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The top 10 best moments in the history of Survivor Series!!

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The long awaited top 10 moments in the history of Survivor Series is here!! I went back and watched past Survivor Series to make this as legit as I can for all of you. Hope you enjoy this blog. Here is in my opinion the Top 10 moments in the history of Survivor Series!!

10.Cena wins 1st world title 08-Cena coming off an injury he suffered at Summerslam in a match with Batista. His long awaited return came at Survivor Series facing for the world title in his hometown. I was wanting him to have a rematch with Batista, but since he faced Jericho instead....hurts it a bit here which is why it isn't ranked higher.
9.Raw vs Smackdown 05-In the past, WWE had brands where superstars just showed up to the show they were exclusive to. That is what started the feud that led to the match. Raw Homecoming to USA network, Bischoff turned off the lights when SD had 1 scheduled match on the show. Led to a brawl at the end and is in my opinion the last meaningful 5 on 5 Survivor Series elimination match. This was for bragging rights. Why it isn't ranked higher, lack of star power on the Raw side with no Cena, Angle, HHH, and no Taker. I was happy with the SD team o. SD won with all SD superstars holding Randy in the air after the victory.
8.Batista reclaims his world title 06-Batista was forced to vacate the World title on SD in January due to injury. He returned on a mission to get his world title back. Summerslam, DQ was the reason he failed to win the world title. No Mercy, speared Finlay while Booker covered Lashley. Survivor Series, Batista ended the show with his world title back finally!! This led to a dream match at the next years WM w/the Undertaker.
7.Lesnar F-5s Big Show 02-No one has really ever lifted the Big Show in the WWE. Goldberg did so in WCW, Nash, and Kane did it in 01 I believe in the Rumble match. Big Show getting lifted by Lesnar was amazing. Crowd went insane in MSG cuz no one thought even though he was undefeated that he could defeat the Big Show because Heyman kept telling him he couldn't. That stuff with Heyman leading up to the ppv made the moment that more meaningful.
6.Rock becomes Corporate Champion 98-Only time have the Survivor Series had a tournament to decide who would be the WWF champion at the end of the night. A tourney like this a wrestler would have 4 matches overall if he made it to the Finals. Rock defeated Big Bossman, Ken Shamrock, Undertaker, and in the Finals Mankind. Vince was at ringside as Rock put on the sharpshooter on Mankind as Vince called for the bell. Hugged as fans booed cuz he turned on the Millions. Fav line to end the night was from JR after Rock's music hit "Do you smell what the Rock is cookin?" JR's response: "Yea and it stinks."
5.Taker's debut 90-You hardly ever see superstars make their WWE debut at a ppv. They usually debut now on Raw or SD. Taker was a mystery partner for the million dollar team. He came in and dominated when he was in the match. Defeating the likes of Dusty Rhodes and Koko B. Ware. He was eliminated however by countout, but a dominating performance that began a HOF career.
4.Taker makes Hogan RIP-I personally think Taker beating Hogan was the best moment he had at the Survivor Series. Some argue that his debut was. Only 1 man before Taker could say they defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWF title. I believe Taker is the only man who can say he defeated Hogan 2x for the WWF title. Undefeated, Hulkamania back on top in the WWF, and defeating him on a big stage like Survivor Series was huge. The only thing I disliked about it was he had the title for 2 days. Some fans cheered as Hogan lost the belt to my surprise.
3.EC debut+ HBK's back on top-No one had much idea what the structure would look like. It is like the buzz surrounding other matches. You were interested simply because you knew it was a new match type. It had 6 of the best on Raw competing for the top prize in the biz(WWE title had more prestige heading into Survivor Series. Went down the drain when Big Show won the title). I like elimination matches as well. 2002 Survivor Series still is if not the best it certainly is in the conversation. HBK finally won the world title after 4 long years. 1st man to win an EC match. Reason it is here because EC debut, best talent on Raw competing in it, and HBK winning the world title for the 1st and only time since returning to WWE.
2.WWE vs WCW/ECW-I know people like to crap on the "Invasion" saying it was terrible and what not, but I enjoyed it. Certainly would have been better if NWO, Goldberg, Sting, Flair, ect would have been involved, but it still provided a ton of great moments, ppvs, and so forth. I'd argue 2001 Survivor Series is one of the best ppvs in the history of the event. Best 5 on 5 elimination match without question. Looking back at the history of the companies virtually involved w/years of competing and with the top stars that were involved like RVD, Booker T, Rock, Stone Cold, Taker, and so forth. Rock finally getting his first win over Austin. Vince's hands raised at the end makes it that much more meaningful in my eyes anyway.
1.Montreal Screwjob-I don't believe a moment has been more discussed than the moment that happened in Montreal. No moment at WM, RR, or SS. Why do I believe that statement? It has been debated and still talked about to this day. DVDs, interviews, and so on have been made about that event. It changed lives which is why this is the best moment as well. How big of an impact it had on the wrestling business forever. Some say it was the beginning of the attitude era. It changed lives for some good and mostly bad which is why I have it as both the best and worst moment in the history of Survivor Series. This moment means so much...this paragraph can't give it justice. Which is why my next blog will be dedicated to the Montreal Screwjob. I'll speak the events before the event that I think could have caused it along with why it happened. Why did Bret and Vince do what they did? What impact did it have on this business? For a sneak peak of the impact of the moment: the next night on Raw, wrestlers were thinking of having a strike by not performing on the show. That and much more in my next blog.

There you have it!! The 10 best moments in the history of Survivor Series. Any moments I miss? Any comments on this blog? Leave them in the comment section below. To try to keep you updated on my blog, just list the plan at the bottom to let you know what to look forward to. Til that time, I hope you enjoyed this blog. Thanks for reading....rate and comment plz!!

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  1. Jerichoholic-NL's Avatar
    Sycho Sid winning WWF Championship in 1996 would be number 11?
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I think the Montreal Screw Job is #1, but my personal #2 is the debut of Taker. I remember watching that and thinking he killed KoKo B Ware. Seems like that was the end of KoKo's push and he became low card at best. But we had never seen anything like The Undertaker at that time...
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl
    I think the Montreal Screw Job is #1, but my personal #2 is the debut of Taker. I remember watching that and thinking he killed KoKo B Ware. Seems like that was the end of KoKo's push and he became low card at best. But we had never seen anything like The Undertaker at that time...
    I've seen people have it as their best ones and certainly in the top 10. I just liked the win better vs Hulkamania because it was a main event. He only had 1 loss to his record at the time. He was dominant, but beating Hulkamania at the time along with winning his first WWE title. AWESOME stuff...just my opinion anyway. No doubt he was dominant in that match.

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