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King MC

Talking Smack: the Miz turns....ish

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With only a few hours away from Survivor Series, it’s timeto start Talking Smack. I apologize tomy regular readers for missing the past two weeks. We could blame it on a busy schedule, butthat’s not true. The fault fully fallson to WWE 13 for taking up my time. Howdare you entrance me with your flashing lights, WWE 13? How dare you!

The Standout

If WWE is going to insist on turning the Miz face then I’mglad this episode wasn’t a full face turn. He still had his ego, he still had his sneakiness, and he still hadeverything that made him the Miz. Sokudos for a slow face turn. It would beawwwwesoomme if they made him a true tweener, but Vince tends to panic whensomeone’s not fully good or fully bad.

The Breakdown

I’m not sure how I feel about the “previously on” segmentsat the beginning of the shows. I dothink that WWE does them better than TNA, but they stole the idea fromTNA! Instead of copying other companies,they should be leading the pack. That’salso the wrong thing to be copying. Theyshould be copying the way other companies push their women’s division, or thefact that mid-carders actually have the change to become main eventers. Anyway…

Miz TV has Mick Foley coming out and showing concern thatthere’s “two Mizes”. Really? Really? Simply because he got voted by theWWE Universe to be on Team Foley doesn’t mean there are two Mizes. There’s one Miz; the egomaniac that thinkshe’s better than he really is. UnlessMick is referring to the Miz that use to wear a fedora and dance around. If there were a chance that THAT Miz couldshow up then I’d be concerned too.

Then Mick has the rest of Team Foley come out. Why does Randy Orton always look bored? Then Team Ziggler comes out. I’m kind of glad that everyone on both teams remembersthat they don’t get along. However, whenMick booked the tag match it shouldn’t have been Orton and Miz facing Zigglerand del Rio, it should have been Kofi and Miz. They’ve been feuding for the past month. Kofi even threatened to kick Miz in the face in that very segment. If anyone needs to work on teamwork it’s gotto be those two. Orton pushes over aposter, and all of a sudden they can’t function as a team?

Kofi Kingston vs Damien Sandow. I expected better. To me, Kofi seems like he’s always holdingback or that he’s scared to do his moves. Remember how Tori Wilson use to do that jump in place thing before sheattacked her opponent? That’s what Kofi does too. Almost like he’s unsure of himself. Regardless, he’s in control of the entirematch until Sandow does the most dangerous move in wrestling, the roll up. Noone escapes the roll up. How couldyou? You’re rolled up.

Eve, Aksana, & Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn, Layla, andNatalya. I love Layla, I hate that shecries every time she gets hit. Kaitlynis still a bit clunky, but I think if she fine tune’s her skill she’ll beextremely dominate.

Every single Booker T-Sheamus segment is the exactsame. Booker T tells him not do to dosomething. Sheamus says nopromises. Then Booker threatens withrepercussions, but doesn’t follow through. Dude, you’re the boss! See,that’s the problem. I don’t think BookerT believes he’s the boss. I know Idon’t. I believe that Vince McMahon isthe boss. I believed that JohnLaurinitis was in charge. I neverbelieved that AJ, Teddy Long, or Booker T were in charge.

Randy Orton/Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler/Albert del Rio. Did ADR just come out in the Back to theFuture car? Again, I liked that Mizstole the win. It shows that he’sstaying as pretty much the same character. Since none of these people were said to get along, I would have liked tosee more breakdowns within the teams.

So Sheamus spent most of the show in the parking lot waitingfor Big Show to show up. Then he goesout to the ring and calls the Big Show out, and he comes out. I guess Sheamus was waiting in the wrongspot. Also, Sheamus has knocked out referees, body guards, announcers, andanybody that’s gotten in his way. Heshould have done the same to Booker T. Instead he just leaves.

I was looking forward to the Kane vs. Wade Barrett match theentire show. A minute in to it TeamZiggler interferes followed by Team Foley. Fantastic. This is the match theydecide not to have?

Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara was actually really good. This would have to be the match of thenight. It was short, but it wasgood. Since Sin Cara has joined the WWEI have thought that he was overhyped. Iwas really impressed with him in this match. I would rather watch this again then this Sunday’s Ceasro/R-Truth matchup.

In the Big Show vs the Great Khali match, Big Show had theexact same expression on his face that I did. Not because Khali is a potential threat to Big Show, but that we had towatch this. I like how WWE thinks weforget who the jobbers are. Khali isseven feet tall, he must be a threat. Except for the fact that his matches are two minutes long and he’s onthe losing end. To Khali’s credit, hedid manage to actually kick out of a pin. I couldn’t understand why Big Show was selling it so much, but whatever.

After the match Sheamus attacks Big Show back stage. They get in to it and destroy a fewcars. It ends with Booker T draggingSheamus away after Sheamus left Big Show laying on the ground. Where are the repercussions you mentionedearlier, Booker? You even kicked Sheamusout of the building and he came back. Yeah, you’re in charge alright.

Key Players

The Miz

That’s it for this edition of Talking Smack. Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts of this week’sSmackdown? Leave comments below. Remember that we’ve got Survivor Series thisweekend.

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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    I think your space bar is broke lol, the reason Randy and Miz don't get along is because Randy is not a team player, also i think this is setting up a Miz and Randy feud.
  2. TheRealOutlaw's Avatar
    Yes I do agree with @ewantu2 you have a broken space bar. lol but I think once WWE turns Orton heel he is fued with Miz causing Miz to turn face.
  3. King MC's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm not sure what happened with the space bar thing. lol. I hope I still made some sense. I can see an Orton/Miz feud in the works, it was just shocking that Foley said these two need to learn to work together when it was Kofi and Miz arguing and threatening each other. They were even the ones arguing in the segments at Survivor Series.

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