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WWE Survivor Series 2012 Review

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I was working while watching the PPV so I missed half of some parts but hey, it's just Survivor Series.

Brodus Clay, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & International Airstrike vs. Prime Time Players, Epico and Primo & Tensai
A pretty good match, WWE pretty much did what I expected them to given the structure of the teams. Nice to warm up the crowd for the rest of the show and there were a slew of nice spots and dives. I was impressed by Kidd's two eliminations as well. I thought it was a bit awkward that the last two people on the heel team were Epico (I think) and Darren Young as they're mixed up from their usual teams though I guess it's to show that no team is particularly better than the other (which to me seems silly, I see PTP as better than Epico & Primo and now they're just as bad as eachother.) Faces go over in a dominating victory. 7.5/10

Eve (c) vs Kaitlyn for the Diva's Championship
We get a segment before the match where Kaitlyn is attacked again and it's revealed it was Aksana in a blonde wig. Kaitlyn already knew it was Aksana as she accidentally said it a couple weeks ago on Smackdown but whatever. Eve acts fake apologetic and then Kaitlyn pushes her over and repeats whatever Eve said back to her. She seemed equally as heelish as Eve which threw me a bit. Onto the match and it wasn't that bad, Kaitlyn looked impressive and again kinda heelish. Her attire didn't help but enforce the heel factor in my eyes. I was convinced Kaitlyn would get her revenge but Eve does a nice spot where she pulled the apron from under Kaitlyn on the apron so she falls. Drags her back into the ring and hits a DDT (I think it was a DDT anyway) 123 Eve over. Really? For how much offence Kaitlyn was getting I was expecting a kickout which really made my opinion of Kaitlyn sink unfortunately. 6/10

Antonio Cesaro (c) vs R-Truth for the United States Championship
Cesaro cuts a nice short promo about what America has to be thankful for on Thanksgiving which I found amusing. The match itself was fine but nothing special. Truth doesn't gel as well as Gabriel does with Cesaro so the quality suffered a bit but that's made up for with Truth's higher card spot. No surprises here, Cesaro retains. Maybe we'll see a real feud with Cesaro soon? 6/10

The AJ Scandal Continues
This didn't feel like something that belonged on a PPV to me. AJ's jokes on Vickie were borderline heelish and out of character. I get she was giving Vickie her just desserts but unless it's funny without being as harsh as Vickie was then it's not really the same. The Tamina thing was unexpected, as was her Magmar-like attire. I agree with what some people are saying about this being a big diva's feud which is a good thing. But what's bad about it is that it doesn't feel like a Diva's storyline because AJ hasn't wrestled in months and Vickie is an authority figure. It technically is a Diva angle but it doesn't feel like one. Hopefully that will change with Tamina's involvement in the story.

Interview with Paul Heyman
What's great about Heyman is that he doesn't say anything special, it's the way he says everything. He's great on the mic and this interview is no exception. Short and sweet.

Big Show (c) vs Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship
This match was pretty damn good. Didn't see all of it due to work but I definitely caught the final moments. Electric chair on Big Show looked incredible. White noise was also great. The finish I thought was pretty good until a point. Big Show pulling the ref in front of the Brogue Kick actually made me gasp and while I didn't agree with how Show got the pin exactly, it made sense. But when Big Show retains the title, it seems odd to reverse the decision for a DQ. They have the grounds to do it but it seems weird when it doesn't really change anything. Then Sheamus gets angry and goes into heel-overdrive by smashing Big Show in with a chair over and over and over. I get that they're setting up to a chairs match between the two but come on, Sheamus is a better heel now than when he was being booked as a heel! And why weren't the referees making any attempts to stop Sheamus from potentially injuring Big Show? A couple too many holes in it for me in the end but overall it was good. 8/10

Team Foley (Orton, Kofi, Miz & Team Hell No) vs Team Ziggler (Ziggler, Del Rio, Wade Barrett, Tensai & Sandow)
This match was alright but it wasn't the spectacular match it could have been. I believed since the whole Team Punk thing was dropped and how Miz was voted into Team Foley by the WWE Universe, this match would be all about him and his complete faceturn. Not the case sadly. Miz did have a nice run in the match though I was expecting him to be the sole survivor so I was deflated when he was eliminated. In the end, nice to see Ziggler go over Orton in the end to get the win for his team. I guess they're holding back on a Ziggler face-turn for a while. The only reason this match left me down the way it did is because it had the possibility to turn Miz face completely, turn Kofi Kingston heel or both at once. They closed the doors on those options quicker than I would have thought. But otherwise, solid match. 7/10

CM Punk (c) vs Ryback vs John Cena for the WWE Championship
This match was very well executed. It told the story well of Cena and Punk wanting to avoid Ryback to focus on eachother, Ryback and Cena briefly combining to get rid of Punk and just had some brilliant moments. It was very well paced as well. Double suplex through the announce table looked awesome. Cena and Punk did their usual stuff in the ring which I liked. Then holy crap, Shellshock on both Punk and then Cena. I was convinced Ryback would win the title. Then the internet explodes as Dean Ambrose along with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come in dressed as security guards to attack Ryback. Punk gets enough life to pin Cena which was awesome because Cena was hit with Shellshock what felt like minutes ago which made the move seem extra powerful. Overall I think this was the best match of the night, and the long awaited debuts of Ambrose and Rollins were the icing on the cake. 9/10

Overall, I'm giving this PPV a 7.8/10
It wasn't amazing and there were a couple things I was hoping would happen but didn't. However the wrestling was generally solid with the three best matches of the night belonging to the opener and WHC and WWE Title matches. I can't let it settle for 7.5 but I feel like I'm overscoring with an 8 so 7.8 will have to do. Can't wait for Raw tonight.

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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    The reason the ref never try to stop Sheamus because he would most likely get his arse kick trying.
  2. straightuptagteammatch's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    The reason the ref never try to stop Sheamus because he would most likely get his arse kick trying.
    Even so, ref bumps are part and parcel. If this was a heel beatdown he'd have been dragged off or even more referees would have came out.

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