us he’s had enough. He’s fed up with Kane, he’s fed up with Team Hell No,and he’s fed up of sharing the belts with Kane. Since he is the Tag Team Champions, he wants Kane stripped of his half of the title, and wants it to go to a partner of his choice. This brings out Kane, who initially says he is hurt by Daniel’s comments, before saying that he is the Tag Team Champions, and that he wants Bryan’s half of the title to give to a partner of his choice. They argue back and forth until Vickie Guerrero comes out to regain order. She tells them that both have claimed to be the Tag Team Champions, but neither one has proved it. Now, both men will compete to win the other partner’s belt to give to another superstar of their choosing. They won’t compete against each otherthough – they will compete with each other. The first person to get 10 ‘falls’in tag team matches will be declared the winner, and the true Tag Team Champions, starting tonight with a Tag Team Championship match. Both men agree to the challenge, and the hunt is on.

Later that night, Team Hell No defends the titles against The Usos, with Bryan and Kane both jockeying to be the man who gets the pin-fall or submission. In the end, Kane chokeslams Bryan and pins an Uso to go 1-0 up. Bryan looks pissed off, Kane looks triumphant.

Backstage, the next week on Raw, Daniel Bryan is seen talking to William Regal, when they are interrupted by Kane. It is revealed that, should Bryan win the contest, Regal will be his new partner, and they will be the Tag Team Champions. They ask who Kane has picked, and he introduces...Tony Chimel! Bryan and Regal are in disbelief, but according to Kane, ‘Tony has a mean right hand’. Tony looks a little scared, not really having much choice as Kane has made up his mind. Later that night, Hell No compete again, and once again Kane beats Bryan to the fall – 2-0 Kane.

Another week and another tag team match for Hell No. Kane is winding up for the chokeslam, but as he does so, Regal pops up on the apron, brass-knuckles in hand and hits Kane, allowing Bryan to get the tag and the pin-fall to bring him back into the game – 2-1 Kane. Kane is enraged backstage,and since he is not able to find a hiding Bryan and Regal, he takes out his frustration on Chimel – ‘Where were you Tony?!’ Tony can’t speak he’s so terrified, and Kane storms out through a hole he’s made in the wall.

The last Raw before the Royal Rumble and we have another Hell No tag team match. As the match draws to its conclusion, Regal once again hops up on the apron with a loaded right hand to repeat last week’s winning antics. However, this time, a ringside Tony Chimel jumps onto the apron and rather awkwardly pulls Regal down, foiling Bryan and Regal’s plan and handing Kane the pin-fall – 3-1 Kane. Bryan and Regal are furious, but Kane is delighted, and rather impressed with Chimel, who looks suitably pleased with himself as well. Maybe he could be a champion after all...

At Royal Rumble, Hell No defend the Tag Team Titles in afour team, elimination tag team match (so 3 falls up for grabs). Withsurprising speed, Bryan manages to eliminate the first team, much to the shock of Kane who couldn’t move fast enough to prevent it – 3-2 Kane. Bryan tries his hardest to avoid tagging in Kane, knowing he could get the next fall, but eventually he finds himself in the corner and Kane tags himself in. Regal and Bryan do their best to distract Kane, but he doesn’t buy into their ploy and he easily eliminates the second team – 4-2 Kane. A member of the final team charges in to try and catch Kane off guard, but he in turn eats a rather quick chokeslam. Bryan charges the ring, seeing that Kane could get the final fall, but Tony Chimel stands in his path, bouncing him away from the ring and allowing Kane to get the 3-count and retain the titles – 5-2 Kane. Bryan and Regal have once again been frustrated by the quickly gelling duo of Kane and Chimel.

The night after on Raw, Hell No face another challenge, andonce again Kane looks to be in control. However, with both Regal and Chimel inHell No’s corner, Regal grabs Chimel and threatens to hit him with the brassknuckles. This draws a rather protective Kane over to his corner to tell Regalto back off, but this only allows Bryan to make the blind tag. He dropkicksKane out of the ring, nails the No! Lock on his unwitting opponent and gets thefall – 5-3 Kane. Kane quickly returns to the ring, but Bryan and Regal havescarpered looking pretty pleased with themselves. Kane is angry, but he makes sure to leave with his new best friend Tony Chimel.

