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The NXT/FCW curse, and more.

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Last night, the big news that apparently trumped the WWE and World title matches, and trumped the whole theme of the Survivor Series, was the debuts of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Everyone was waiting for these debuts (out of Reigns really) and now they are here. While the debut was memorable, the big question is, what now?

Are they aligned with CM Punk? Will they feud with Ryback? Is any of this a good idea?

Feuding with Ryback may not be the best thing. Ryback is in the middle of a big push, and WWE seems to have a lot riding on this guy. Now, them feuding with Ryback wouldn't be the worse thing, because this one feud wouldn't tarnish any of these guys career. But first impressions and momentum is what really pushes wrestlers. The 3 guys that debuted last night have made their first impression, but will momentum be on their side?

Of the 3, everyone has wanted Ambrose to debut the most but Rollins seems to be the more athletic of the 3, may appeal to more audiences faster than Ambrose will. Rollins (known as Tyler Black on the indy scene) was in FCW/NXT for over 2 years, so my fear is that the amount they watered him down may be critical.

Also pertaining to Rollins, what I would like to call the FCW/NXT curse. See, not everyone in FCW/NXT has been a champion there. Some have their matches and get called up, some stay a while, get a belt, and move on. Guys like Mason Ryan, Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Tyler see where i'm going with this list? The correlation is that really, only Sheamus has had any sustained success. And we're talking about a list of over 15 wrestlers. Similar to the infamous Madden cover curse, we could be seeing another trend. FCW/NXT champions not succeeding at the big time. Of course, this is all just talk, and we'll see where all of this goes fairly soon.

Don't get me wrong, I like when new talent debuts, but as a fan for a long time of all wrestling, we've seen great talent come and go and not make their mark.

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  1. RoadWarrior's Avatar
    I wouldn't say NXT is curse, more like WWE just being stupid and debuting too many guys way too soon. Granted they have undergone a radical makeover to their roster within the last 5 years, but clearly a lot of guys on the roster are in need of some character development. Some guys shouldn't even be on the main roster not because they're a bad talent but because they've yet to develop a personality or character fans can invest in. Guys like Michael McGilicuty, Mason Ryan.. Tyler Reks.. what were their characters? Why should fans give a shit? But I see what you're sayin good blog
  2. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    You're right, a lot of these guys are lacking character, charisma. And the matches aren't long enough sustain a good amount of wrestling, so a lot rides on character. Right now, the 3 rookies on the show are henchmen. How well that bodes for their character and connection with the fans? We'll see.
  3. Heavy's Avatar
    Well your blog was a little short, but I'm not gonna say bad. The thing with all of these guys is that the wwe uses them like a child does toys. New and they have so much planned for them then they get bored with them because they don't get over with the fans fast enough. Heck drew was chosen by Vince himself to be a champion and look what happen there, I think it was bad to bring them up only because they were all great on their own and could've came in better ways with bigger impacts. Ambrose was and is expected to be a great heel, and Rollins connects greatly with the fans, and Reigns was a great athlete in fcw, but like you said we'll see where this goes.
  4. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    Yeah it was a short, I was expecting a firestorm of comments and get into good conversations.

    I agree, bringing them up together doesn't help. I guess continuing on more trends, if you look at guys who have come out in stables, trios, anything other than tag team or singles, they really don't have too much sustained success either.

    Spirit Squad, 5 guys, only 1 made it (Ziggler). Nexus, 10 guys, 7 made it, 1 has only had only big success (D Bryan). I'm not liking the chances here.
  5. inkfan84's Avatar
    I agree and disagree that the majority of Nexus were not "big successes". Yes Daniel Bryan is a former World Heavyweight Champion. But Wade Barret is a former Intercontinental Champion and is receiving a moderate push after coming back from injury. Personally I like this version of Barret better than the first incarnation. It's more real to his personality. Justin Gabriel has formed a strong and exciting tag team with Tyson Kidd. Before this team formed, both were flops and I will agree, but they were thrown together cuz they are labeled as "high flyers" and the chemistry they have makes them a good team. I just wish WWE pushed them more. And speaking of tag teams, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil (yes I know he is not an original Nexus member, but he's still NXT) were thrown together and given a stereotypical gimmick that seems to be working. And Darren Young was originally kicked out of Nexus. But the bad side of the original Nexus, David Otunga is still on tv. Heath Slater is in a faction with two struggling or wasted talents. I don't see Slater going any further than comic relief, but still not even that will be successful. And another note, Gabriel and Slater are former Tag Team Champions.

    As for Spirit Squad, Ziggler was actually the only one who had potential. They all had talent, but he had the most potential. Maybe they should place him and his brother in a tag team and/or feud if they ever bring Briley Pierce up to the main roster? And please do not say thet Kenny Dykstra was successful. He was in the same boat as Slater, but in a jobber mentality.

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