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Survivor Series Tradition, WWE '13, Raw

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1st of all Greetings, 1st Wrestling blog, Thank you for reading this in advance. Grateful. Many things going through my mind when I think about wrestling this past week.

OK, What's 1st, the title says...Survivor Series tradition, Ok. As many of you already know, Survivor Series is at 6 or 7pm tonight on PPV, and I wanted to get my thoughts in on it before it happens. I hate how WWE treats this PPV like shit. Did you know they were planning to abolish the idea all together in 2010? They seriously were contemplating to get rid of it, and I cannot help but wonder what they were gonna replace it with. Survivor Series is one of the best PPVs to ever happen, fuck with "it's just another gimmick PPV," NO! It's history, and when the hell was someone gonna think of a better name than "Survivor Series" no one could, and Team vs Team was the greatest idea I ever heard in wrestling, two teams made up of wrestlers determined to win the match despite if they hated team members, it was all about survival. And what WWE does with it nowadays, the team vs team matches are just, "OK, it's in this year, shut up already! OK, what's Cena gonna do this year!" That's it. The PPV with the coolest name is just that.....the PPV with a name, means nothing. This year, Cena hd no match, and the coolest idea of a Survivor Series match that had a 3-hour RAW dedicated to it's build was thrown out the window because poster-boy didn't have a meaningful match and bad reviews from people. Bad reviews Vince? for the 1st time since 2006, you are finally listening to bad reviews to change something major? I'm not bashing the 3-way for the title, it has potential to shit happening, but instead of giving Mick Foley a new rivalry to start against Ziggler apparently, they should've thrown Mick into the main event as special guest referee. So now WWE has one main event, and the apparent obligated Survivor Series match for the year and Vinnie's happy. Cena vs Ziggler could've worked, but Cena wasn't in the main event. So yeah, have a happy thanksgiving from WWE Cena fans. The Survivor Series match does hae potential, may not be given a lot of time r anything, but I am happy Kane & Bryan are in the match, they have been the most original and watchable thing in WWE recently, along with Punk & Heyman, i guess, without the Cena thing anyway. It seems to have the time to have it. (with the Divas' match being on the card should be an indicator) And the World Title match Sheamow having a one on one, with their finishers as the ONLY build up, ..... might be good, i don't know, that's the best WWE writers can come up with with Vince's best men on Cena's next 5 year push, can ya blame them? It might only get 3 stars, at best.

I recently got curious on how the 2010 Old School RAW Tribute was. I missed it that year, forgot about it, but I watched it in all 15 parts on YouTube and was fucking amazed on how they kept everything true, from the stage to the ring ropes, to the graphics. even the old school logo was present. WWE Legends, Mene Gene with the little stage with steps in front of the crowd, JR commentary on a great Bryan/Swagger match, Mark Henry dawning his Sexual Chocolate gear with his music, topping it off with Piper's Pit and many more. I loved every second of it, that was until Michael Cole was reminded to be an asshole after the WM27 promo came on, and he had to begin his conversion to the little asshole that got fans annoyed enough to build buys into the shitty Mania match, and ruined the good feeling of JR's commentary and the rest of the show. But this happens in the last hour of 3. This was a really nice change from the overly hyped feeling the new stage gives us, hate that feeling of"This looks expensive, so let's invest and make an effort to TRY to think of it as a good show".

Now, WWE '13, if you haven't gotten this game yet, or at least tried it, get it or try it NOW! it is fun as hell, maybe not as great game play as the 2002-2005 games, and you will have to mark out to enjoy the shit out of it, but it still, it's a good buy. I never thought I would enjoy it, but would try it out due to half the roster being attitude era. Well, he got it, and we had a freaking 4 hour blast with it. No story mode or anything, just plain old exhibition matches, which saw Mike Tyson(CPU) defend the WWE Title against CM Punk(My Punk-Mark friend) and Stone Cold Steve Austin(Me) in an "EPIC" triple threat match.(NOTE: I use EPIC as a term because you have to choose it as a match setting in order to have a mark-out match) which saw Austin and Tyson beat the hell out of Punk majority of match, just for Mike to watch Punk pin Austin for the pinfall, and become his new manager. Then a MITB PG vs Attitude match took place for a case, which Kevin Nash(my friend) won, and a PG vs Attitude Chamber match, Which DDP(Me) dominated most of the match just for Jericho(my Friend) to kick out of everything DDP threw at him and pull out the victory. a 4-man battle royal took place for Undisputed Title with WWE Champ Punk(Mr Friend) and World Champ Sheamus(Me) defend against Nash & Y2J, which ended with both of us getting our finishers and me hitting Brogue kick from nowhere(my fluke) but for Punk to kick out and get the GTS set up just for me to unexpectedly reverse it for another Brogue for the win. Then we had a Survivor Series match Team Punk(Punk, Brock, Rock) vs Team Sheamus(Sheamus, Bret Hart, & Brodus Clay) with Brock eliminating Brodus, and gettin DQ'd by hitting bret with chair. Bret getting DQ'd by not obeying ref. 2 on 1, with Punk tagging in and out getting cheap shots to stay fresh. Rock putting Sheamus through table, and getting Rock Bottomed, Sheamus was able to survive and beat the Rock with Celtic force for the pin. After reversing Punk's attempts, the bloody Sheamus was finally put to sleep. The rivalry would end in Hell in a Cell for the WWE Title, with Punk's newest game set Ally, Mike Tyson as referee. Sheamus threw Punk off Cell onto announce table, then put through top of Cell, through Sheamus' yearning to punish Punk some more, aimed for the top of the cell again, just for Punk to shove him into the hole of the cell and pull out a victory with the fast count by Tyson. Sheamus lost by Punk's best in the world heel ways with Tyson in his corner, and a great rivalry ends. Sorry to describe it all, but it was epic as fuck. Better than anything WWE has made this year, except for Taker/HHH & Rock/Cena.

Those were my thoughts and week, hope you enjoy your Sunday, and don;t forget to check out the results of what happened at Survivor Series whether throughout the evening or on Monday, unless you truly want to risk spending money on it, it might be decent ending.

(P.S. I chose Brodus Clay on my team because my friend's wife loves him and I had to stick to that WWE mentality of putting guys that everyone hates in a huge match just for my friend to inflict pain on and eventually make a mistake through all his anger. meh, it made Sheamus look like the true underdog surviving everything thrown at him)

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    Seriosuly? I have a tribute blog to Eddie Guerrero that's been sitting on the shelf for a week and the mods put this junk on the front page?

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    Why thank you. It's my 1st blog.

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