Later that week on Main Event, a tag team match is announced as The Miz and Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro. Backstage, Regal is seen talking to Cesaro about European culture, and Regal tells him of a ‘cracking Swiss cheese shop’ nearby that they should look at. Cesaro leaves with Regal before his match, seemingly leaving Wade Barrett partner-less for the night. When the match starts, Daniel Bryan comes to the ring and announces that he will step in to take Cesaro’s place and help Barrett in the match. It’s a back and forth encounter, and just as Barrett is setting up for the finish, Bryan tags himself in and gets the fall, much to Barrett’s confusion. As Bryan explains – there is a loophole in the Tag Team Title contest between himself and Kane. The contract states that the person with 10 tag team falls will win the titles, not exclusively tag team matches including Hell No. So, importantly, his victory tonight earns him a point in the contest – 5-4 Kane. On Smackdown that same week, Bryan repeats the trick and ends up in a random tag team match, waiting on the apron the whole match until his partner hits his finisher where he tags in and takes the fall – 5-5.

Monday night again, and this time Vickie decides that she wants to see how well the ‘new teams’ work together in a match. She sets Daniel Bryan & William Regal vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel, and Kane & Tony Chimel vs. Primo and Epico. In the first match, as Kane and Chimel watch on, Regal manages to gain the upper hand, landing a running knee. He goes to tag in Bryan so he can get the pin, but before he can get there Tony Chimel begins to choke on a hot-dog he’s eating on the outside. This is enough to distract the referee, allowing Kane into the ring to chokeslam both Regal and Bryan. With both out cold, Kane goes to drag Gabriel over Regal, but has second thoughts and ends up dragging Regal over Gabriel before leaving the ring. With Chimel ‘ok’, the referee turns into the pin and counts the fall, with Regal getting it instead of Bryan. Kane laughs devilishly as he leaves with Chimel. Chimel giggles.

Later, in Chimel’s first ever WWE match, Kane tags in Chimel who manages to somehow keep Epico at bay, more through luck than judgement. Fed up, Kane gets in and chokeslams Epico before returning to the corner, awaiting the tag. Chimel on the other hand, lets his imagination get the better of him, and seeing that he could get his first ever pin-fall, goes for the cover. Kane immediately gets in the ring and pulls him off, telling Tony to ‘remember the plan’. After getting a little over—excited, Chimel tags in Kane who delivers one last chokeslam and gets the definitive 3-count – 6-5 Kane.

On NXT, Bryan offers to mentor one of the young superstars, even going so far as to tag with him later in the show. The match is set, and Bryan gets the fall – 6-6. He repeats the trick again on Main Event to make it 7-6 Bryan, but when he goes to repeat it on Smackdown, it is revealed that the opposing team has a late replacement – Kane! With both men on opposite teams now, they fight back and forth until eventually Kane hits the chokeslam on Bryan’s partner and gets the fall – 7-7 at the end of an action-packed week for Bryan!

The next week on Raw, Vickie is concerned that she’s seen enough of Hell No fighting against each other, and that from now on they will compete together until the contest is over. That starts tonight, when they face the team of... William Regal & Tony Chimel! The match is filled with inter-team collaboration, as Regal ‘lies down’ for Bryan only to be interrupted by Kane, and for Chimel to do the same for Kane only to be interrupted by Bryan. It goes back and forth until Kane throws Chimel onto both Regal and Bryan on the outside, brings him back into the ring and pins him for the fall – 8-7 Kane. Chimel is hailed a hero for being so brave, but he is so dazed and confused he doesn’t really know what’s going on. In the back, it turns out that Tony Chimel suffered a concussion after being thrown over the ropes onto Bryan and Regal, and as such needs to take time off to recover, leaving Kane isolated and alone.

On Main Event and Smackdown later that week, the Tag Team Champions are again in action, but in both situations Regal and Bryan manage to work together to get the better of Kane and get the falls in both matches – 9-8 Bryan.

The last Raw before Elimination Chamber, and Bryan is on the cusp of winning the Tag Team Championships. Hell No are scheduled for tag team action, and sure enough Bryan and Regal once again double team Kane in an attempt to distract him into losing the fall. However, just as it looks like Bryan is going to win, Tony Chimel appears from out of nowhere and stops him, distracting him long enough for Kane to make the tag, get the pin and level the scores at 9-9. Bryan is furious, but Kane is delighted that Chimel is back and celebrates with him in the ring.

With the scores tied at 9-9, we head into Elimination Chamber, where the Tag Team Titles are on the line against No. 1 Contenders The Prime-Time Players. No matter what happens tonight, we will see new Tag Team Champions crowned and it will be the end of Hell No. It’s a back and forth match, and one which Bryan and Kane both come close to winning on a number of occasions. Regal and Chimel both try to help their partners, but with no luck. Chimel’s concussion seemingly comes back to haunt him, which is enough time for Kane to become distracted and allow Bryan into the match. It looks as if Bryan is about to cover Darren Young to get the last fall when suddenly, from out of nowhere, Titus O’Neill drops him with a chair, Darren Young springs up from ‘playing possum’ and he covers Daniel Bryan to get the 3 count and win the Tag Team Titles! Stunned, dazed and confused, Kane, Bryan, Regal and Chimel can’t quite believe what they are seeing. All of the bickering and in-fighting between themselves has cost them everything, with The Prime-Time Players wisely capitalising on this discord with a smart strategy. Both Kane and Bryan snap, destroying the ringside area in a display that even concerns their partners, who make their exit and leave them to it. United in their rage, Bryan and Kane share one last moment in the ring, before each storming off in different ways either side of the ramp.

The following night on Raw, Bryan blames Kane for the loss, saying that he got distracted by his ‘pet’ Tony Chimel and that cost them the match. Kane claims it was Bryan who cost them the match by being pinned. Vickie suggests that after their loss of temper, she has brought back Dr. Shelby for some more anger management lessons. Bryan and Kane refuse to go that week, but the next week on Raw, Vickie threatens to fire both of them if they don’t attend. Reluctantly they agree, but both don’t do well. In fact, in the session the week after, both snap again and destroy the meeting room.

The next week on Raw, Bryan and Kane finally agree on something. They agree that the only way to settle this once and for all is with a one-on-one match at Wrestlemania XXIX.

At the big event itself, Kane and Bryan have a back and forth match, with both men pushing each other to the limit. Both Regal and Chimel attempt early on to get involved, but both are neutralised and quickly forgotten about as this is about Kane and Bryan finally settling a near year-long rivalry. At the end, Kane refuses to tap out to the No! Lock, before picking Bryan up and chokeslamming him for the 3-count and the win. Post-match, Bryan looks annoyed with himself, but he also has to respect his worthy opponent. He offers the handshake to Kane, who looks at the hand for a moment before opening up his arms for a hug. Reluctantly, Bryan gives Kane one last hug for the ‘Wrestlemania moment’ to end this rivalry on the grandest stage of them all.

So there we have it. As with all of my blogs so far it seems, I apologise for the marathon read. If you’ve made it this far, I thank you wholeheartedly for giving me your time. Any comments, criticisms or opinions are welcomed below. Until next time, take care but more importantly have fun! Hwyl!

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  1. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    ...OK it needs to be said, why Tony Chimel?
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Cool. A well-written story. If only the actual creative writers of today's wrestling business put half as much effort into their work, wrestling might actually be entertaining.

    For anyone who actually wants to know what it's truly like to build a story and to have a plan, this blog is exactly that. It takes us from now until WM, which is exactly what WWE and TNA writers should be doing with every major storyline. Instead of the dreck we get today where even the writers don't know what's happening next week.

    Good job man. I loved this blog.
  3. Heavy's Avatar
    Haha dude I love this blog, especially how you use tony chimel as s Ricardo type deal, great build and creativity,
  4. steve_wonder's Avatar
    I knew that was going to be the first question asked of it!!! Basically, it comes down to characters. When I first thought of this storyline, I wanted Kane to have a ridiculous partner who was a wrestler but with an OTT gimmick - someone like The Hurricane or Doink the Clown, that sort of idea. So I looked through the current roster on, and the only ones who came close to fitting that mould to my mind were Santino, Hornswoggle or, to a lesser extent, Zack Ryder. Ryder I discounted because of the unresolved history with Kane, and him not being quite weird enough, and Hornswoggle and Santino just felt too same-y and predictable and I didn't like their fit in the story.

    So, as I casually flicked through, Tony Chimel's grinning face popped up and I got to thinking why not? Then I thought about Kane's character, and the fact that he is a complete psychopath, and bizarrely it started to make sense. Kane's character, now behind the mask, is one who is completely unpredictable and psychotic - traits that are fun to play with. You want that sense with him that one day he'll give you a hug, the next he'll rip your throat out but carefully gift-wrap it for you. So having him force Tony Chimel into being his partner felt like something Kane would do for no explainable reason - he wants it so he gets it, no need to question it. Then it started to spawn this idea that Tony starts out terrified but then actually starts to develop a liking for Kane and a feeling of camaraderie towards him, and that whole relationship fit perfectly with the comedy that is already inherent in this storyline.

    This then also influenced my decision to include Regal as well, as whilst it makes sense with his mentoring of Daniel Bryan, he is also very good in the comedy skits so would play well with it.

    So essentially, it was a happy accident, but one which I actually think is more fun than having an actual bona-fide superstar in that role and one that does more for Kane's psychopath character too.

    And thanks for the kind comments, I'm glad you enjoy the stories and I hope to continue telling them!

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